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  1. For your use, and having to stop a larger bycatch fish occasionally I would buy the St. Croix Eyecon 76MLXF. I have the highest modulus version I custom built for myself, and it's a one of a kind, awesome rod. Can't think of any rod that would perform so well over your species and size spread. Ultralight almost tip that locks into a lot of backbone when you need it, and it comes in one, or two piece. tackle tour tested the high end version like mine some years ago and were greatly impressed. Review is on their site.
  2. Everyone helped with baits, I would have started with where to fish. Flats close to deeper water is where I'd start, strike zones will be pretty small, you'll dang near have to hit them with it.
  3. The long rods have always had problems with ferrules loosening, the good thing is they also found solutions. The spey anglers with the 14 ft. rods have used wraps of electrical tape over the ferrules to ensure they stay put, a loose ferrule on any rod be it from the torsional forces loosening it or a poor fit from the factory can blow up a ferrule quickly. I take the time to check my ferrules on travel and.fly rods pretty regularly as a habit, last thing I need is to be someplace far away, remote, or expensive to get to and have an avoidable equipment failure. Had a ferrule literally tear out of a blank once because it got loose. Closest fly shop was 400 miles and two, or three days travel by bush plane. Also why I never just bring one rod, was able to finish the trip. In the scheme of things, spare rods and reels are cheaper than lost fishing time on trips that cost thousands of dollars.
  4. Got my first fishing rod at 4, .22 at the age of 8, .410 at 10, been hunting/fishing ever since, also a military retiree, naive I'm not. I try to be an honorable truth teller, Google the Ammendments and see how long some of them took to be ratified, see how long it took to get the Constitution ratified. Look at the hoops the forefathers had to go through to get it ratified, those are called the Federalist Papers, questions, or concerns voiced by the states and answered by Washington, Jefferson, Hamiltion, and the others. You'll find the 2A was a concern of the slave states, there were more slaves than owners, without the right to form "Militias" and scare the slaves at any time, they wanted, they felt they would lose control. They can't make, or remove an Ammendment without ratification from the states, in other words we have and always will have the last say, no judge, or court can change that. Believe about 10 percent of what someone wants to feed you, and verify. The vast majority of junk is to seperate us, make us easy marks , always pointing at them, it's them that are the bane to your existence. Don't look behind the curtain, there is nothing there.
  5. The non-metal ferrules of all designs have been doing that since their inception, Diawa thinking they have re-invented the wheel is just silly. Things have advanced in the last 20 years to where over half the blank manufacturers out the will tell you that you don't even need the thread wrap their ferrules any longer, and haven't needed to for some time.
  6. Dems haven't said they are after the 2A, go back to your high school civics and american history classes, what do you need to add, of remove an amendment? They aren't that easy to change. While you're at it look and find why there is such an amendment, guarantee isn't not for the reason you think. When you got the answers you'll see there it's a way any amount of judges no matter their politics can save 2A. It's bull pucky thrown out there that just happened to stick. Same with abortion they have the votes now to stop it, but what would be the Republican rallying cry to the religions after it was abolished?
  7. That's what we're here for, to further the rod building craft and give the best information we can.
  8. Have no idea what a V-joint is, first time I heard it in 40 years of doing this. Tip over butt and tip in butt ferrules I understand. That said, it's 6 of one, a half dozen of another. Spigots work just as good as the above, you need to do a few extra wraps to reinforce both sides of the blank is all.
  9. No, it was the Lamiglas blank he has compared to the old sticks. I have no reason to believe the CTS blanks wouldn't be fantastic, half of my rods I use when being dropped into the bush are CTS rods, the rest are GUSA. Love my CTS 9 ft. 3 wt, the rest are travel gear rods.
  10. The "new" design before they came up with what they sell now, from what I understand, didn't punch through the wind well. These blanks are very versatile, there are blanks out there that will do one, or two things well, than you go shopping for a new rod to do other things well, these blanks do all things well, but not as well as the technique specific blanks do in their nithe. I also understand are not exact copies of say an old 2004 model, they are just a bit softer tipped with just a bit more backbone when you hang weight on them to compare. They dampen very well from what I understand and are true to their specs.
  11. The Fuji design is correct, every other reel I own, casting or spinning fits no problem. The reel company chose to be a pain in the ass, has nothing to do with strength or integrity of their reel foot. Maybe they went for a percieved good fit for the big diameter reel seats in graphite or aluminum.
  12. Not a painted blade fan either, only time I had great results was a trip to Alaska. The water was off colored and full of glacial silt, the coho were just slamming the Mepp's rainbow pattern painted spinners. The Bluefox metallic rainbow was a distant second. Gave some of my stash to kids with their parents on the river, and soon they had their arms wore out.
  13. The difference in performance would be unnoticable in a surf blank in my opinion, some high end blanks like the NFC Xrays are purposely unsanded.
  14. The Forhan wrap was designed for tournament bass anglers, an anxious and hurried bunch, if the rod is tangled, or hung up in the rod locker, it just means you haven't pulled hard enough.
  15. They don't ship anymore because everyone jacked their shipping so high that it costs more to ship than the blanks worth, anything over 7 foot 10 inches is a huge jump in price. You can ship 10 blanks for the cost of one, so it's cheaper to buy from someone who bought in bulk in your area, or get a 2 piece. To your question, Lamiglas upgraded the blank line some years ago and they weren't well recieved, so they went back to the old designs with the improved resins they have today. Sanding a blank means you could be cutting some of the fibers, no biggy on the butt, not so neat at the fine thin wall tip, on the finer tipped rods they have to use 600 sand paper and specially train people how to do it by hand, can't be machine done like the rest of the thick wall butt. The spiral you see is from the cellophane tape the blanks are wrapped in before being put in the oven, the shiny surface is just the epoxy resin that oozed out during the baking in the oven. Every fiber in place to do their job, no chance of oversanding and leaving a weak spot. Raw blanks have been around for a long time.