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  1. Zero problems.
  2. Well, without actually doing it, my thoughts are that it would have less power, be slower, and I have no idea why it would be more sensitive.
  3. 5 minute job for you to do it and a lot of tackle stores do it for free plus the price of the tip top, the thing is their choices are small as far as materials compared to what you have available online. You'll need a rubber band and a paper clip, the clip is a heat sink for the rubber band. Attach the band to something, the clip to the tip top, heat the tip top with a lighter, candle, etc. that you can control precisely. the instant the adhesive releases the tip top will pop off from the rubber band tension removing any chance you will overheat the blank tip. Blow on the tip to cool it, put tip top cement in the new tip top tube and heat till it melts, put on the blank and align quickly, a few seconds later the cement will set, and you are good to go fishing.
  4. If that is available through Matagi than Billy V., Voodoo and others may be able to help when they make their next order.
  5. American Tackle has been around for decades, you don't survive selling at this price point with other great companies if you were substandard. they make their money like the other companies selling to rod companies, I doubt we are 1/10 of any of the component companies' business, just like the blank companies. The very reason many no longer sell to us, we are hardly worth the effort in their business model. I have some rods with Am Tack guides that are still going strong after 20+ years, they have been around near 40 years. Fuji ceased the making of black guides because the process leaves a large amount of hazardous material behind.
  6. The MSRP prices have never been changed in the catalog for a sale. They even had their new C602 material surf and bass rods on sale a while back.
  7. They didn'y use epoxy on those old rods, it was usually spar varnish. I see not build up like epoxy would have.
  8. The DD22 is a 5/8 oz. lure, the XD10 is a 1.9 oz. lure. Sounds in your ball park to me though the treble size on a 3/8 oz. jerkbait would have to be looked at.
  9. I haven't used the blank you mentioned for your purpose just for bass, if I was using this blank to fish deep diving cranks like the DD22 or XD10 this would be on the bare edge of not working. Heavier Bushidos are better here. With it's M Fast action I bet it would make an excellent choice, I could see trying it for jigging pompano from shore for instance.
  10. The material doesn't change the way you do things, graphene is not in fiber form like prepegged carbon it is more of a powdered additive which many blank producers think really doesn't improve the end result, it has its purpose, but many think rod blanks isn't it.
  11. Anything 13+ ft is not a switch rod no matter who makes it and what they want to call it, the original R.B. Meiser switch rods, (he invented them and the name), were 9 ft. 9 in. long, you can still buy them, mine are 10 ft. Dan Craft FT blanks.
  12. Mine has the same size foot as my smaller bass reels so I can use what I want. Just flip your reel over and see if it has the small foot or the larger, wider saltwater foot. All my reels no matter the size fit a 20 mm seat.
  13. I didn't know you could catch stripers trolling 360 flashers on baited flatlines with up to 8 oz of weight attached.
  14. Rainshadow/Batson makes a replacement grip for Hypalon, it's called EPDM, they called it Battlelon.
  15. I'd remove the metal before I tried replacing the grip, it would make it so much easier, I'd cut it with a hacksaw in a spiral, than put a screwdriver in the cut and twist. It should pop right off.