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  1. I got ya that how you dry them great idea.
  2. What type of machine is that.
  3. I caught two Bluefish in Florida Last time I was there. First time I was surprised.
  4. I never saw that before. Is that something you made on your own?
  5. I received lots of info on this post. I have had good success on BT. I think when spring comes in I will use them more often.
  6. Post a pic of the hackles? Not familiar.
  7. What size buck tail do you use? Where I fish I can only throw 3/4 ----- 1 oz . I always have a six-inch Mr twister on it. But I agree there is no wrong way to use it.
  8. How do you guy like to fish Buck Tails? Do you let them hit bottom? Obviously you can't do that on well-structured areas. Some folks tell me they do and some say no.
  9. So please elaborate on the jiff lemon. You load it paraffin wax you make a hole straight through it. You slip your main through it then lock it with a bead and a barrel swivel? If you could take a picture I would love to see it. It swims sub surface does the wax make it buoyant or sink it.
  10. I can't find anything Bob's Bager head where do you purchase them.
  11. So please elaborate, the fly should sink down as much as possible? Not follow behind sub surface? What length of leader do you use?
  12. Why not the egg, to visible?
  13. Can someone put me on one or two good flies for bass. Will throw them with a casting egg.
  14. How do I find AF MIKE?
  15. He told you the right thing ^^^^^