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  1. Thanks I tried a different method, off YouTube came out allot better, I think with practice I can get it right. One thing I don't get, is how to tie a barrel swivel to the loop?
  2. Does anyone have a trick to for tying this, in small diameter mono? Say like thirty pound, down to fifteen test. I just tried it with nylon mason line, it came out perfect. The only thing I was not sure of, is the coiled part of the line when I grabbed it, I could move the coils up and down, making the loop smaller and larger. When I grabbed the loop and main line, there was no moving it, like a taught hitch. Does that sound right ?
  3. Nice thread where I am is so dead, the birds look depressed!!!!!
  4. Power pro
  5. Thanks
  6. How can I replace and change my signature, been so long I forgot how i did it ??
  7. Can anyone explain how to find what model, equipment I have ? There is a Marine radio, and an all-in-one fish finder, chart plotter built right in to the dash. Would like to get the manuals, but don't know what model it is. It came already installed, in a 2005 amberjack .
  8. Item has been sold, can someone cancel this thread ?
  9. Ok let me know, when it goes out.
  10. $7.50 Postage =$ 62.50 If that is good let me know, and I will send you my address.
  11. OK let me check postage
  12. I think that might be pushing it.
  13. You won't have any problem, if you are a 38 waist. You will have plenty of room, even with waders and sweat shirt. Send me your mailing address, so I can calculate shipping. I will let you know total cost, if you want to proceed. I don't know what to do as far as payment, I never sold anything on here before ?
  14. Go get um, wish there was a lake near buy I could do that in !!
  15. No Staten Island, long hall from L.I. unfortunately. I could mail it, if you are willing to pay postage ?