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  1. That is how plugs gain character , if there not beat to hell, your not catching fish .
  2. Thanks for the Info , just got one for Fathers day !
  3. Glad you got one , do not offer them a finger ! Or any thing else , they will take it off ! I have seen people injured bad , not knowing better!
  4. It sounds ok, but I would add a swivel between the braid and the leader.
  5. Some times pencil poppers swim great,and some times not, conditions do play a part. When you reel, in put two fingers on the handle, turn it as slowly as possible . You must keep tension on the line , there must be no slack in the line, regardless of what position the lure is in . You will feel a certain light tension , between you and the lure . I like to work the pole in my right , using my wrist , not my shoulder.It is my middle finger, that the rod rides on ,as I pulse it . What rod are you using glass or graphite ? How many oz lure are you using ?
  6. Been wanting to go to Cabo my self , were is the best area ??
  7. Nice Job ! Glad to hear some one is getting fish, off the beach .
  8. I imagine fishing boats, are a target on the water . With all the equipment , and stuff sticking up. I never heard of a fatality at sea,lightning being the cause . I am not saying,that it does not happen , or it is not a threat to personal safety! What about sea going boats,like container ships ,oil tankers ? Does the huge steel hull,just carry the charge safely to the water . With out lighting up the crew , or destroying equipment ?
  9. Don't do to much boating my self , I am a land lover . I now lightning is dangerous, on an open beach . Many fisherman have got zapped , and are one of the highest statistically. What about small boats motorized, 35 feet and under Kayaks . Is there a big danger ?
  10. I thought darter's were , a night time lure ? Does any manufacture produce one, that can swim in very skinny water ? I don't even own one LOL !
  11. You must be taking some nice fish on Sluggos, to put that much into them how do u rig them ? I never produce any thing with them . I fish inshore off the south and east beaches of SI . Do you use these out front ?
  12. So you need a dedicated rod for sluggos , never fished them ? What bait does it imitate eels ?
  13. Like the video mentions, useless in soft sand .
  14. Send me link In am curious
  15. What type of plugs, do you carry in it ?