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  1. I cant find this one ? Do you have a link ?
  2. What model RDR would you get ?
  3. Which of these two belts ,would make a good choice, for a wading belt ??
  4. Why what are the numbers, I don't see any thing on that ? You mean striped bass, buy them selves ?
  5. I would agree to CR only, and if any one walks out with a fish, a heavy fine. But what good is it, commercial fishing does more damage in one day, than all sport fisherman do in a season . And what about the other 194 Countries on the planet, If they don't participate I don't see it helping much ! You know they wont stop commercial fishing , for loss of revenue and jobs. As far as other countries never going to happen , with all the bad politics, and hatred for one an other.
  6. I could live with out, seeing them at all ! LOL they are a pain in the a$$ !
  7. It could be any were north of the Bronx, to the Canadian border. Only small mouth, how do you fish them, never got one ?
  8. .
  9. Can any one put me on to a good fishing lodge, in the Catskills or Adirondacks ? With good LMB fishing , good guides and boats ? Wanted to go late May, early June.
  10. Any one have a good hotel in Marathon, to stay in . Heading down there April 18 , with the family . Any suggestions on good fishing opportunities , or good attractions in the area would be appreciated . As far as fishing, almost anything flats , surf ,head boat unfortunately I don't fly fish never learned .
  11. You should have screamed ICE, and watch him pass out !!!!!
  12. I find the best way ,is reel them just till they start to dig in. You can tell , when the tip of your rod develops a pulse. Then you know it is wobbling right !
  13. Were I am, an hour seems to be about when I bounce. If you have fished that location a hundred times, at every particular tidal stage . And you have a good idea what the bottom is like any hidden structure not easily detected . This is some thing spot specific , and your level of time spent fishing that location.
  14. Stick with the swivel ! Nothing wrong with it
  15. Stick with the swivel !