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  1. You have some very good info above. You should only fish on days that end in Y!!!
  2. You mean this? How bout two pieces of screen spline glued on to two of the hooks of the rear treble. Or cut off two hook points, with cutters?
  3. hobobob I guess you are joking ?
  4. This throws off the hook-up ratio that much?
  5. Is the gorilla the right one?
  6. Which owner hooks would you use ?
  7. Ok so 3/0 for the 1oz pencil 5/0 for the 2 oz pencil 3/0 for all else ?
  8. Wanted to convert some of my lures, from trebles to in line hooks. What do you suggest for lures, like the ones below? Cotton Cordell 1 oz and 2 oz pencil popper Rebel 3 1/2 inch jumping minnow Super Strike 5 1/4 inch 1 1/2 oz little neck popper SP Floating Minnow 6 inch Was thinking of using VMC hooks like the ones I show below, if you think a treble hook combo is more affective let me know.
  9. What do you think of something like this ?
  10. You wouldn't see me touch those things, if you're a bait and wait guy. Snag them or net them and use fresh bait, leave that stuff at the store. Any live bait is the best there is, and fresh bait is better than old bait. You up your chance by far. When I used to bait fish more often when I got to the beach. If the opportunity showed itself I would snag a bunker and leave the other stuff behind and use the fresh one.
  11. What do you guys like wear in cold weather fishing, off of a boat not including bibs? Was thinking wind resistant waterproof with hood and footwear. This would be strictly for boat, use in cold weather.
  12. I use thirty pound Power Pro for Fluke off boat that is the only thing I like to use it on.
  13. Went out with John McMurray on Wednesday had a good day. That is my ugly mug down below.
  14. Thanks for the info can I book anything, or you don't know exactly when you are starting.