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  1. Done. Shoot me a pm with payment info and I'll pay tonight when home.
  2. Can do $120 cash tomorrow for the boots. Meet up central Long Island. Let me know.
  3. If you decide to ship I'll take the Gear-up bag. I'm in no rush so ship it at your convenience of that makes it easier.
  4. Seconds in line if surfcaster passes on the commando 3tube
  5. Corrected and clarified. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Different tides produce at different spots and different wind directions at different times of the year. Over the years I've put less emphasis on the vertical movement of water (tide) and much more emphasis on the horizontal movement of water (current). Tide is just a piece of an equation to me and not nearly as important to me as matching wind with current. You mentioned not having much luck during a slack tide in the inlet. That's a very very common scenario. The rip disappears and the stripers leave - so do most fisherman in fact. The fish don't go too far tho and are usually just setting up somewhere else or conserving energy in a hole until a new rip form with current change. Try moving a little and finding a pocket up or down the jettie or beach during that slack. Some very big fish get taken at slack tides in the inlet. Bigger fish (the 35lb and up class) like spending as little energy as possible and a slack tide is often their window to cruise for an easy meal. Don't discount this, especially when the bigger baits are in the inlet.
  7. What kind of shape are the korkers in? Are they brand new? Studs worn?
  8. Guess I'll consider all colors since white ain't happening. Whose got one laying on a shelf?
  9. Bump
  10. I'll take the commando bag
  11. Anyone got one?
  12. Last year I switched to the the ODM Frontier X 9' 6" for the back bays. Really great rod. Super light, loads well with everything from 1/2oz Bucktails w/ trailer, small mag darters, 5" redfins, soft plastics with 1/2oz jigheads, all the way up to throwing all the Super Strike stuff with ease and can even handle 3 1/2oz metal lips. Plenty of backbone for bigger fish when bigger bait shows up as well. You won't want to put it away when things heat up upfront lmao. My 10'6" St Croix Legend gathered dust until September last year lmao. I was a Lami guy for years and years - was hard to part with them - but only for sentimental reasons. I see some guys fish 7' and 8' ultralight in-shore rods. If you're a catch a release guy - maybe try to avoid them. The fight might be more fun with ultralight rods but if you do run into some larger fish, even just medium size keeper size+ fish, the fights are just a little longer and the fish are more tired when they're finally beached, they take longer to revive, eyes are bulging, stressed, etc. Just what I've noticed. All that can be avoided in my opinion. I know a lot of guys use them for rats and dinks, I get that, it's fun, but ya never know when theirs suddenly bigger fish at your spot and every fight ends with you trying to desperately revive your fish for safe and healthy release.
  13. Slowly swim a metal lip through the bunker school. The school will part like the dead sea and your plug will get hit, I promise you. Yellow over white or all white will get it done but color won't matter as much as you think.
  14. Yeah he's all out of the white FS patches and doesn't expect them for a while. Only black left.
  15. Looking for a 30lb size boga holder with the white 'FS' patch. Any condition is fine. PayPal ready or Long Island meetup with cash.