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  1. That sounds great. I'm in Brooklyn and commute to Hewlett during the weekdays. Send me a PM and we'll figure something out. Consider it a deal pending meet-up. Thanks!
  2. Very tempting. I'm just waiting on a response from peanutbunkerandjelly and I'll let you know. Might end up getting both Because I can buy the SX or the SXJ lightly used and save some money. How well balanced is the SXJ? The narrow spool design is interesting.
  3. Rod is in great condition, well taken care of. No cracks or any structural damage, guides are good. I had this rod as a back-up a while back and don't use it anymore. Specs: Length: 9'0" Action: Medium Heavy Line Weight: 12-25 lb Lure Weight: 1 - 4 oz 2 pc. Would like to sell it for $60. Would also prefer pick-up/meet in NYC or somewhere close on LI. I'd be willing to take trades for either a 6500 series Abu Ambassadeur or a MH boat rod (something like the Tsunami Airwave TSAWBC-661MHJ 6'6" 1-6oz would be perfect). Feel free to offer similar stuff. I'm sure we could work something out. I'll try to post pictures soon!
  4. Where in LI are you located? Would you do $200 pick-up/meet? I will keep it in mind, thank you. How much were you looking to get for it? I'm in the market for a setup for my girlfriend as well and was eyeing the SXJ a bit, but might want to go with a star drag instead.
  5. Thanks for the offers guys, I'll reply to all three below: Thank you, it's nice to be back. I'm sure it's a nice reel, but I don't need the MC enough to justify the cost over the regular version. Is the rod the TVC66MH? The specs say its rated about 3.8oz-7 oz, which may be a bit heavy for what I intend to use it for. How well does it handle jigs lighter than 4oz? Feel free to PM me with specifics. I'll keep it in mind, thank you.
  6. Relevant question for you guys: I was looking into getting a setup for PB fluking and maybe some bass fishing too around the LI South Shore area. I don't have a ton of experience fishing on a boat and would probably keep it limited to either a bucktail and teaser type rig or a weight and bait rig depending on whats working working. My question relates to the lure weight rating on boat rods. Say a rod has a 4oz max lure weight rating, how heavy of a sinker could you put on that (I've seen some head boats use 8oz to 10oz sinkers to hold the bottom)?
  7. For sale is a couple of items I've had in storage for a while. Prices do not include shipping and are quite firm, no trades please. 1. A Hab's SR. 2.5oz 7.5" Needlefish thats been fished lightly, has a bit of hook rash and can use some new hooks, but it's ready to be fished and catch some nice bass or to hang up on your wall and look pretty. It's a creamy white with the red eye with some sparkle. $35 + $5.35 USPS Priority 40+ pieces here, asking $40 + $5.35 USPS shipping[/b] [ATTACHMENT=7779]IMG_3623.JPG (2,067k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  8. This is everything that remains: -2 Pink 7" Slug-go's NEW -7 Pink Got Stryper Rubbers around 7" NEW -9 White Lunker City Fin-S Fish around 4.5" NEW -8 Albino Shad 5" Saltwater Bass Assasins NEW -5 (4 white, 1 Black) Assorted high quality (maybe Andrus, not sure) bucktails from 1oz-2.5 oz -A jig head and some nail weights for the rubber NEW $35.35 shipped for the lot
  9. Plug kit, Hab's Sr., and Black slug-go's and bucktail are all accounted for. Willing to take offers on the rest of the stuff!
  10. Sorry Mitchell, but thank you for the generosity to pass it on to a kid! Jason, I'll PM you with details and we all want to see what they look like when they're painted and ready to fish. Thanks! Consider the plug kit gone.
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