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  1. You got it. Will send PM with payment info. Thanks!
  2. Thinning the herd a bit before I start tying for spring. All flies hand-tied by me on high-quality hooks (Gamakatsu, Ahrex, or Mustad). Great mix of sizes from #1-4/0 and up to ~7" long to cover a wide variety of bait and water conditions. 27 flies total for $125 shipped
  3. Selling a Redington Butter Stick 7' 3wt fiberglass fly rod with a Redington Zero 2/3 fly reel. Rod is in good condition without any issues and includes original sock and case. Reel has some cosmetic issues as seen in the pictures but works perfectly and includes Rio LightLine DT 3wt fly line and 20lb backing. Really fun, easy to cast rod for small streams and ponds/docks. Have used it mostly for smallmouth and trout. $175 shipped
  4. Looking for an 8 weight rod for bonefish/permit and really liked casting the Winston Air Salt 9' 8 weight. Open to a few other options like the Thomas & Thomas Sextant or a Scott Sector/Meridian. Can do partial trade with custom flies if interested in that kind of thing
  5. It fascinates me to see the stomach contents of striped bass. From massive amounts of peanut bunker and lobster to lead. Post some pics of the stuff you found inside your bass.
  6. Is this a terrible idea? Thinking of getting a pretty small boat (i.e. Gheenoe, Saltmarsh Savanna, etc.) for scooting around Jamaica Bay and similar areas. Would primarily be in protected bays, tidal creeks, marshlands, and flats. Would also trailer a few times a year to the Keys/Everglades. I only fly fish nowadays and want as simple of a boat as possible. I’m prepared to carefully pick days and understand that weather conditions can turn sour unexpectedly even on the nicest days. Also prepared for a rougher ride in some chop and getting a little wet from spray. I’ve gotten a lot of recommendations for bigger, less affordable options. I’m not necessarily opposed to something like a center console bay boat or older flats skiffs. Safety is top priority of course, but is it that much different than using a kayak (which seem to be pretty common in Jamaica Bay)? This would be my first boat.
  7. Looking for a higher end, used 6 weight fly rod. Would prefer something handmade from Scott, Thomas & Thomas, or Winston. Under $500 ideally and can do partial trade for custom flies if you’re interested in that kind of thing. Show me what ya got!
  8. Recent order for the local Orvis store
  9. Freshwater Fly Tying Materials Lot - $50 shipped The Tacky original fly box (this alone retails for $25), FNF creeper chenille, mallard flank, and hook packs are brand new. Everything else used lightly used with material remaining for multiple flies. Handmade tool caddy included.
  10. Deal. Will send you a PM with payment info. Thanks!
  11. No prob! Will PM you with payment details. Thank you!
  12. Can also substitute any 2 flies for these bigger 1/0 tarantula crabs if you don’t need as much small stuff
  13. Can do the set of 6 larger crab flies (strong arm merkins and flexo crabs in the top picture) sizes 1 to 1/0 for $30 shipped Or the set of 12 crabs (strong arm merkins, flexo crabs, and ep tarantula crab In the bottom picture), including smaller stuff down to size 4 for $50 shipped If you want a little more variety in size All flies never fished and would be around $7-10 per fly in most fly shops
  14. I have some extra crab patterns I tied for permit, but would probably fit your needs as well (redfish I’m assuming?). How many are you looking for?
  15. Appreciate the good info! Feel like I'm constantly changing my mind on this, but top choice now is something closer to a Hobie Power Skiff
  16. This may be a long shot, but any Hobie Power Skiffs out there for sale? Can travel basically anywhere on the East Coast for the right boat. Must include trailer and motor
  17. I've been a long-time admirer of Andrew's flies and have purchased bucktail from him in the past. Truly elite level work. Thanks everyone!
  18. Some recent striper flies - BTD, a few Semper Fleyes, and September Night flatwing
  19. Closing thread. Will post elsewhere.
  20. Looking for premium quality 3-5" long crinkly fibers for tying flatwings and hollows. Down to my last piece from Andrew Warshawer and starting to get stressed. White preferred but would consider some other colors (ideally chartreuse, black, dark purple, and maybe also yellow, red). Thanks!
  21. I'll do $30 shipped. SOLD pending payment. Will send you a PM with info. Thanks!
  22. Rio Directcore Flats Pro WF7F Line is used but in good condition. Could probably benefit from a cleaning. Aqua/Orange/Sand. $40 shipped Wulff Triangle Taper WF6F Used only twice and in excellent condition. The taper wasn't agreeable with the fiberglass rod I was using it with. Olive. $35 shipped