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  1. CZ for the win. I was testing ammo one day and take pics of the targets for future ammo reference. Stock rifles at 50 yds. CZ 455 tightest groups, The Ruger 10-22 fun to shoot but in this stock version so,so accuracy. No pics but my Savage, IIRC,with thumbhole stock was decent, better than the Ruger but not as good as the CZ. My cousin has a CZ that shoots better groups than me.
  2. Thanks Ben & others for taking the time to respond..Lot going on with a roof job and unfortunately lot to go wrong after install. Sometimes due diligence, checking products, references and contractor skill still isn't enough. Can only do so much & hope for the best. Learned a bunch about, different ridge vents, ice shield, underlayment etc and even nailing now. Its all good.
  3. Architectural by Certainteed. Three tab I think.
  4. Agree, no shines for sure. Have the binoculars at the ready.
  5. Getting my roof done, have it narrowed down to two contractors. Live in coastal area southern Maine with strong winds. Steep roof 9-12 pitch. Question, both contractors mentioned hurricane nailing of the same manuf architectual shingles. One said 6 nails per shingle the other 8. I guess they are nailed in groups of two. .. .. .. vs .. .. .. .. Will check info on bundle package if listed Matter much.?
  6. My go to outfit for plugging in the surf is a 3/4-4 oz 10 1/2 Legend paired with a Saragosa 6000SW. Probably close to weight of your setup. Good distance, action & light enough for a few hours of tossing plugs of varying weights. Pleased with distance on the lower weighted swim baits 3/4 oz. Sweet spot for distance 2- 2 1/2 oz. Have been using this the past 3-4 yrs. My VSX 250 is paired with a 10 1/2 Shimano Tiralejo. Great rod but the outfit is slightly heavier and overkill for the micro stripers in my area the past few years.
  7. Can’t recall the name. Perhaps someone else will chime in with the definitive answer.
  8. Remember yes. Bought my first saltwater fishing oufit there a Mitchell 302 with a 10ft rod for chunking macks. I believe that was in 78. Store moved to a R#1 Iocation on the Kennebunk, Arundel line shortly thereafter working out of a house garage setting until it closed. I was attending college in the area living close to the beach at that time. First time out with that outfit I caught a 38" striper chunking macks at a local beach. Still fishing, built a summer home a few years later and commuted from my CT job for 25yrs. Not an every day commute but my job as a firefighter offered a generous time off schedule for making it work. Retired to my summer place on the coast and fish nearly every day in season. Earliest fish out front May 16 latest fish Oct 31. Still trying and at time suffering for that November fish.
  9. Enjoying this thread & LB posts. What lube do you recommend for spool shafts? Mechanically challenged here lol. I have a bailed VS150 & bailess VSX250 both grease filled, no issues. VSX250 in drawer 2yrs now as rock hopping & smaller fish being my new reality.
  10. Ruger 10-22 for fun, CZ 455 for accuracy. Testing ammo at 50 yds, info on targets.
  11. posted in error
  12. I have a Diana 52 which is a fancier model than a 48. Great shooter for a spring piston air gun. Very accurate side cocker model that has served me well. I believe they are German made. Had it tuned several years ago to minimize the twang and improve accuracy. A bit heavy but does the job when bench rested from a 2nd floor window sill for pest control. Squirrel team 6- over & out.
  13. Enjoyed the story. Great early season catch on light tackle. Way to go!
  14. Fishing for mackeral one morning I noticed three boats off the coast about 1/4 mile offshore. Drifting in that direction I noticed one of the boats listing severly on the starboard side. As I neared the boat I observed a large purse seine net partially elevated from the surface loaded with fish. No way , I said, can that small boat finish raising that net as it was loaded with fish above and below the water line. A few minutes later the mother ship appeared alongside and employed a large vacuum hose to suck up all the pogeys. . Scarey efficient & foreboding at the same time when you see this up close. Striper fishing had been good but was turned off like a faucet the rest of our short season.
  15. I've done well the last few hours of the outgoing tide. In Spring a late afternoon low tide on a sunny day allows the shallows of the bay to warm up. Position yourself where the water dumps back into the bay. The slightly warmer water will collect the baitfish and predator fish.