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  1. Had same symptoms and spinning room sensation a few years back, diagnosed as vertigo. Mine was cured by a procedure known as "Epley manuever" . Google or you tube it, spelling ?The way it was explained to me is that the calcium stones in your ear get disloged causing the symptoms. The cure is to get the dislodged stones/ crystals back in place. The out-patient procedure is done in specialist office by manipulating head in such a way to return crystals to proper place. No drugs takes about 10 minutes. My regular physician mocked procedure as if it was witchcraft. Someone told me about it, tried it and it worked instantly. I have to be careful tilting my head up or bending down low with my ear to the ground as if looking under a bed. Those seem to be my triggers but for the most part I am OK.
  2. Avid surf 8 ft. Throws everything well, lightweight but stout enough to hoist the little guys up to you on a ledge. If you see action down the beach and have to move you are still in the game. That little rod has legs and will throw like a 9 or 10 footer.
  3. Thanks Saltfisherman for taking the time to post information regarding current conditions SW FL. Liked it better when you summed it up for us easier reading (lol). I too receive the weekly bulletins from FWC but have been too depressed to read them lately. Sad state of affairs that lacks a quick remedy. Recently bought a place, OOPS, in SW FL after renting in the area for several years. The striped bass fishing season in Maine is short & and the winters long. Plan was to fish longer and escape the harsh winters for a few months. That plan may need some adjustment. I know others there have it much worse than me. Full time residents, commercial business, restaurants, in short everybody. Snow birds or not, many in New England care very deeply about what is happening down there especially those who make their living by the sea. Have faith that things will get better.
  4. Nice job getting on some fish, respectible size too. Great pics!
  5. I'm in.
  6. Just when you think you have all the safety concerns and near misses covered you are hit in they fore head with a new one..Oh well as the commercial says,"Should of had a V 8
  7. Thanks for the report. Congrats on getting on some fish. Things have been slow in my area fishing ledges and surf. Picked up 4 in one outing last week, 25" & <, that was the exception. Have been out 4-6 times since, nothing. I was going to stay away this weekend but now I have a glimmer of hope to motivate me. Went out again, make that 7 times, after cobblestone motivated me. Threw the whole hardware store out there including the new plastics division. Nothing again. Time to bring out the bucket brigade and fish surf & turf.
  8. This one Thunnus 6000f is 25 oz according to a website check. Mine is mounted on a reel all hooked up so I didn't actually weigh it, Yes it is heavy by today's standards.
  9. Pencils, spooks & SP's. In tight I like SP's navigating the white water. Distant white water I throw a pencil during the day. A white spook was my go to last year in calmer water just outside the white water. At night my favorite three colors for an SP is blurple, blurple & blurple.
  10. Nearly unfishable past couple days. Take a few tides to clear the beaches in my area. Even when I manage to wade or cast past the first 30ft of heavy stuff the small red hairy stuff gets me. Very disappointing.
  11. With a few exceptions, catching has been slow in my area since 2nd week in July. Small fish 1 or 2 where I usually pick up several or more. Fishing exclusively plugs so I know that I have to work harder than fishing live or bait. Macks never came in big time and I think the stripers stayed off shore until they reached Portland and parts north. Most SOL reports suggest fishing is better north of my area. I fish areas south of Portland and the fish have been scarce. Numbers way down from last year. Fished the beach the other night for three hours. New moon, minimal weeds and right tide. Worked hard for two small ones. Hoping they come my way this fall.
  12. Found this one on the beach a few years back. Cordell Blue Striper marked on back. I'll replace hooks and give it a go.
  13. Picked up same in March from trading post. Rep from TFO was at this sale/expo weekend. I asked rep about 2-8 rating marked on rod. He responded it was labeled wrong and should have been labeled 2-6.
  14. The Ultegra Ci4 XTB 5500 is a good choice for distance, however, I find it a bit large & clumsy compared to the Saragosa 6000SW. The Saragosa is not as delicate as the Ultegra and has some sealing for waves. Distance is nearly as good running 30# PP with a 10'6 Legend. I too am getting up there in age and try to minimize my time on slippery rocks. Reduce your line to 20-30lb test for distance, and reduce fatigue with a lightweight setup.
  15. Macks thin in my usual places.