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  1. I have a Morrum M7700CL still in the box with all the goodies it came with when bought new 300. then, from the factory,its still in mint condition, along with its smaller counterparts 2 of the M5600CL's, These first run of round morrums are state of the art and are collectibles as of now, you cannot find them anywhere( well maybe someone knows where one is ??) where??


    These ZX3600'S I'd buy a pair of them in a heartbeat, as long as if they are untouched, and all the goodies are inside them as they left the factory in Sweden right now. They to will be collectors soon IMHO, Because the originals had the same problem( the cost was too high and the sales plummeted) which took them off the market..


    I say bring -em onclapping.gifdrool.gifhighfive.gif

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    when Kitt his son came into it things went down hill quick and then roy and the sloppy product that came from AZ with no warrenties or


    even orders never being completed there is still a ton of people out there trying to get orders they paid for.


    or waiting for the broken rods to be replaced the new owners face a challenge for certain.


    We will have to wait and see what the new owners can do with the product and the public profile.





    You wouldnt happen to know how I can get 1800. back out of them would you?wink.gif

  3. View Post1. YOur last post dind't answer anythign except put a link to a retailer, which is against teh rules here. She was trying to stay in business, but due to the issue that put them out of business, she was unable to. And in the process a lot of people were out a lot of money.



    2. headscratch.gif Well, considering I've sent at least 3 NERBs Newsletters to you at ----] and you haven't responded to any of them, I guess you either didn't get them, or you dind't read them to know that other e-mail addy is dead - I sent that out in August.



    I never got the 11 blanks from them, you had some painted the same colors as mine right, did you get your shipment?



    Sorry about posting the link,OOPS..


    Try sending it again..Thanks Kenny

  4. View PostAny time I placed a special order, or made an oder with painted blanks, tehy take a while to get. THat's been well documented, and I'm sure they told you that up front as it's how it's been for a while. It's the reason I stock colored blanks, because I can get them to people now instead of them waiting for several months, and paying an extra $15.


    Check your e-mails, becasue she's gotten back to you this morning.


    As I stated, they've been goign through some tough times outside of their business, adn are currently working towards getting back on track. Hopefully you'll have your blanks soon and you can get going on teh rods you have to build.




    Yes I knew it was going to be awhile the from the first day,and that was months before I even came to an agreement with them,No problem there.. It took me 4 months to receive them ,just to return them? dont figure..It seemed like getting 15 at a time for me would be keeping stock in the 85 mags,and when I got down to around 5 I would place another order for 15 and keep ahead of the clients..15 blanks is far away from 250, I'm glad somebody is getting what they paid for.I'm glad she will answer your calls,because it don't happen here Bro.headscratch.gif what I read today-I've heard before. well see what happens..

  5. View PostKenny Price from Kentucky, how's it going. I've recieved 250 blanks this year alone from GUSA, and had problems with 10 of them. I have placed 6 orders with them this year, and will be placing another one for another 50 blanks on Monday.


    There are dozens of guys on this forum who have bought GUSA's from me dating back to 2004, several have had cstom rods built on them. Nobody has a problem with them.


    They've recently shut down teh shop for a few weeks to deal with a family issue, but they are getting back on track now. NExt time you are looking for a GUSA, give me a shout and I'll get you what you need.



    Heh Billy,,Been doing ok ,but Bro I need the blanks now man,Your a lucky man if only 10 were bad.These should have not been sent out in the first place/QualityControl is what was missing.You could see this with your naked eye outside in the light..I know their great sticks and put them against any out there IMO,and I want more of them.They agreed that they were bad and needed to be redone,So I've been looking for them ever since..And look what I get.. Nothing but a cold shoulder.


    Yeah man I feel if you order 50-100 blanks you will get them ASAP and done right the first time. But if your a small time builder and only get 15 at a time Your put at the back of the line and get the bad end of the stick,,I need the 2 -50/50 cut 2pc cobalt blue 85 megas right now...I'll keep you updated..Thanks man , you got any 2pcmegas

  6. Has anyone here ever been ripped off by HASTINGS ROD, Makers of GUSA Graphite Rods? Last spring I ordered 1- 85mag and 1- 85 mega-mag from mud hole ,after a sells rep gave me Hastings # and told me to talk with them about building a 50/50 2pc.So I chose the Mega Mag between the 2 for the rebuild..

    In September 07. After months, and several calls from Magaly she finally convinced me that Roy could build me a 50/50 cut 2pc mega-mag for traveling. I would have to commit to purchasing 30 blanks, and to pay for 15 up front and after receiving them the others would be next.


    On the spot my credit card was charged over 1800. And after 4 months I received 15 blanks in which all but 4 had several major flaws in each blanks, bubbles in the finish in sink my thumb-nail into and slide down the blank leaving a groove. Among some that had bumps completely down the blank. You talk about being disappointed in unbelief.eek.gifconfused.gifmad.gif


    After Talking to Magaly and sending them back they agreed that they were bad and was going to rebuild. I thought after 4 months and no blanks something was wrong so I placed a call to them, over and over leaving messages and sending emails She finally answered the phn and I was told that my blanks were finished and she needed the colors and they were to be painted and shipped asap. That was 2 months ago, well week before last the same thing,frown.gif She said they were done and she would call me he following Monday and let me know when to expect my blanks. Nada , nothing no phn call or replies to any messages that I had left .kooky.giffrown.gif


    Being lied to and ignored , with 3 orders on hold to be built for clients.

    But they have all my blanks, including one that has the whole butt section and green handle assembly together .

    All which have paid for 9 months ago.


    They are killer blanks and have a good rep, I really like them. I'm loosing $ on interest and loss of the builds that have come my way, in which all components have been paid for. Because of their mistake, Should I have to pay for the loss?.mad.gif


    I need to hear from someone that has some experience in this matter.

    Or what would you guys do in this case?.headscratch.gif

    need legal advice?..

  7. Caught a 7 1/4# large mouth on a red/black 9" culprit worm farm pond. caught some that might have been bigger, but I never put them on scales. just put them back.

    Small-mouth around 5 1/2-6# could'nt tell just a close estament on a chartuse/green double willow spinner out of beachfork river.


    bigest flat head catfish 37#

    blue cat 57#

    channel cat 19 3/4#, I heart.gif fishingclapping.gif

  8. View PostThe Amtak wrapper is nice considering the price. If your going to do alot of cork sanding with it then get the extra support stand. The Renzetti is even nicer but at the cost of a VS.........




    Thanks Ralph, yes I think thats the way to go,and for sure on the extra support, because I will be putting custom cork handles on alot.and I'm going to get a extension for the base,just in case I do any 9'. wink.gif

  9. View PostThe best conv for me would have these few things


    5.3:1 or higher gear ratio


    super casting ability

    Great drag

    Strong pinion gears

    One Piece frame

    Comfortable handle

    Can hold 270 - 300 yards of braid


    If Abu made the 7500BG in a one piece frame I think the reel would be close to my perfect reel.


    Also the Avets look sweet but they do not have a levelwind option frown.gif





    I heard that Avets is working on a levelwind right now, cant hardly wait to see it,,Or own onedrool.gif

  10. View PostFlamekeeper.

    No it's not hard getting the guides off. Just work with a sharp scapel from the toe of the guide to the guide center to break through. You then try and pick a thread and unravel it.Trust me it's strong enough even thin A thread to take of the high build over the wraps. The hard part is getting rid of the high build residue. Especially those horrid blobs that are around the guide center and part way up the legs. You will have to clean off your guides to. It takes more than twice the time to strip down and rebuild than make from new. It seems that you have to claw back your orgional blank from this Guy. My approach would be to want the return of my money and all components replaced as new parts. The Builder I would expect to just take the rod back he has built as it does not conform to your verbal contract at all. He caused the problem he takes the financial and reputation hit. Not always an easy one to resolve but I wish you luck. Plenty of help here to set you on your way with building your own. It does not take that long to get pretty good at it.



    Thanks Alot Mike for the support . I'll keep trying to get ahold of this guy.Which Power wrapper would you recommend to be the best in the long run.ATC / Pac Bay?. , got 15 B85 MegaMags coming today from usa.Yep I think I'll need all the help I can get in the beginning and then some as soon as I get everything together here on this end... thanks Kenny.

  11. View PostGeez, I'd be PO'd enough about the fact that the guide wraps are 3 times as long as they should be cwm13.gif


    Based on the blank's finish though, I do think its a Batson/Rainshadow.




    It might be a Batson Blank,I dont know, But I do know one thing it sure is not the 2pc md/hvy Mod/Fast Raindhadow blank that I sent him back.mad.gif You would laugh if you had it in your hands man, it bows almost to the shape of this ( but a little bit more curvature to it,and thats with the guides having 1 3/4" of wrap past the foot of each guide. LOL,,No kidding it's a mess. I think he was adding the lenght on the wraps too stiffen the rod ,HaHaHa,

    hello0 I was'nt born last night, this is kooky.gifkooky.gif man..



    Hey MIKE,............................................. ................................

    yeah, we went over this rod so many times with him, he could have had a blueprint drawn up. Man I hand picked the stick and seat,hand picked and sent him the cork handle's taped together so the pattern would be understood , Burnt cork and Blue Burl cork, the guides were picked out to match the Reel/Handle's and the thread,GUDEBROD HT size A #521 Metallic Gold for the underwraps and tags,with gudebrod size D Royal Blue Metallic for the over-wraps.were picked to match the guides. This could've been a Pretty Stick IMO.


    Heck I dont know what went wrong with this guy, he should have cwm15.gif , and I'm doing just what you did ,I'm ordering me a Power-wrapper this week and start building my own line of Rods, I wanted to get one built to use as a pattern to go by. HaHa. OOPS Got to try again on that biggrin.gif


    I've tried to contact him to no response or reply, How hard is it to take these guides off and start all over? I'll build a spinner and give it to my granson.

  12. View PostNext time you are ordering GUSA's, give me a shout, unless you are ordering direct from Roy & Magaly yourself.



    Yeah Billy .I went right to the Bosses,Get them at a heck of a better pricesmile.gif


    View PostFlamekeeper.


    The feet on guides are routinely straight so I can't follow you on that. It is necassary on almost every guide made except single leg designs to have to adjust the the frame to alow the feet to have almost full contact with the blank. This is done by carefully holding the feet in quality Engineers pliers and bending the frame a little at a time leg by leg. If done with care and a bit of skill you don't transfer stress to the guide ceramic inner and crack it. I have busted about 6 guides in 25 years. You hear a sickening click if you over cook the bending. Ok don't worry about these guides groving. They are not going to period if you use your rod as intended as a fishing rod. I have hardloy guides which are 10 years old on a rod that gets a good hammerring with braid and they are fine and cost buttons. So sleep easy.



    I agree Mike on the guides feet.


    They are the best I could find besides the NIC,Solid Titanium Frame Titans, I even got them. I just want these to be top of the line Rods Crafted by a Top of the Line Builder. I give the guy the best I should expect the best he could do at lease,isn't that right.confused.gif.


    This Rod came in today and I tell you guys ,,this Rod in ? is suppose to be a MD/HVY 8'6" 2pc Rain Shadow with Mod Fast Tip. I had the rod in my hands at one time and sent it to him so he could build me another rod useing the same blank,I sent everything 200.bucks in parts.( wasted )he supplied the Blank and the Alps reel seat.


    He sends me some off the wall Slow action 2pc.blank.that you can feel Flex between the 8" forgrip and 14 rear grip in your hands.mad.gif Feels like a fly-rod.


    Thats not All! The only guide that is centered in the underwraps is the tip.LOL. The rest go up or down from center on the wrap 1/8 to 1/4" either way or more and the overwraps are a Joke .You can see the splits in the double foot on all of them up to 3/8" that is not even covered by a single thread!! Can You beleive that!!,and the single foot is covered the same way.


    I cannot beleive he even sent the rods to me/ he must have beenbeers.gif GAPS in the thread as you can see the feet in many places.And they aren't even doublewrapped like it supposed to be,as Ordered. The wraps do not even cover the feet on the guides completely. Almost all need 1/8" to 1/2" more wrap on them to cover each foot on each guide.eek.gifeek.gif He even put the Alps reel seat on backwards?.( I know it will work both ways , but they are designed to be locked downward )at least that is the way he was told I wanted it. He done a nice job on the custom burnt cork and colored burl cork handles..and thats probably because I taped them together in order burnt/blue/burnt etc...)


    He told me before he sent it that the bill was,150.00 Bucks LOL. eek.gifmad.gif ,,LOL.Thats what he wants me to send him. lol I cannot reach him on the phn yet,maybe because its the holiday and all ,what do you think? what would you do ?mad.gif Kenny.



    I need some oppinions on this.I've been fishing since I was 3, I'm 48 now and this guy must think I'm kooky.gif . What would you guys recomend me to do?.

  13. View PostLook flouro is no worse than mono or braid. Do you know what the base material is under the coating of the AMT guide. I have never trusted plated guides. If the base material is alumiium oxide or sic then hell no unless you do some silly lab type testing you are not going to grove modern ceramic centred guides. I been fishing hard for over 40 years and building rods for over 25 and not even Hardloy tip tops have groved ever ( Fuji). Metal guides yes and very quickly.

    Why don't you ask AT what the base material is. More Bull **** spouted about guide wear than most anything in rod building. I would be scrtacthing my had about my rod builder who was fitting guides about which he felt there are issues. If I purchased a custom rod and the guides groved and they were modern ceramic then I would be beating up pretty hard on the builder unless I was doing something totally stupid with the rod.. Why would a decent rod builder fit guides he was not happy with and then tell you to watch out for wear. That is where your real issues lie



    Thanks Mike , and I agree with you 100%. The guides have a inner ring of zirconia, coated with titanium nitride,and are backed up by AT, that the toughest braided lines cannot touch it and they say a file will not cut it.I searched for the best I could get when I ordered 30 b85 megamag blanks from USA Graphite, and these guides were it.Imo. from 147, to 88.a set


    This guy said he had a hard time even straightening the feet on these guides??.LOL.headscratch.gif .I said that I set right at my desk and straighten them out with my hands enough to set them on the desk upright by themselves before I sent them.he did'nt have much to say after that.I think the guy might have done something wrong, ( I hope not ) and wants to blame it on the manufacture. IMHO. and I heard he's building for 40 yrs. Yeah!...

    I will be looking close at these for any signs of fracture/hairline cracks etc.. as soon as I receive it.



    And again thanks I will let you guys know the outcome of this.kenny

  14. I bought all components and sent them off for a build on a Rainshadow blank.and I have a ? for you guys.


    How many people use P-LINE Fluorocarbon Clear?? I've heard of many catching fish of all sizes offshore and inshore on the stuff, and I use it on all my reels and never have had it to happen to me.headscratch.gif


    But I'm having a rod built and this person told me to keep a watch on the guides because the Floro-line might cut them as it has some already.


    Has anyone ever heard of it Cutting Guides or any ATC titanium coated guides?dunno.gif


    ANY Information Please.To calm me down,,these things cost 90. I will be getting this rod by Wednesday So I'll be looking at the guides real close, because they were in great shape when they were sent off,slick as glass.

  15. View PostHere's my biggest of 2007. Caught her monday night on a 10 inch sucker.


    30lbs even. I'm sure there are some bigger ones lurking around the bottom of my river.



    Yea Bro, thats what we hunt for,, And they love them suckers, but I hav'nt caught one yet on one,i use 4-5" bluegills and Shiners.


    Great Fishclapping.gif

  16. For the biggest Cat in the water you fish,use live bait that are native to the water, 3-5" bluegills / shiners etc...suspended below a float around any cover or on a rock flat.for channels cut the live bait into 1/2"x1 1/2" x 1/2" thick strips and your on your way for some fun. I also catch a great number of channels on salmon fillets cut the same way, filleted right off the skin, saving the 1/4" layer of fat thats next to the skin for the oily slick and smell that gets them into a feeding frenzy.


    I'll post some pics soon of the salmon cuts.

  17. View PostIn that case.


    MPB are 22lb Channel Cat and 15lb Carp both from the same lake in NJ.


    Carp and Catfish look really big to an untrained eye. Put them on the scale and a fish that looks 30lbs is really 12lbs.




    Untrained Eye, LOL,HaHaHa, I've heard it all now Bro. Now dont let the size of the pic's fool ya.hehehe.


    Heres one blu that weighs 57lbs, he sure dont look 25lb compared to a 29lb flathead and the next is a 36lb and he dont look 15lb compared to a 22lb flat.


    What do you guys think of the size,,And they sure are not a junk fish,kooky.gif

    If cleaned and cooked right they taste as good as anything that swims.IMHO





  18. WE can keep argue.gif

    I'm just starting in the rod building game for hvy/ freshwater cat fishing rods, Fishing for 40+yrs and seen and used all the top brands, but I've been doing study ( research on different guides ).and I came to the conclusion and bought my first 7 sets that are ATC, TITAN'S AND THE TITANIUM NITRIDE casting guides. They have got the rest beat by far strong and built with a nice look and you cant even cut them with a file...and are the best of the bunch clapping.gifclapping.gifclapping.gif IMO. But I did buy one set from acid rod,made by ALPS, which come in #2 are a pretty good set tooclapping.gifclapping.gif ,,


    I will not go to fuji.. buying the name not a better product imo.

  19. Hea Mark ,, My bro lives down on 20th and Griffith and owns and operates, the real deal used appliance store on the corner of 19th Griffith.I live in Oldham Co. But I'm in Louisville all the time.


    Man I've fished below them dams and along that stretch of river my whole childhood..Not one of the catfish in my pic's come from the Ohio though..I know where to go get some big Cats ,, Stop by my Bro's store, His name is warren price, and ask him for my business card/about getting in touch with me for a fishing trip, and we all can get together for a trip.



    View PostNice Kitty cats...Out of the Ohio I suspect. We catch some mighty nice ones down below McAlpine using about the same techniques...I live in Louisville, we must go sometime...