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  1. My wife collect sea shells for her art work. Walks the beach and comes across some nice lures. This is last years find. Do any look familiar? LOL.
  2. The rod I bought isn't on your list but its a 7'6" medium Duckett that I will try paired to a Slammer IV 2500. Never owned a Duckett rod & never heard of them, but they had a good sale on their Salt Water series and figured why not. Fuji alconite guides at a price that won't break the bank. I might soon know why not, but until I get my hands on it I'll remain hopeful that it is a decent build and fits in to the arsenal somehow. I went 7'6" instead of 7" just to give me a bit more distance on the cast. I plan to walk along the inshore beach tossing bucks, jigs and other small stuff.
  3. 55555s I just ordered the 7'6" Medium spinning. I'll post a comment once I receive it.
  4. Had an opportunity to resolve a matter with the good folks at Penn. Excellent customer service. Pleasant, response people every step of the way. Couldn't ask for better service. Thanks Penn! BRAVO!!!
  5. I have a SS4500, a model that is no longer serviced by Penn. Is this eligible for the exchange program? If so, what reel could I exchange it for? I visited the Penn web site but didn't find an answer on what a SS4500 could be exchanged for. Thanks in advance.
  6. Glad I inquired. Thanks to all!
  7. Correct ZA, that's how this rod was originally built by Sea Isle.
  8. The rod measure 72" and I believe the BC72 refers to "Bait Casting 72 inch". The metal reel seat is 4-3/4" long and the inside diameter is 20mm. Would replacing the metal real seat with a similar size trigger style graphite seat be a worthwhile improvement?
  9. I'll post pictures by Tuesday. Thx.
  10. I picked up a really nice and barely used custom bait casting rod a few year ago that was paired wuth a mint Penn 930. It was wrapped by Sea Isle Freeport NY. It has marking BC72 so I assume it was built in 1972. I haven't used it but I am giving it to my 9 year old grandaughter. It's a nice fluking rod for her, about 66"' in length, honey colored so I assume Lamiglass blank with cork fore grip and butt. The metal reel seat was loose. The blank was cut beneath the reel seat so I was able to seperate the 2 halves. I could easily re-epoxy the trigger style metal reel seat and keep it all original, but should I upgrade it with a graphite seat? If I should so graphite, the inside diameter of the metal seat is 20mm, which reel seat should I go with? The wrapping is red underwarp with black on top. I'll post pictures when I get home tomorrow. Thanks!
  11. Privateer?
  12. Not sure if a truck camper is of interest to you but I have a Lance 1010 on a Ram 2500 with cummins diesel. The lance has all we need: Solar. Ac, generator, refrig w/ freezer, wet shower b/r. Microwave, stove/oven. We're on the beach almost every w/e april to november. However, we've done mostly short trips for 2-3 days, home to beach is 18 miles. I wouldnt want to live on it for much more that a few days. Fir what we use it for we have no complaints. If Truck was a 3500 dually, it would be better. However, i take the camper off for the winter and the 2500 is easier to get around with.
  13. I have a 1995 seapro 21 w/a with a mercruiser 4 3lx i/o that Ive owned since 1999. It's been solid for all these year. Had to do some work on it...replace oil pan, rebuild heads, replace starter, and of course manifold and risers, etc. Sounds like a solid i/o seapro might wirk well for your needs. The 21 and 23 look very similar from that era.
  14. I used pvc sewer drain pipe 3" diameter.