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  1. I used safety cup holders screwed in to two parallel horizontal 1"x2"x8'. I used the garage foundation plate as a shelf for the butt end of the rod. I determined where to place the 1x2's (how far apart) by taking into account rod lengths, distance from butt end to foregrip, diameter of rod blank past foregrip, etc. I find a layout that works best for what I have to deal with. Once I had a layout the actual assembly was easy. I used wider diameter cup holders to fit around the wider part of the rod blank and mounted those on the lower 1x2 & slightly narrower to fit the upper 1x2. Due to ceiling height restrictions works for me for rods up to 8'.
  2. You saved me the hassle of typing Big Vin...exactly what I wanted to say...
  3. I'm in
  4. Penn Carnage II Model#CARSFII1530S90 is a 9' 2 piece that I've been using with a Slammer III 4500. Lure rating is 3/4 - 3oz If you catch a sale you should get it for what you're budgeting for.
  5. I have the 9' 3/4-3 paired up with Slammer III 4500. The rod is stamped for a 5000-6000 sized reel but I am quite happy with what I have. I do have problems with the Daiwa J braid #20 but that's all user error (Many wind knots. Reel is not overfilled). I may switch over to Fireline Original and see if that helps.
  6. I use a 4500 on a 9' Penn Carnage rated for 3/4-3oz & 15-30 # line to toss 3/4 to 2oz and all is good for me.
  7. I can now say 1st hand that not only do the people at PENN Customer Service respond to their emails...I can also say they are made of the best stuff on earth! And many thanks to PENN rep Tony for all of his assistance!
  8. Will do. Thanks!
  9. I bought a 9' Penn Carnage II surf rod directly from Penn's web site. After I placed the order, I realized that I'd prefer the same rod but in the medium power as opposed to the medium light that I ordered. I sent an email to Penn via their customer service link on their web site asking if I could exchange the rod. I was hoping I could of made the request before they shipped. I didn't get any replies other than an immediate acknowledgment that my email was received. No follow-up at all. The originally ordered rod is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Has anyone had any luck contacting Penn through the web site customer service email? Thanks.
  10. I came across this old thread asking a similar question regarding the Carnage II rod and Slammer 4500 in the Fishing Industry Insider's section that was replied to by Penn Representative Tony. He's stating that either 9' Carnage II rod will pair well with a 4500. The medium-light I ordered will arrive on Wednesday. Through use, I'll be able to determine what application it's best suited for but from all the comments I'd agree the medium-light rod may lack the backbone for more serious Jetty/Inlet use. Tony provided the weight specs for the rod so regardless of which one gets matched to the 14 oz 4500, I'll be carrying a really light (26 oz or so + braid) 9' setup that should provide decent power. Thanks to all.
  11. Thanks Redfin & JoelJ! JoelJ, you mention having the medium rated Carnage rated for 15-30# line and 3/4oz - 3oz lure. I ordered the medium-light rated for 8-20#l line & 1/2oz to 2oz lures. The Lamiglas XS 101 MS that I have paired with the Slammer 5500 is rated for 14-30# line & 2oz - 4 oz lures ( but I've been throwing lighter than 2 oz nicely). I suppose that between the two I have the range from 1/2oz to 4oz covered fairly well for my needs. I'll stick with the medium-light that's on its way.
  12. My other surf rod is a Lamiglas XS101LMS that's paired with a Slammer 5500. I wanted to go one step down from there with this outfit. I also wanted two piece to keep it easily concealed in my Explorer at all times. To give an better idea of the intended use.....I fish Long Island south & north shore. I often go to Democrat Point. Entering at the 4WD entrance, there's a stretch of beach that runs to the west along the south side of the inlet. At the beginning & end of the stretch there are rock boulders. I wanted an outfit to use to toss bucktails & other lighter weight lures as I walk along this stretch of beach & occasionly tossing from the boulder areas. I would also use this setup along the beaches on the L.I. Sound from Oyster Bay to Southold on the North Fork. It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words so I attached a photo to give a better idea of what I'm looking to do with this particular outfit. I have the reel and the rod is on it's way (bought it directly from Penn so I didn't get a chance to actually check it out but I can exchange it). Will this 9' Carnage II medium light & Slammer 4500 do the job or should I go with the 9' Carnage II medium or neither?
  13. I paired up the following rod for use as a jetty/inlet setup with a Penn Slammer III 4500. I'll be throwing bucktails and smaller plugs of 1.5oz or less. Should I consider stepping up to the Medium rated rod? Penn Carnage II Model#CARSFII820S90 (9', two piece, 8-20lb line, Moderate Fast rod action, Medium Light power) or step up to: Penn Carnage II Model #CARSFII1530S90 (9', two piece, 15-30 lb line, Moderate Fast rod action, Medium power)
  14. Thanks Talltale. I came up with the SSB136 by doing some research. The model number is not on the blank unless it's being covered by the reel seat. It definitely measures 136 inches long & it's a surf blank, so that gave me the SB136 part and the S refers to the brown color of the blank. Hence, SSB136. You're correct in that I provided the tip & butt diameters with hopes that someone could define what the blanks power may be. I also read that the S blanks were quite a bit lighter than the similar honey colored blanks and made up a nice popping rod back in the day. How worthy is this blank compared to a GSB? Am I better of buying a new GSB blank as opposed to rebuilding this old dog? I expect that I would primarily use it for pencil popping plugs, maybe even exclusively. I like this blank because of its weight since I'm interested in a rod that I can cast quite a bit in a given day. Built and paired with a Slammer III 5000, I'd be carrying about 2-3/4 lbs approximately.
  15. Not too long ago I came across a Lamiglas SSB136 that I want to rebuild (see attached photo). It's a brown blank that measures exactly 136". Tip is .19" (1.13mm) Butt is 1.13" (28.7mm) It weights 14.3oz, which includes 5 wire guides and tip and a FPS D24 reel seat (currently set at 23 1/8" & 28 3/8" measured from butt) There's good parabolic action and I believe this blank will make a nice light-weight pencil popper. I intend to use braided line and want to keep the rod & reel setup as light as possible so all works well with my 63 year old bones. I prefer a cork tape or similar light weight material as opposed to foam type grips. Any comments on the use of this blank? Any advice on how I should proceed with the build regarding type of guides & their placement, type of reel & reel seat, etc? I have a new Slammer III 5500 and 4500 reel available to pair. I also a 704z, 704 greenie & Mitchell 302, each of which is in like-new condition that I can use. Any guidance and advice will be greatly appreciated.