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  1. That's what I thought but all the unimog pics I'm seeing have a nose???? Unimog seems a bit larger too.
  2. It's not often but I occasionally see these. What are they and where can I find one?
  3. Curious on what the MSRP was?
  4. A 4500 Slammer 3 is available for less than $200 and it's a great reel.
  5. So I've been killing the rare bits of spare time I've come across for the past year enhancing what was once a basic CRB manual wrapper. I added the motor and clutch that I came across at a garage sale and devised the controller assembly. Next I added the rod supports. I need to revise the thread rack since the rod supports interferes with the tension rod. I have some ideas in mind. Since I was working on the dining table I only have two of the base platforms shown in the pictures but there are two more base extensions totaling 11'. Maybe I'll test this out on Saturday?
  6. Thanks Mango. I was able to source similar wheels but they're only about 1-1/2" diameter. I think they'll work.
  7. Can anyone provide me with the Renzetti support wheel diameter and width? I'm trying to source a nice wheel for my homemade wrapper support stands and I prefer the larger & narrower type wheels as on the Renzetti. I found one that's 90mm x 10mm but I think that be be a bit too large? Thanks!
  8. I replaced the entire exhaust system in January, including both CATS, four new Denso O2 senors, resonator & muffler on my 2004 Tundra with the 4.7 V8 for $1,200 including all parts & labor. I used Walker brand cats & resonator made for the vehicle (i.e. not universal fit stuff), which I purchased from Amazon & Rock based on best price. From muffler to tail pipe, parts were from the muffler shop that did the installation, whatever the house brand is but all seems decent quality. All good so far.
  9. I will also say that I received excellent service from Penn with the few issues I ran in to.
  10. I owned a 98 Explorer XLT with the 5.0L V8 with AWD. I bought it in 2001 with 39K miles and sold it to my neighbors son at 143K three months ago. It's still running strong. I used it on the beach, towed a 5K lbs boat and ran to HD & Lowes a million times for 17 years & it never let me down. Water pump was replaced and so was the fuel pump, the rest was ordinary wear-n-tear repairs. It wasn't an Eddie Bauer but the XLT was great. I would stay away from the V6 motor. Hope this helps.
  11. This looks interesting....
  12. Great Amazon deal going on today on Penn Slammer III. You might want to take a look.
  13. Nice work 3Beard. Those would be perfect. The Backyard Bass game is a great idea too!
  14. You're making sense Belmo. What components did you use (blank, guides, etc)? Did you build spinning or casting?