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  1. Penn Slammer III 4500 works for me.
  2. Frugal...thanks for explaining how the script works!
  3. Thanks for all this info! My prescription shows: Sphere Cylinder Axis Add OD +3.75 -0.25 039 +2.50 OS +2.50 -0.25 149 +2.50 I'm not familiar with reading scripts, so besides saying that I'm getting old (LOL), I'm not sure what it's telling me. I gather from the comments, I have a "positive script"???? If so, how does that change things, if at all? Thanks!
  4. I want to get a good pair of wrap-around frame, polarized prescription fishing sunglasses. I'd need progressive or bi-focal lens. I need glasses for distance & reading. Does lens color make any difference or is that just cosmetic? Any other functional features to include? Do I buy them from the Optometrist ($400) or are there better sources? Costco price is around $200 but they only offer standard type frames. I'm leaning towards a wrap-around frame to block out any light coming in from the sides, not for looks.
  5. Orzo...gone but never forgotten!
  6. Remove the side plate to inspect further?
  7. Ditto...Slammer 3 4500.
  8. I've had this unmarked & completely stripped Lamiglas Honey colored blank for some time lying around. Came across it a few years ago and it had no markings. It measured 11' 3-1/4", 13 Tip, 1.06 to 1.067 butt and weighed 14.1oz. Whenever I looked into what blank this might be, I leaned towards a either a SB1362F or SB1363M. Neither of these seemed right, though the tip and butt specs could of made sense if you assumed that the factory 138' was trimmed down to 135-1/4". However, the weight of these blanks are 13.25 oz and 13.625 oz respectively at the full 138' uncut factory length, whereas my blank is only 135- 1/4" but weighs 14.1 oz. So I am concluding that the only remaining possibility remaining is SB1364M. By trimming its 138' factory length to 135- 1/4" (enough from the tip to increase the size 12 to a 13 and the rest from the butt to reduce the diameter from 1.11" to the 1.06-1.067 range), I wind up with what I have. At least I am confident that I will build the rod for what it should be. From what I'm reading about the Lamiglas SB1364M, it makes for a great heaver. So that's what it will be. Going with with old school colors {black/burgundy/gold}, COF, BSVAG guides, reel seat, deciding between cork or shrink wrap/cord grip but will likely go with the latter. I don't have any questions at this time but sharing my enthusiasm of finally knowing what I am working with! Of course any comments/advice on this build is always welcomed.
  9. Hi RyanJ. You may want to post this question in the Rod Building Forum in the How-To Forums sections. A lot of great builders there who may be able to provide some answers.
  10. Good advice Giant Basshole & Bronson. Thx.!
  11. I'm planning to install a front mounted hitch cooler rack/rod holder on a '05 RAM 2500. Any suggested models for the cooler rack? I'll probably go with a Curt brand front hitch. I'd want good ground clearance so does anyone have a setup to recommend? Thx.
  12. Thanks Eagles Dare. The camper has been sitting unused along with the truck for 3+ years. Refrigerator wouldn't work on ac but is working fine on propane. I read that the ammonia based refrigerant pools up if it sits too long. Running on propane will bring the refrigerant to boiling temp and hopefully refrigerator will work with ac volts afterwards. So far itsm's the only issue, but like owning a boat, Im sure I go thru a learning curve. No leaks of any kind but I think the caulk seals could use some TLC. Let the journey begin!
  13. I think I did OK. I found a 2005 Ram 2500 SLT with SRW & the Cummins 5.9 HO carrying a Lance 1010. Would of preferred a 3500 dually but the truck only had 9,758 miles on it when I drove it home Monday. Truck and Camper are all in great shape and hardly used. The only problem is waiting for my registration from NYS DMV. Damn covid!
  14. Selling my 18" Privateer Retriever