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  1. Don't know, but this on was taken waaaay up north in zone 3. If pfas are there, then we're all doomed.
  2. Yes. I am 63. Maybe you meant the moose? We think he was 2.5. 36" spread with 13 points.
  3. Here's a really big bodied deer from my September hunt. With freezers full, I am being selective on the deer and hunting mostly with a bow.
  4. Two points: 1. In my book, when someone shoots a cow, they aren't a hunter. They are a much lower form of life. 2. I am a hunter ed instructor and disagree with your assessment that it's a joke. We don't pass anyone who's can't demonstrate their competency. Furthermore, the research shows that hunter education courses are responsible for a dramatic decrease in hunting accidents. It's not perfect, but it sure has had a positive impact on safety.
  5. There's no denying that these are sad and tragic events. They are also astronomically rare. I don't know why it happens in Maine 3 times in 30 years. Most states have not experienced any such events. I am a firm believer in education as opposed to legislation. The requirement that all new hunters must pass a hunter education course has lead to a drastic decrease in the number of hunting accidents over the past 40 years. Passing a law requiring permission to hunt on private land will likely accomplish little more than making it more difficult for hunters to find a place to hunt. If you don't want people hunting on your land, then post it. I am also a believer in holding people accountable for their actions. Any idiot who fires randomly without positively identifying the target should face the full force of the law.
  6. That's terrific. I find hunting very rewarding for a host of reasons. Near the top of the list is filling the freezer with delicious, organic, free-range, low fat, sustainably sourced meat. I killed a bull moose in Maine's September season and have two freezers full of garden vegetables and moose meat. There's still room for a deer and I am working on it. I butcher my own game animals so I can customize to my likes. In terms of safety, it's dramatically safer to hunt than many other recreational pursuits - including fishing. As a hunter education instructor, I can tell you that in New Hampshire (numbers are similar in Maine), hunting accidents have decreased from the 1970's by 76%. Most accidents are due to careless handling of firearms. Pick your hunting partners carefully, wear hunter orange, and use common sense. Have fun.
  7. This forum has been pretty quiet. I am wondering how anglers are doing out there of late? From my experience of late, it's been pretty good. I often use live bait, but mackerel have been extremely hard to find in the Harpswell area. So, I quit wasting my time looking for bait and fished exclusively with artificials. Amazingly, I had a 20 fish day the other morning with all stripers coming in between 20-28". I had a follow, hit or hook-up on the majority of casts. While the size of fish isn't overly impressive, I have had several very large fish follows right up to the boat. Very fun. I am fishing ledges and having success with surface poppers, 7.5" sluggos, and SP Minnows.
  8. Correct you are, but I had to hit him twice. One shot through the heart and the other blew up his lungs.
  9. Now that's funny! Actually, this photo makes him look smaller than he was.
  10. Yes, Thompson Center Encore manufactured in Rochester, New Hampshire with a Win 308 barrel. 228 yard shot across a potato field.
  11. I pulled my boat early because I had a busy September and have been disappointed to miss the great striper action. I feel better now. This was earlier in the week in Van Buren, ME.
  12. I like to use my vacuum sealer to pack them up...pretty much bullet proof.
  13. I hauled my boat yesterday. I hated to do it because things are really heating up. However, I have a busy September which will crescendo with a moose hunt in zone 3 at the end of the month. I'll live vicariously through the posts on this site. Good luck out there and here's to a strong fall run...
  14. It pleases me greatly that so many people flock to OOB as it keeps our neighborhood a bit quieter. If that's your Maine coast experience, then go for it. I understand lots of Canadians love it there. I've never been.
  15. I fished yesterday afternoon and the wind was from the northwest. I fished the same ledges tonight and caught 5 and broke one off in about half the time that I fished on Thursday. Tonight the wind was from the southeast...onshore. I think I need to do more research.
  16. I have an optimistic report. Yesterday's winds forced me to try some new spots on the lee side. Fishing from my boat, I got in close to the ledges and started casting a SP Minnow into the wash -- really close. I caught 11 stripers between 22-28" with one 19" in the group. Almost every fish I retrieved was accompanied by 4-5 others. When I say close, I was bouncing my lure off of the ledges and the more turbid the water, the better. It's a bit hairy getting that close and I would have done better if I had someone else with me to cast from the bow so I could maneuver the boat. I think that I'll try it again today.
  17. Green crabs are an invasive. I am not sure it's a good idea to be transporting them to other areas simply to use them for bait? Maybe they are everywhere already?
  18. I have been having a very difficult time finding mackerel all season and never remember seeing it this bad.
  19. My son tells me that he was cut off on a blue fish in Casco Bay yesterday and he thinks that folks are trolling for blue fish . Can anyone confirm blues in the Harps well area?
  20. The other day I was fishing from my boat near some structure (a bridge). I was away from any navigational on my own and minding my own business. I was standing in the bow of my boat and casting towards the bridge about 50-60 feet away. Along comes a group of kayakers. They clearly saw me fishing, and promptly paddled between me and the bridge. Of course, they scared away a bunch of stripers in the process. There was plenty of calm water and space for them to go around me. I am curious whether this is a matter of boating etiquette or a legal issue? Does a boat engaged in fishing enjoy any specific legal protections regarding interference or right of way in Maine marine waters?
  21. I am amazed that your Maine PB is just 34.5". That's a terrific fish, but it seems like with all the fish you catch, you should have been blessed by the striper gods with a 40" or better beast along the way. I guess that numbers are preferable to size. I guess it also tells us that you're an honest angler...
  22. That's high level stuff. Breezing through your skunk quota by doubling up in one night. Very impressive!
  23. I couldn't agree more on the SP Minnow. They cast a mile and are really producing for me right now. Burple at night?
  24. Yep...ankle biters. They get me even several miles from land..