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  1. We had a decent long weekend. Most fish were between 22-32". We probably boated about 30 fish and there were only two over 28. Seems like we were catching one age class of fish almost exclusively. My cottage is 1.5 miles from the fatal shark attack location. I do have to say that being on the water in the aftermath certainly changes your mindset. Every time I saw a seal I half-expected it to get attacked. Everything that looked unusual at first glance I thought might be a shark fin. Only fished out of my boat. The kayak did not get wet.
  2. A couple of weeks ago, we were anchored on a quiet evening very near the recent shark attack site. We were live lining for stripers and there was a giant and loud swirl/splash about 100 yards from our boat. We heard it, but didn't see it...only the aftermath. We then saw a seal launching itself completely out of the water time after time as it sped toward the shallow point where we were fishing. It swam through the shallow water and then headed towards deep water in the opposite direction from where it came, continuing to leap out of the water. I commented on how fast that seal was swimming because it was making time. It was screaming fast and was jumping very high out of the water. We didn't think too much about it at the time. However, now I have to think that the seal was being attacked. Quite possibly a shark?
  3. This attack took place at the mouth of Mackerel Cove. This is a working cove and there is an active lobster pound there. Plenty of scent in the water from bait sales and crated lobsters. I don't know if this was a factor, but I wouldn't be surprised if was an attractant for a shark. Regardless, this is very sad for the victim and her family.
  4. Has anyone tried and/or had any luck chunking pogies and letting the chunks fall through a school?
  5. Jaw breakers! I have 4-5 of those and haven't used them in years. I might try some trolling too. I don't think you can get those lures any more?
  6. Did you snag a pogie and live line it around the school? I have tried that but it's never worked. How big a pogie will a striper eat?
  7. It's easy to find "research" that support one's position. The bottom line is that people can be taxed on what they own, what they earn, or what they spend - those are your choices. Maine chooses all three. In Maine, almost everything you purchase automatically costs 5.5% more. The income tax is 7.1%. Property tax is lower, but not insignificant. For me, the income tax alone is twice what I pay in property taxes in NH. Add on another estimated $1,000 for sales tax and another $2,000 for property tax. Everyone's situation is different, but there is no way Maine and NH are "break even" for me.
  8. I agree with an earlier post. Take a kayak and go where ever you want without touching land.
  9. I like it and use it a lot. I fish in Maine and like the green. It's so cheap, when it starts showing signs of memory or wear, I peel of 150 yards, tie on and load a new 150 yards. Uni to uni has never failed.
  10. I'll give it a try. Thanks for the idea.
  11. I have been having a very hard time finding macs too. The only time I get into schools is when I go waaay out. Off of Harpswell and Bailey that means Half Way Rock which is 6 miles out. However, I go out and load up the livewell. Then, after striper fishing I put the left over macs in a floating mesh tank that I tie to my stern and leave it on the mooring. I have been getting 100% survival overnight. Saves a ton of time. I just worry a bit that one day I am going to go out and find a seal tearing up my mesh tank.
  12. I have been trying something new this year with my fishing and have experienced surprising success. Instead of reaching for the tried-and-true lure or technique, I am forcing myself to try ignore my first instinct and going with something different. Often, I pick a lure or color that I've never tried before. The other day, we were running low on live macs so I decided to let others use up the last few in the live-well. I opened up the box and picked out a white, 6" sluggo and decided to fish it unweighted. Amazingly, I was out-catching the live bait! Tried the same thing on spring smallmouth. Instead of relying on my all-time favorite Tiny Torpedo, I tied on a suspending jerk bait and slayed them -- especially pre-spawn. Lately, I have been picking lures that I really don't have much confidence in. I narrow it down and try the one I think will be least likely to work...but they often do. I am easily amused, but this is kind of fun. Give it a try and see what happens.
  13. I had a decent week last week. Finding mackerel was a real challenge and required a lot of time. I caught a lot of stripers but couldn't break 26". In fact, I caught some stripers that were mackerel size on the fly rod...amazingly small. One day we were running low on live macs so I put on a white, 6" sluggo with no weight. It WAY out caught live macs. Learn something every time out.
  14. Here's my perspective. In terms of tax burden, Maine is the third highest tax state in the nation (property, sales, and income) while NH is 46th in the nation. Yes, NH has higher electric rates, but it's still way cheaper to live in NH. Here's what I do. I live in NH and own a cottage in Maine in Casco Bay. Best of both worlds. I love both states. Maine does have one more thing working against it -- no Sunday hunting. That's a giant negative in my book which simply cannot be justified.
  15. Did this thread just go from October 2015 to June 2020? Nothing in between? How does that happen?