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  1. Was out there myself but not part of the tourney. Wonderful day and a bountiful one for friskie blues for me. Spotted at least a dozen yaks mostly between the ruffle bar and the canarsie poulder. Anybody score a striper? Where and on what? Got a schoolie myself a couple of weeks ago just east of canarsie pier trolling a school bus. Keep my boat at sebaago canoe club in the paedergat so Jbay is home water.
  2. where to register, how much, rules, etc????
  3. Was out in my kayak in a heavy blitz in Jbay and started to look past all the blues and dream about all the stripers down under the carnage. How best to get to 'em?
  4. It seems a little late, but have you considered the other guy, the guy in the font seat. He's got a few casts under his belt and has never been on a fishing boat smaller than a captree party rig. A little out of shape, motor skills a thing of the past, balance is something done by olympic atheletes. He's in the front seat? So what little he knows about casting, he is now going to try it sitting down on a floating fiberglas tube. He's in the front seat? Add weather or water conditions that might get dicey and your client is going to be catching fish in his mouth cause he's assover all the time. I think you need to go for a boat that's really stable, like dry land.
  5. I almost always get tossed in the surf, mostly on the return. Also get tossed when fishing parallel to the beach in the curl. This puts your rod and reel in water that is mosly salt and sand in suspension. My reel recommendation: Van Staal. I 've had it repeatedly ground into the beach sand (usually along with me end the yak) and it requires only a couple of turns to get it operating smoothly again. Amazing. To avoid a broken rod, completely disassemble your rig coming and going. I put the reel in the center well and lash the rod to the deck. The one time I thought the waves were too small (<3'), I promptly got rolled and snapped my favorite 7' loomis in two.
  6. I fish a necky dolphin that has a nice round hull and found that even a very modest air cushion elevated my center of gravity enough to make the boat even more tippy. So heed the warnings to minimize the inflation.
  7. Scotto Can't get away this weekend. Thanks for all of the info and the possible loaner. Next year. Salt
  8. Scotto I'll set up a car rental in any event. How much time to leave to get from manhattan to the lauch site, allowing time for mistakes? Might be better to get up there the nite before and check into a motel. Any suggestions? Salt
  9. Jon Do you use a leader, if so, what weight?
  10. Count me in. I live in manhattan and am non-automobile. Is public transport a complete fantasy? Or if anyone coming from down this way I can maybe meet up and catch a ride. Otherwise can rent. What time do we get started? Looking forward to it already.
  11. Scotto Sounds too good to pass up. Both of my boats are still stuck in the ice on Fire Island. Can I borrow one of yours? Have all other required gear. What's the recommended dress code?
  12. Will spend some time next week on the coast of Alabama, on a twig of barrier island stretched between Florida and Louisiana. Would like to test the waters. Any idea about what to fish for and how? I hear red fish in shallow water. Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. I have the red/green bow lights and have been told by other boaters that they are very visible. Available at New York Kayak. Also carry a princeton tech headlamp that I turn on to the strobe setting when another boat approaches . Clipped into the headband facing the stern is another PTec strobe, red, on all the time. Also carry a Ptec led flashlight that I blast at anyone I get the gitters about. So far so good.
  14. I fish alone 90% of the time, day and night, cause I'm the only one doing it off fire island in my area, It can get hairy when ocean launching and beaching, when the breakers start to curl on you in the surf zone, when the 2-3' wind driven chop on the bayside comes at you from the side. The danger increases geometrically with cold water so dress for the water temp and with heavy boat traffic so wear lots colors daytime and light yourself up like Times Square on New Years at night. (Not necesary in the ocean in my area) I always carry compass, GPS, waterproof VHF, flares, whistle, airhorn, knife, first aid kit in and on my PFD. None of it helps if you're in the drink and it just floated off on your yak. If you're going to fish in kayak, get into shape. You'll need it for the long haul and the short burst of power. You'll also need it to haul yourself back onboard when you go over well offshore. Judgement is key and I have exercised mine well most of the time but poorly any number of instances. Maybe that's why I carry all that safety gear. Also I guess I like the challenge.
  15. Get a rudder and you can literally steer the fish away from the open ocean. Don't worry, they tire pretty fast, even the big gals. It won't take much time in the ocean or bay to develop your sea butt. It involves the compensating movement, mostly lateral, of your body over and around your center of gravity (see sea butt) to stabilize your bobbing yak. Once you have your sea butt down there's little a fish, even a big one, can do to overturn you. If you're stil l concerned: - get a wide body yak with a flat bottom. They're more stable and better to learn in anyway. - as already noted, watch out when they're hard on the side. When they see the yak, they will tend to sound and can pull you over if the drag is set to tight. Set it loose and lean the other way. - But not to far. Never had the line break close in but could happen and you will counter rotate into the drink. This balance stuff is what makes it fun. - Don't twist your body to follow the fish to the stern. I get very unstable when I face backwards. Don't quite know why. Get out there and get wet.