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  1. As Scooby says look up aussie slide. Don't need much elevation It is made to go one way down, needs action wave current ect. You need slide stop ring and sinker with wire to grab bottom. Reel line and pole has to match weight of bait to keep I taut.
  2. I opened it up, inside all corroded. Got some nice seals all around but but I guess I got a lemon.
  3. Just got me a new Hobie adventure island and boy is it a wet boat. Killed my Lowrance elite 5 first time out. If anyone has a recommendation I would like to hear it. Thanks Roland
  4. Mustad 39933NP or 39954NP if you need a lighter wire hook.
  5. First peddle kayak for me going on six months. So far only two minor draw backs, First is tracking down wind got to be on the rudder . Second color, I fish open ocean and prefer a brighter color. Caught this GT last weekend, two miles out and 500th water.
  6. Trout season opens this weekend at Kokee. Wailua river on the eastside had excellent small mouth fishing don't know how the recent floods affected the fish. North at Wanini or Anini has shallow flats for bone fish. Don't need a guide if you know what your after. let me know if you need more info.
  7. Giant hawk fish
  8. AquaShield is a pastel blue or bubble gum blue. Super sticky, not for your gear box. I have not had any problems with it deteriorating seals, using it on rifles, reels, motorcycles, cars when ever I need max protection from corrosion. For what the op wanted AquaSheld would be hard to beat, For my reels gear box I use Corrosion Block grease.
  9. AquaShield Get some on your hands and you will know why.
  10. On a budget Rodgeeks would be my pick, worth looking at excellent rods. Cost no object I would go CTS.
  11. Saburr-tooth yellow fine works for me. Best with high speed to keep teeth clean. I use the 1" with die grinder.
  12. You can use what you have. Just bring plenty lures that you can retrieve fast.
  13. Aloha from Kauai
  14. I have a 12ft. S8. I think the S8 was a longer S7. The old S7 went only to 11Ft. Now S7 is to 15ft. and no S8 go figure. It is very stiff and quick. You have to be smooth and hold the but tight or the lure will tumble. I get more distance than my Century ss1328. casting polaris poppers, pencils . needles eat. at high speed for GT.
  15. I have the CTS 2-4 and cast 3 to 3.5 lures. Me thinks 2.5-5.5 would be to heavy unless you will want to cast 5oz. The CTS ratings are spot on and not over stated like most rods.