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  1. You got it! Pm on the way. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the offer, but the best I could do for all 3 combined would be $200 usps money order or $210 PayPal. Thanks, Chris
  3. Yes, 2.5oz 5.5in.
  4. Price drop $80 ea. I will also give a discount for more then one. Thanks
  5. All are new with box. Looking for $90 shipped ea. Pictures don't do them justice. Top one is an 06' and the bottom two are 07's. Any questions please ask. Thanks [img=
  6. yes postal money order is good. pm on the way. thanks
  7. If you can do $140 there yours. Let me know. Thanks
  8. I'm in. Thanks!
  9. Closed Thanks SOL!
  10. Payment received. Thanks Pink and redhead still available.
  11. Do you still want the rainbow?
  12. Rainbow sold to marc h. Pm on the way.
  13. Yes both are mint and come with twisted box. Thanks, Chris
  14. Price bump. Rainbow $65 Pink scale $75 Red head $ 75
  15. Thanks for the offer but looking to sell right now. If I change my mind I'll keep you in mind. Thanks