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    fishing u want 2 go drop me a pm
  1. Very sad day. We lost one of the happiest person I have ever met. Rest easy my Friend!
  2. I hear he is working on some now.
  3. Hello, I was scrolling through "Custom Plug Builders" and noticed you made some 4.5" Darters, this was some time ago but I was just wondering if you are still making them to sell, very interested in the smaller type darters, Thank you


    1. linesider69


      Right now I am preparing for the surfday show.    I can an will make more of the darters.    Just I reminder.   I can not sell anything through a pm.   

      Thank you

  4. Here are a few new colors.
  5. He's going to be 22 next month! Time flys my friend.
  6. I have been very busy but wanted to stop in and say hello!
  7. He has a commercial bass licence and got busted for poaching.
  8. Wait till you fish it. The are pretty good casting and work very easy. Again good luck with it.
  9. Thanks for the kind words guys and good luck with them LS69 plugs!
  10. Yes sir. Slow and steady.
  11. There was only 12 done. Good luck in your search and a free bump!
  12. There is 2 in the WTS section right now.
  13. Good luck with it Lou!
  14. He thought it was a push pop!