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  1. Payment is received. Both rods will be on the way tomorrow. Thanks, and enjoy.
  2. MAK. One of the best.
  3. I love tuna, fish and sushi.
  4. I know some may wonder why I buy the blanks at high prices and sell them built at much lower prices. I guess it is a hobby thing. I like building rods. My job keeps me busy so I can only go fishing during the weekend. The rods I have been using were FMJ and C2 12 footer which were built about three years ago when I started to buy blanks from Mr. Ryan White and other blank vendors. I didn't count but the past three years I built at least 50~70 surf blanks of FMJ, C2, FMA, Tip Tornado LD SM, Vapor Trail, S8, Fisherman, Z bone, Daiwa Saltiga blanks, Shimano etc. The two rods I am selling here are among the best I have built, all best components I could find on the market. I stopped doing fancy wrapping but only keep the necessary on the rod to keep it as light as possible. I bought this FMJ blank and this C2 13 footer from Mr. Ryan White on last Nov, actually total 3 blanks. I keep one 13 footer C2 which I am still working on. In my garage I keep some of the surf rods from several years ago. They look ugly built, not as shiny as these I am selling here but they are the memory of how I started building rods. In the spring I only do crappie fishing on my freshwater boat. In the summer I don't fish. From early Sep to end of Oct I went to Montauk for surf fishing. So almost all my surf rods were just kept in my garage. I went to Montauk for 8 years on the weekend from Sep to Oct for the fall run. However the past two years, there were almost no fall run at all, only sporadic fish landed. I don't know what is going on with the striper because I only keep one fish every year. I basically am a catch and release guy (just like my girlfriends did to me ). I don't want to travel from Jersey to Montauk every weekend in the beautiful yellow leaves season and only been empty handed. It might be time to say good bye to surf fishing. Last month I decided to buy my first ocean boat, a Grady White, to fish Mudhole and Glory hole. So I won't build any more surf rods any more. I love you guys. I spent a lot of time on SOL and really appreciate Tim and other participators provide such good forum for us to enjoy and share with each other fish stories and tackles and gears. Thank you all. Really appreciate it. If there is anything wrong with these two blanks, I am sure that Mr. Ryan White would provide the warranty.
  5. $960 shipped to 19963. Sold, pending bluesbrother's confirmation.
  6. Thanks for the offer but I won't consider trade, money only.
  7. I don't know for sure how much the shipping is gonna cost me. That's why $100 to err on the safe side. But it can be decided by the actual shipping cost.