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  1. I wonder if intel crapped on them yet for using that term.
  2. Lol most impressive crap reel of 2021.
  3. I know the rating is multiplied by grams But i never trust it. Some 40s cast less then a 33 35 etc. I have noticed however its better suited to treat it like a lb test curve number. All the rods ive played with throughout the years thats one thing i picked up on. As the rating went up. The rods power also up went up. Not necessarily the casting weight range. Japanese rods dont have a true heaver class like 8oz+ anyways. They dont use those weight in japan. So they dont make it on purpose. 5oz is usually the max for them. I simply think like this depending on rating #. "2X" ill treat as 2oz max "full-lay-into-it-about-to-break-rod-aerialized-power" cast. "3X" 3oz "4X" 4oz Deduced through experience. On JDM rods. Not any Daiwa US products like the surf ballistics.
  4. When searching. Its easier just to look for a T designation. Like T30-350 That means telescopic. If it has no T. Its a standard 2 to 3 pc rod. T20 22 23 25 28 30 31 33 35. Etc First number after is a power rating. Last number is length.
  5. Ive tried similar things but not on a reel. Id suggest sticking the part in a freezer for a bit beforehand. It helps a bit. And push on the outer bearing ring if it aint broken yet.
  6. Chrome rockets are much heavier then the aluminum sideplates reels. Made of brass. All parts other than the side plates are the same between alot of models. I have 10 chrome rockets in the closet btw. Frame numbers or other parts are irrelevant. All the stamped chrome rocket 6500 plates were made in sweden.
  7. You need to tag the OP so he gets notified of your glorious PVC pipe pics.
  8. gradual or clean shallow slope beaches. they suck. with no structure or objects underwater. its as good as trying to fish in a clean empty bath tub. it does however present a nice challenge to read beaches and practice dropping baits or lures on a target 10-120 yards out.
  9. dear expert lure fishing guy, social distancing fishing. if i spike a rod, please stay 6 yards away. thanks. best regards, us lowly bait fishing people.
  10. Its perfect on a 9ft rod
  11. no one wants this? tough crowd.
  12. ill close this. i was surprised when i was talking to my neighbor, he whipped out a cut out tool and a big hole saw. he fabricated me a wheel from two pieces of 3/4 ply stacked together. took him only 10 minutes. Thanks for the interest.
  13. Hey. Asking here first for fellow members before i need to look for a woodshop. Which is crazy hard in NYC. Im looking to have a wooden wheel made. End product looks like a bushing. A big donut shape. Square edge is best. No need for round sides. Does anyone here turn wood or have the tools to make a few as a hobbyist? I have basic wood tools but cant make something like this. I need it to be about 7" in diameter. Inside hole about 4.75" About 1.5"-2" thick. Somewhat like a roll of tape shape. See picture. I wanted to take a chainsaw to chop a tree limb but dont have the tools to make this nicely. Even thought about repurposing a old cutting board. Lol. Please let me know if anyone wants to make a few extra bucks.
  14. You really shouldnt call it the best while having a vested interest in the brand. Please dont misdirect people that statement. There are many rod makers in the world. There are better rods out there.