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  1. Last call, will close end of week. Seems like lack of interest.
  2. I think i type this robin recipe almost every year.. Scrub down with bristle brush, gut, fillet it, debone with knife cuts. Meat can be seasoned and pan seared, fried, or make into fish balls/patties (search for an asian style fish ball recipe). Pan fry head and carcass with garlic cloves, then boil fried carcass and cloves into pot. Add cold water, add some soup veggies. Boil until milky white, add some tofu last and serve. Good soup.
  3. I dont know bout you. But for me on the beach.. summer months means ray and shark time. I dont even go for bass. Throw a huge bait out, enjoy a cold soda under a beach unbrella, check out some babes, and wait for the clicker to go off.
  4. And for people who think. Why i compare it to a saltiga surf 30? Both reels that have casting brake blocks. Basically same spool width. Saltiga has 53mm~ diameter. 40shv has 55mm~
  5. they only came in righty. and all daiwas have L designation in the model if so.
  6. looks like its designed with a normal thread screw. not a reverse thread. knobs should have reverse threads for RH, and normal for LH. against the crank direction.
  7. its an accurate designed priced to be cheap spec junk job. lol
  8. Continuing to thin out the herd some more. I had 4 of these. Legendary workhorse reel. Never seen a dead one unless it was so abused, never washed, or cranked in mud. Lol. They just keep ticking. This is a jdm version reel. Not a usdm. Same body size as the Z6000 dogfight 6500 expedition 6500. All the spools are interchangeable. Sparingly used so usage marks are also light. The common dings on the bottom on reel. Normal spinning stuff. See pictures. Works great as it should, no issues at all. Everything is smooth. Spool and lip are clean. No magseals to worry about, conventionally sealed with gaskets and orings Reel can survive dunks and a crank underwater if called too. Easy to service also. Jig it, cast it, topwater it, surf/inlet/pier it, troll with it. Not much it cant do. Jig the canal? Probably the best reel do to it while the bass still here. Reel, to this day, holds its own against any of the newer versions of Saltigas (6000,6500,18k,20k size) and still obliterates 95% spinners on the market. The 5% is a stella, another superspinner. This is a fact, not an opinion. Well worth its price. Just add line and go fish immediately. Load up 400-450m of 40lb braid, or 300m #50, catch everything from blues to sharks/rays, to tuna, all on the same reel. Box and all as it should. $450 shipped. Venmo or the likes. Check mo. $430 local cash 11209 brooklyn ny.
  9. Rc boats are the best to skirt the drone ban in some places. But if usable, id drone drop baits 100%.