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    Brooklyn, NYC. keep on upgrading yoursel..f... GEAR. Get with the times. its year 2023. Upgrade your ancient ass gear already.

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  1. 200m. Better with PE6 60lb at 300. I wouldn’t even worry about pe6 since it breaks at 80-90lb. if you need more pe8 capacity. I’ve got a spare 6500 (300m) spare I can add for a bit.
  2. Bump would pair great with the accura 100h
  3. I’ll bite on the owners. ahh what the hell. I’ll grab both. $55 shipped?
  4. 30 kilos on topwater, possibly using pe5 spinner, on a paddle board.... And people on the west coast moaning about using xxh rail rods and 50 60 80 100 130lb class reels.
  5. Obviously joem is the one thinking something dirty. To decipher my reply that way.
  6. With her core and balance game that strong. You dudes or ladies could only wish she straddle some other things like that.
  7. She got more skills and balls then many so called experts on this forum.
  8. somewhere here is about right.
  9. im guessing reelsharp and my guess of hoffman is wrong?
  10. The rotor and for most models, also uses a square washer (both keyed, to reinforce) to fit the pinion sits on Daiwa rotor nuts. Even without a nut. The rotor spins. So likely a stripped rotor hole. if it’s still crankable, means the gears itself are all still good. for these BG models. The main gear itself has a cog that drives the oscillator.
  11. Like reelsharp. Hoffmann island?
  12. You use your tools of choice. I’ll use mine. K thanks.
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