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  1. The avatar is me. Don't know the guy hiding me so affectionately though.
  2. Like others, the J8 has been my favorite for many years.
  3. Ring
  4. I crush biscuits on Hogy Epoxy Jigs. Cast it out, let it sink to bottom, slow jigging and retrieving. Use a spinning rod. Mine is 7' MH St Croix Avid Inshore. Much fun.
  5. Where do you live? If in NJ I'd be glad to give you a lesson. I'm fly fishing about 25 years and fished both fish and salt and a pretty decent caster. Helped teach casting at local Orvis. I'm in Marlton NJ. B out 15 miles east of Philly.
  6. I'm hoping we all have gas for our vehicles and Kenny has fuel next Thursday.
  7. One day at a time Mick. You may need some Naproxen tabs after the PT but it will get better. They may have cut a nerve going to the thumb during the surgery but don't worry, you have nine more fingers.
  8. Olive = martini Onion = Gibson
  9. Republic Bank has coin machines.
  10. Did I hear my name mentioned?
  11. About 45 years ago I was drinking Wild Turkey 101. That crap will make you crazy. These days I like to sip my whiskey once a week.
  12. Sadly no baccala. I was devastated.
  13. Quick report from yesterday. Left dock 0630. Started fishing about 0730. About 15 fish total for 15 passengers on the boat. There were very few hits and the fish were not hitting right, when they did hit, but just pushing the bait around. Really hard to feel them. One guy was dialed in and got his limit. I had about half a dozen shorts and one boxer. Absolutely stunning day weather wise.
  14. Was away for couple of days. Sorry about your dog Mike. They are family too.