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  1. Let's not forget that the vast majority of SOL'ers truly care about the next guy, whether they know them or not. Not to mention that I can't recall a BST seller ever screwing anyone. Damned nice community here where even a grouchy old **** like me made some friends.
  2. Great post. I'm in total agreement.
  3. I've been shopping with them since they had the store in Ocean City, then Somers Point and now at there current location. I've never had a problem with them either when I go to the store or buy online. I have no dibs on the place but I'm sorry to hear some had bad experiences. TD is my go to place for any kind of tackle these days. Keep up the good work TD. You've got it all and will have me a as a customer. Let's remember folks, nothing is perfect.
  4. Thanks Tim. I just learned something.
  5. I don't HATE but I do get annoyed seeing, 1."WHAT'S THE BEST" posts; 2. Posts from people who are know-it-alls saying they know it all. We know lots of them on this site.
  6. Aw gee, does that mean you don't even hate me?
  7. Check your PM's. I'll take the 150.
  8. I'd really like to get $200 and like I said I'll toss in a couple of SP minnows and a couple of bucktails. What do you think? Could meet you there later today or tomorrow morning if you want.
  9. I have lots of nice things but the other half feels I'm getting a bit too old to do some of the things I used to do. Sad to say, she is right.
  10. Well guys, this rod is still for sale. Wife nixed my driving up to Brooklyn for the delivery of this rod. My apologies to Gooch88.
  11. For $250, yes. To the Highlands for $150, no. I won't get into a pissing contest but I wouldn't give this rod away for that price. I can make Brooklyn in 1 1/2 hours via NJ TPK. Highlands is just about the same via crappy roads getting there. Same time equals $100 extra less gas and tolls which are about $30 in my car. Still more than your offer. Sorry but I wasn't interested in your "big deal".
  12. Only way I'd go to Brooklyn is for the original's $250. Gas and tolls are expensive.