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  1. You're supposed to kill the snakeheads aren't you?
  2. All very pretty but I prefer my Pachmayr wrap around rubber grips on my Springfield Champion. Love the snug grip it gives my 73 year old hands.
  3. What gun are you shooting them out of and what kind of sights are you using?
  4. Thinking of ordering one for fishing ponds for LMB and 'gills. Sold off my 6 wt SAGE. It was and is a great rod but a bit too heavy for bluegills.
  5. Knight 771 started me skeet shooting just a bit under two years ago using a 20 ga 870 I borrowed from him. I really took a liking to the sport and soon got a Beretta A300 12 ga but after about 6 months found it not to be the ideal clays gun for me, not to mention it was a pain in the ass to clean. So, me being me, I sold it and bought a Beretta SP 1 20 gauge field gun with 28 inch barrels. Kept that about 6 months before selling it to a fellow shooter because I found it too light, would swing too fast and I would tend to stop my swing after the shot. I did a bunch of research and with the money I got for the Beretta, plus a couple of extra bucks, I purchased the gun I have been shooting for the last ten months. It's a Browning Citori CXS, 12 Ga, 30 inch barrel O/U. I like it so much that I sold a bunch of tackle I no longer use and picked up another in 20 gauge. Although I am far from a great shooter, best round in the low 20's, I really like these guns. They fit me well and break what I am pointing at. Below is the 12.
  6. Sorry nedakjohn. It's sold to chr1s for $165. Chr1s, I'll PM payment info. Send me a PM with your personal information for shipping
  7. Hello my friend. I originally listed this with a great reel which unfortunately has sold. Unless someone gives me a firm "I'LL TAKE IT" before end of week I'll consider this rod yours. It's really sweet in its class and a super steal at the price.
  8. You guys are tough. $165 shipped and $150 picked up. We are talking a really nice SAGE rod here.
  9. Price reduction $175 shipped, $165 picked up.
  10. Previously listed but thread got too confused. Sage Response 6WT, 4 Pc, fast action rod with factory tube. Excellent condition. Used only in fresh water. Original retail price was more than $400. Selling for $185 shipped in the Continental US via Priority Mail. No Paypal. Check or Money Order only. If you can pick it up in Marlton, NJ take $10 off price and cash please.
  11. Alright guys, lets sell this rod. $185 shipped to your door. At that price it's highway robbery.
  12. BFD, I thought I'd deviate from the fish pictures but send you a picture of a new day beginning. May God help you heal.