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  1. Winnah, winnah chicken dinna'.
  2. Depends. I'll fish Sufix 832 10# on my 7' M and MH rods. 15# Sufix 832 on my 8' MH rod, 20# Sufix 832 on my 9' custom 1081L and 20# suffix 832 on my St Croix Legend 10'6". I am fishing, when I am fishing these days, on open beach and find the strength of these lines more than adequate. Lets not forget that the rating in not the actual breaking strength. BTW, do you notice I am partial to Sufix 832. Bright yellow is my color.
  3. I'm in. Bob Pop's? Was always a great time.
  4. That's one part of the "fishless" equation I never thought of. All of the damned "beach replenishment" destroyed our soft structure and covered our jetties, the few that existed. That replenishment has also apparently destroyed the surf clams which are a staple food of inshore bass.
  5. Nice cookie cutter slug entry wound.
  6. Depends on how big they are.
  7. I am proud to have worn the uniform of this great country, even though I did not serve in a combat zone. Was in between conflicts. I am also proud to consider myself a nationalist. For those who don't think this is an appropriate word, look it up in a dictionary. It means patriotism. Thanks to all of those who also served our fantastic nation.
  8. Depending on your budget, you can't go wrong with either a Beretta A300 or A400. I've never seen one jam and with different choke tubes will do what ever you want, although the barrels are bit long for home D. Really sweet guns.
  9. Shoot Federal HST's.
  10. Give a look at Captain Scott Hamilton Fly Fishing Extremes. He's on the East coast and puts you on fish. He has a web site and facebook page. I fished with him several years ago and caught all the fish I could handle. He's a really nice guy.
  11. I am reaching out to some of my old friends on the Bottom Fishing Forum. I haven't been blackfishing/togging in several years and see that tog jigs are all the rage today. I am thinking of fishing for my favorite bottom dwellers using these jigs. Now the questions; Which brand jigs are worth purchasing and what sizes? Is my St Croix 7 foot Inshore Avid MH spinning enough rod to fish jigs? What weight braid would you guys consider to spool my reel with? Just remember, you may see me again.
  12. Nope wasn't him. Much further south.
  13. Excellent point.
  14. Would you choose tactical semi auto shotgun, Mossberg-Benelli or AR platform for defense? And why?
  15. Had to send the barrels of my Citori 12 gauge CXS off to Browning Service last Tuesday after a local "Browning Authorized Service Center" in southern NJ snapped off my front bead while trying to remove it and then told me it was glued on. What a crock of crap. I'll never go back there again. Anyhow, I ship the barrels to Browning last Tuesday to drill out the remainder of the front bead and install a HiViz Comp sight I sent them. I got an e-mail this morning it is already on its way back and I should have it by Friday afternoon. Just in time for some sporting clays on Sunday at Red Wing. BTW, if anyone want the name of the shop in South Jersey that screwed up the simple task I asked them to do, PM me. I don't want to trash them in the open.