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  1. Thanks for the good thoughts guys. With only two of the Flagyl ingested so far, she seems well on her way to normalcy. I guess it's time for her to start busting my balls again.
  2. Just getting ready for bed at Spig Manor. Had a rough couple of days over here. Wife seems to have picked up some kind of bug in her GI system. This AM she really looked and felt like crap so I took her over to the ER of a local hospital about 9 this morning and they spent the next 6 1/2 hours poking, prodding CT'ing and performing other tests. After a bag of IV liquid, she started to perk up a bit and they diagnosed colitis. They started Flagyl and gave her a script for a weeks worth of the stuff. Tucked her in a short time ago with her night time dose. Thank God she seems to be responding well and on her way to being well. Say what you want about your wives, this one is a gem. She has to be to put up being married to me for more than 55 years.
  3. Thanks Tom. And Val thanks you too.
  4. If it's too loud turn up the radio. Gonna make noise either way. When I had roof racks they always pointed the rods forward and never a mishap. Or, you can always get rod racks mounted either on a bumper or trailer hitch up front. Problem solved.
  5. My cousin, who lives in Monroe, broke a guide off a rod. He asked me where he could get it replaced. I suggested Grumpy's but he is hoping for something closer to him. Any suggestions?
  6. Condolences Quick. Hurts to lose friends and make us feel vulnerable.
  7. Good info Tom. Just use a sharp knife or a pair of scissors to cut it off the hook when done with a piece.
  8. Must admit, it's a nice drink.
  9. Been there many times in the last 40 years. I share your pain Sparks. To me it was always a serving suggestion,
  10. Meantime, I am savoring and sipping slowly some Russel's Reserve 10 year old. My son in law introduced me to it. Pretty decent bourbon.
  11. Speaking of gas grills, yesterday my Weber wouldn't go over about 200'. Thought I once heard of vapor lock and disconnected the tank from the que. Hooked it back up and it worked like a charm. Tonight's menu will be a couple of strip steaks for me and the mrs with a side of Slackers favorite. Broccoli rabe.
  12. Looks like its time to start fishing the front.
  13. That point was lost in the wash.
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