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  1. I've been there several times and never saw anyone fishing, much less fly fishing. I'd just lay back and enjoy the culture and food. Don't miss day trips to Pompeii and Positano. There is also a high speed ferry to Capri. If you'd like, I can recommend some really good restaurants in all those places, except Pompeii of course, everyone in the old city is dead. Feel free to touch base with me via PM. Spig
  2. At least we know there are fluke in the bays. Honed the jigging prowess with a bit of C&R for awhile. Spitting up bay anchovies, grass shrimp and tiny crabs. Looks like they will be fattened up by the 24th.
  3. Lami 1081M
  4. Tim, don't even give this guy a thought. I'm surprised at his attitude as I for one can vouch for your integrity as can many others here. He will not be missed.
  5. Please explain how my post was clickbait?
  6. If it's clean in and out and gears are not chewed up, yes.
  7. New York fluke season starts May 4, New Jersey fluke season starts May 24. Is anyone going to be patrolling off North Jersey beaches to see if New York boats are violating our regulations. Bad enough we are already losing several weeks of prime fishing without the NY boats coming down and gobbling up part of our quota.
  8. Northbar darters are more of a swimming bottle plug than a true darter. That's why it gets "great" action.
  9. As a few have said, you don't get it to swim. It does it's own thing. I loved them at Montauk when fishing strong currents. Cast them as far into the current as you can, quickly take in all slack and give it a very hard sweep away from to plug to get it to "set" in the current. Then it just a matter of a slow retrieve with the rod tip either parallel or below parallel to the water surface. Now if you watch the rod tip closely, you will see it pulsate slightly. It is not a bottle plug and works subtly. Have no fear, they produce in the right areas.
  10. MH would be the better of the two for 3/4 and up. The 4500 should go well on there but take it with you to the dealer where you would make your purchase to place it on the rod for balance testing. Don't go heavier than 12 or 15 pound Sufix on the high side or your casting will suffer. As long as you know how to use the reels drag properly and use a short mono or flouro shock you will not have problems handling fish and bringing them onto the beach.
  11. Scoob, are you using split ring pliers? Sure simplifies putting them on hooks or plugs.
  12. I use an 8 foot St Croix Avid Inshore for that purpose. Actually 2 of them. If I am fishing for fluke off the beach I go with the Medium power rod with a Penn Clash 2500 and 10# Sufix 832, if looking for schoolies or small blues I use the Medium Heavy model with an older Saragosa 4000 and 12# Sufix 832. They cast very well and fight fish second to none. BTW I also have a Lami 1081L but it is much too heavy for fluke fishing where you may be trying to cast a 3/8 or 1/2 oz jig head and teasers with gulp. It does have it's place in the quiver though and when used properly os as good as anything out there.
  13. Trebles and crush the barbs. ALWAYS CRUSH THE BARBS. Easier on the fish when released and easier on you in case of accidental body piercing.
  14. That's why we change them both out when we buy them.