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  1. I use the same rig that I use for fluke. My trusty 7 foot Avid inshore MH spinning rod with a Penn Clash 4000 loaded with Sufix 832 15#.
  2. Didn't bring any.
  3. Biscuits weren't hitting jigs well. No sand eels around. It is a disgusting, but productive, snot bite.
  4. Too bad Mike bailed. Good day biscuiting today.
  5. Please keep me in mind for the future. Don't know how many good years i've got left.
  6. I have never been able to get on his boat. How can I get an invite?
  7. Always do.
  8. You'll be missed.
  9. Just booked my ticket online on their website. Senior citizen and online purchase. Just under $80. I'll try to get there early and grab a couple of spots near the bow.
  10. I'm thinking of fishing the J2 Wednesday. Any other Randomites interested?
  11. That's why I'm thinking of making the switch.
  12. I am very dissatisfied with the prices Verizon is charging me for my cell service for our two phones. I am considering switching to T-Mobile. Does anyone here have any pros or cons between the two? T-Mobile is about 35% less expensive than Verizon but how does the service stack up?
  13. I'm thinking of getting a medium to medium fast action 11 foot conventional rod for tossing up to about 6 ounces and bait comfortably. I used to use an old honey Lami that was custom built by Causeway in Wantagh many years ago but stupidly sold it before I moved to NJ. I intend on using a Penn fathom 15 LD, that I have, on the rod. I am a pretty good casting conventional gear off a beach as I did it for many years when I lived on Long Island. Getting older and figure I'll spike a rod and use my binoculars to look for fish/birds while chilling during slow days, of which there are many these days. Hoping for some solid recommendations. Looking to stay around the $200 to $300 range. Preferably a one piece rod. Thanks guys.
  14. It would be a fluke to catch a flounder on a fluke hook.
  15. Hi Sparks, how you feeling?