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  1. I'll meet you halfway at $140 shipped. No PP though. Check or Money Order. Folks here know me well and can vouch for my reputation.
  2. Past Saturday morning had to be worst rounds of skeet I've shot in a long time. It was so cold at the range it caused the joints in my right hand to swell and fingers went numb from the old frostbite I originally suffered in Greenland, (That's a story in itself). I had my Glacier Gloves on but they only made things worse as I couldn't feel the trigger at all. Good thing I am very disciplined in where my muzzle is pointing cause when I shouldered my shotgun for a high house 2, just before I called for the bird, my gun seemed to go off by itself. Of course I know it was me not feeling the trigger, between the numb finger and the glove. I was also trapping the trigger almost 50% of the time on the doubles. All told, a rally crappy morning. I won't be back to the range unless the temperatures go above 40'. Really pissed me off. I had the new to me 20 Ga O/U and I was shooting with the club champion who was doing his thing as I was punching lots of holes in the sky.
  3. Those are what make the hull self draining. They are there for that purpose. Just don’t overload the stern with excessive weight. Sort of not putting weight on the side of a canoe.
  4. Best team did not win, the refs blew the game. Maybe the biggest load of crap I've ever witnessed in a championship game. I want to see the Rams crushed on SB LIII day.
  5. 45 ACP
  6. What the hell is a fridgit.
  7. Thanks Joey. We don’t break the inlet. 17’ Mako and no gps either.
  8. I find it hard to believe I didn't even get an offer on this. Brand new reel and line at a great price.
  9. I've got a really sweet Springfield Armory LW 4" Champion with night sights, some extra magazines and has never even hiccuped on me. Great shooting gun and in great shape. I'd sell it if you're interested.
  10. JZ, what is the channel for Great Bay?
  11. I appreciate what all you guys have said, including the PM. We fish in Great Bay and I never really gave it much thought but the last few weeks its been banging around in my head. Better safe than sorry.
  12. Wish I had my 170 Aquasport these days. Best bay boat I ever owned. Don't know what you're going to pay for it but I loved mine.
  13. That’s a great idea. Better range and it will be a useful tool. I always had one on my boats but in this age of cell phones I totally overlooked it.
  14. Handheld. Unless there is a good hardwired one for sale somewhere.