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  1. Pretty soon now. Looks like the water temp is rising.
  2. Sold to the geekWhoFishes pending payment. I don't take PP so please check your PM's for payment info. Check, which must clear, Money Order or Bank Check please. Thanks Spig
  3. At which casino?
  4. Wow, a Striped Bass!
  5. Okay, $225 for the rod and line. Great trout and panfish rod for less than half price. Only been fished a few times.
  6. Like new Orvis Recon. 5 weight, 9 foot with tube and sock. $225 shipped. I also have a like new 5 weight Orvis Power Taper line, I need to get a spool for it, which I will include for an additional $25. Total of $250 gets you a great light fly rod and line. No photo of line, sorry.
  7. Godspeed Dick.
  8. One word, GULP. Fished on either a jig head or bucktail.
  9. Hey

    Hey buddy, how you been?
  10. Title says it. How long are we going to be kept in the dark?
  11. Should have had the lat long on the screen.
  12. All positive thoughts and good wishes. God bless.
  13. I have a similar setup in my garage. I attached 2X3 to the studs under the sheetrock via long screws and use screw in bicycle hooks from Home Depot for the grip and a large screw in ceiling hook for the front end. Space them to balance out the rod. Easy peasy.
  14. So now the socialist is starting to tell people what to eat. This is crap.