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  1. I caught fish at Bassless river.. i was fishing 2 feet away from the channel marke , i cast 35 feet at 220 degrees. This is a professional spot burn Thanks.....
  2. What if my turtle doesn't like the color of the lure, Can i return it?
  3. Ya, really think i may try a top shot for the hell of it. Real nice rod with backbone. Need time tp target large fish with it. I allso thiught those TFO rods looked ok at redtop. So many out there now. Want to put this shimano reel on my 1083 and leter rip with bombers or sp..
  4. Thanks, i didnt know if i could get away with it. Was going to do a top shot to see what would happen
  5. Take a look , im use to toping up
  6. Early 2000 s i ferget
  7. Ill take a pic of my reel, im home, 5 min drive lol Few min.....
  8. So this 9.6 really fights fish well. Went out to test it at bassless river Put sp minnow on but was catching alot of stripers so didnt test anything else. I need to do a side by side with my rainshadow 1088 As far as far casting it tosses the 1oz sp ok thought i would get more. With wind to my back it goes far. Aside from that this rod is real nice Fights fish amazing and poops on the 1088. I feel this is a contender for the 1 to 3 oz rod for those wondering. I need to toss some needles and other lures. Im zoning in on this rod. Again i bought the. SS 1145. 9 1/2 And just starting to zone in on it. At least for 1 oz lures . Plenty of punch and amazing back bone I still want to know if i can fill my reel to the lip...
  9. I I have 3. 2 digit reels 071 ect
  10. Do softer rods cadt further?
  11. It was windy but need more testing. S Have to side by side it with my vs150 and rainshadow 1088 The century has punch and i can power my lure where i want it. Wind at back it goes far also. Need more time on the rod wich is nice
  12. P.s. zoom my reel photo see that beveled lip, can i line up on that
  13. So i ended up getting the 9'6 century And shimano 1 spool has 20. J8. Other has 30 j8 Wondering if i can over line the spool on the ultegra , reel nice reel Pics of your reel spool please and info Thanks
  14. SoThanks, doesn't diawa make a long casting reel. Not sure if size reel to mate to teh rod I like the saltist. have 2 one is on a ss 1228 i think its the 3 to 7 ounce model. fell in love with century after weeks of large bass last year. I assume a 5000 sized reel or 5500 going by saltist reels. More input on reels please, i want long casts
  15. Oh ya send me ya numba, i aint got it no more, Going to red top to blow some money haha