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  1. Nice knowing you lol Your life is over Sorry had to Man, she ain't gonna let you do shhiitt
  2. I didn't mean to upset you, wanted to crawl under a rock ofter reading that. Hope you have no ill feelings towards me. This whole thing suckes for everyone. I get it bud sorry for pissin ya off.
  3. Sounds like you need a better cc co Just do me a favor don't take this out on me. I'm done
  4. O fished south motor 2 hours incoming on that jetty to the left I caught 29 big fish .I burn that jetty I burn your spots and polluted this forum You guy stink
  5. Hhhmmmm I can help ya with that if we ever cross paths. Last night was the ticket for me with these picky critters
  6. Harry lol, he was a trip Harry you got to give me room lol... Use to love going in and bs in his shop, we fished a ton of times. You see Mr noons around lately? I would always see hom on a particular beach but have not fished it yet. Love his autocars....
  7. Alot of us regulars are not happy Magine outa all them people tell there buddies
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