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  1. Is that sig green bombah. The. Color of that little critter, need to mix that up for plugs lol
  2. Real nice
  3. You need to peel the paint off that. I have 1 hangingin my house. Made a plug looking for faster action tuned to run on top. Red western cedar. Plug swims nice. Bass boiling and smashing it lots of fun
  4. Yup, round 1 fishing over. Round 2 starting in half hour. Perfect time to torture Mike Fixer on the phone again lol Makes time go by haha
  5. No but i try that tomato pesto thing from dd God there coffee sux
  6. Spot Burning is not allowed. Owait what spots
  7. For that sticker price, naaa
  8. Post it, we need someone to flame Asking for a friend
  9. I modded some kalins tonight, im full of tricks, Werkin on wood
  10. Thanks, they smell nasty ,all set lol Im jonsin right now, man cave here i come, play plug building tonight. On a side note i bought every pack of 3/4 oz al gags whipit heads from riverview haha.
  11. It is raw in Brewstah, im freezing
  12. 1 fish today
  13. I want african coffee that makes you shake, poop and you need to eat something lol Popper John was a coffee Connoisseur