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  1. Stop commercial fishing and 36" recreational size limit. It worked before......
  2. Yes but those rims..... borani i think is how its spelled
  3. Those tires and rims are huge money, mainly the rims . I rebuilt the ftont end its a 45 front end 7/8ths stem with 1inch kit to fit (inner bearing races )
  4. You know you want it haha
  5. This came out nice, Welp ran out of junk to build from garbage lying around my shop lol Must find junk for next year
  6. Need to epoxy these painted today, the 2 pearls are getting mother of pearl laminate on the sides.
  7. God that plug is sexy, im making more of that, i always caught on that color combo.
  8. Epoxying lures, got my air bruch sorted out first 4 lures , meh.
  9. So my wife saidis that bassmaster on that lure, your such a ****** Then she calls the lure i just epoxy a sissy lure. Wtf
  10. I used those allso on blues mostly in 70's works great That era i used smiling bills googoo eyes and capt bills along with rebels
  11. One of my biggest fish catchers is a chart needle fish i add a gold hue to it . Im actually going to paint some dannys chart real soon. Amazing color for fish
  12. Yerp im otay. I caught striper yesterday at bassless river 10 inches long A true Tim S twinkie. I burn this spot with pride