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  1. Ya lol, me and the ol lady went from Maggie Valley to home on 1 day almost 1100 miles. I was junk lol I go to a eventbin western mass , usually take 1 of my knuckles average 700 to 900 miles for the weekend I can ride a old stock bike forever. Got to finish my other 47 hope to be done next month, then on to the 39 flathead.
  2. I built a pan like this in my early 20,s I bought a heap and built this, I put alit of miles on this. Im good for 500 miles, i ride my stuff )
  3. Yeah i built it 5 years ago or maybe 6 20190526_200841.mp4
  4. Ima hoarder lol
  5. That would be great to getem back Im prolly going to get another oan next year, want stock though so ill probably dump 18 20 grand not to bad Those 45 suck lol , i bought 1 for 100 bucks , use to strap a fishing rod to it lol, would bust my balls trying to start it, usually when i picked up a chick at the bar, i got a pan in 1980 and gave the 45 away lol. Pic is a Springer on a roller thats next to build after my knuckle is done, wich should be in july, im fast waiting on small parts. I have a set of 51 to 53 oem tanks i have to paint but working on getting another set of 47tanks or a right side 47, i have a left side 47 in my garbage pile
  6. Its glyptal used to seal cases, i strip all transmissions and clean weld if needed then heat case to 200 degrees then glyptal if im even spelling it right. I replace the main drive race , i hate the dreaded leak final drive leak. That case is a 47 with Andrews gears I spec it out and rebuild, love doing transmissions . Shifts so smooth. Also complete rebush and rebuild the shift drum. 4 speed transmission Here is a linkert M35 I rebuilt, its a spare
  7. Come mug some plugs, im to lazy to fishtoday I build some nice bikes, choppers and bobbers Just got rid of my panhead i built I need to build another show bike now haha Owait .......
  8. What you been up to, i have owned 20 bikes over the past 10 years lol Im building a 39 ulh also
  9. Chumbubbah
  10. Building another 47
  11. I can build u a trike
  12. Picked up another 47 knucklehead yesterday. Pulled it out of the bike, its fresh rebuild and put it in a knuckle rollet i have built .
  13. Had a bud come to my shop, i matted down his vivid black and metal flaked over it . Looks awsome. Did 2 sizes of flake
  14. I caught a 27 lb fish Saturday that was it. Up the road from my house got a bunch of schoolies, Some time ya got to work for it but this year so far lacks larger fish. Sat late night tide was horrid on the sand. Gone are the pre seal days, friggen shame....
  15. Are killer whales the ones that slide up the beach to get seals,?