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  1. You can take an old engine and use quality components made of superior materials and the engine will last a very long time and have better performance. Just take a look at the current metallurgy today. Tolerance tighter cross hatch methods rings ect A reel will last if it has quality parts and tight Tolerance and no plastic parts pawls worm gears ect. Alot of reels could be better. There should not be any slop anywhere in a high end reel, stella... China sucks ass for parts Stay far away from there bearings I have packs of main shaft needle bearings out of spec using mics Done with my rant Gears cut better make a huge difference
  2. Turned a glider body I made into this. I have 1 shot of lead then 2 side by side behind in belly, then some pencle lead just below center going from one side to the other
  3. I got a bunch of gibbs Use to hang out at the yarmouth shop ,Atlantic Ave, ron arras loaded bottle plugs, got some one offs A stifftim ,u member me u and Steve fishin the island in November That started my dannys off as you guys had those turds so untuned to stay on top. Do love the small pencles, that year all they wanted was tinker mack Think it was in late 80,s I can go on and on Ahh the days..
  4. Yes she and I was talking bout how fatty u been Haha
  5. I seen pics of fish with roe in them, I think its horrid killing breeders.
  6. Sure would be nice, and it would be nice fir all states to have the same regs.
  7. Spot Burning fatty Hope alls well U freak
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