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  1. Prolly gunna get my sticker dis weekend and get some rot on my shitbox advanced lol
  2. I have the stella,but I ordered mine from japan as i got the slow retrive 6000. Side by side with 150 is pert much same retrieve line ratio. Did this to keep same line retrieve when using plugs , 6000 is an amazing reel for needlefish.
  3. And this lure killed it also.....
  4. Absolutely killer. Ba wss killer on the sand last year
  5. Love my flatlander, i have it stuffed, carry other bags in sled to unload into depending on what i want. I have 3 slots open right now for what ever i want to add, best part is if i dont want to use poppers i can take a side pouch off. Or load it needles for the night, i toss a ton of plugs some nights. Sometimes i just grab my 3 slot bag load usually a black bomber black and gold bomber sp minnow and savage sand eel or shad i just made a bomber bag with all small square tubes, im going to load it up with alot of rare and standard bombers and sp,s. Just to pull from and or lug around.
  6. Same here Mike is a bum.......
  7. Nappa can get this topcoat for you. Sprays well with lph 400 with silver cap at 2 bar
  8. thing weighs 14 lbs over stuffed, Ill never learn
  9. Lol,
  10. Soon, it will be like the last time we fished..
  11. holds my rod just fine no more drag bike for those who know, no more yarmouth to cardiac hill in 30 min LOL
  12. Guys sorry I dropped the ball on this, Got divorced. Anyway this month I have surgery so Im not going to up for anything at this time Thanks
  13. maybe I should skip listing my house next month and just sell it for 450 as is 2 family so it should go.
  14. No dude, that's a deer. What the hell is wrong with you, ya blind.......