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    I'm just trying to live my life.
  1. Thats a different scenario. People open the bail and let the fish swallow that whole setup. It doesn't happen nearly as often with a plug. I can't believe they banned treble hooks on plugs.
  2. What is this world coming to?
  3. Single hooks on an x rap.
  4. Anybody who's been salmon fishing knows that 70-80% of the game is flossing\lifting. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to look cool and holier than thou, and lying to themselves.
  5. I've had some close calls over the years not because they went after me. I've never seen them move more than a few inches. They mostly end up under things I'm moving and I almost put my hand on then. One day though, for some reason I decided to turn my waders upside down before putting them on and a widow fell out.
  6. I just thought of this after Geoff quoted you. When you're at salmon river what are you doing, chuck and duck? Mono fly line and split shots with sponge?
  7. I think this can go on for a while.
  8. Why you eat round eye chips fat boi?
  9. I think the cheese heads will survive that burn. LOL
  10. It just happened.
  11. I still get poked in the fingers with fluke jaws.
  12. I got through Rona taking vacations and living my life the way I wanted. But I'm not sure I'll make it through the Biden economy the same way. That's right. Biden is worse than the Rona.
  13. Smells like coors lite.
  14. I'm gonna shoot him with my salt gun. Thanks
  15. I don't know what happened in Exodus. But knowing how those guys roll I'm surprised they didn't kick kirks ass and kick him to the curb just for being a poo say.