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    I'm just trying to live my life.
  1. The ones I use are faster than the corded chargers.
  2. We nearly wrecked victor.
  3. Cheers jimmy
  4. They were growing in my patch. Figured why not. I got nothing but time.
  5. Dug up and rescued some asparagus seedlings.
  6. 6.35 is a bargain
  7. Make sure you're wearing your korkers for maximum grip.
  8. Shut it you too. Taco bell is run by genius'.
  9. Can we just install some malware on all of TimS's computers and they can mine for us?
  10. It's really convenient tho.
  11. Mitchell and Mikc. You gringo's should go eat grilled cheese sammy's. Complaining about delicious foods.
  12. Wrong. Hank Parker is 68 years old.
  13. Fresh rapini with dinner. Sausage, pasta, sun dried tomatoes, garden asparagus, garlic and some heavy cream to mix it all up. Oh my.
  14. Jeeze. I didn't even mention lucky 7 yet.