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    I'm just trying to live my life.
  1. I did not have to use a torch. I saved another chunk of hide.
  2. I was hoping the rib bone would stick out more and I could use it like a handle.
  3. If I ever do this agam, it will be with skin off. These cut up nicely. The skin just gets in the way and makes a mess. This looks good
  4. Ah you asked about the tomatoes. Pete got you. I hate tomatoes more than hunts ketchup.
  5. Peppers and cucumbers. What's that have to do with pig skin?
  6. Do you put up tape? I get real careless after about a half hour. Tape is a must but that sucks too.
  7. Never liked it It's the worst, by far
  8. You're asking an uncultured hump. I dont knowing I ever had the real thing.
  9. Yup, moran
  10. The skin tastes great but will break your teeth.
  11. Surp de verd
  12. Did you see someone, at dusk, roll past you and jump out really fast and start casting?
  13. Rode hard. Put away wet.
  14. What beach? Should have given a call. I may have driven right past you.