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  1. I only heard of a couple on the other side of the neighborhood. I've been trapped in my yard all season working on it.
  2. It's a nice place except for the JMB's. Oy Vey It's been a while since I've gone there but right outside the store was marked with a sign no fishing. There was a 6-7 pounder that they would come outside and hand feed the dead shiners from the tank. One day I went there and there were 2 kids standing there, one of them holding the bass and the other taking a picture right in front of the sign. The ranger came out pissed and I laughed while both kids were written a ticket.
  3. Toilet pipes? I found a frog in my second floor toilet after coming home from vacation once.
  4. All that's left in their wake is flaccid eggplant sammiches.
  5. Yeah we have a lot of different snakes that wander around. I've spotted at least a dozen garter snakes of all different sizes already this year. I'm hoping they cut down the mole\voles issues. When I was moving pavers last month I found 3 ring necks and we occasionally get red belly snakes, usually I see one per season. We've had the random rattler here and there over the years but not in the yard. It's been a long time since I've seen a rat snake or pine snake but they're around if you really search. I seen a green snake once years ago, I'm sure they're around but hard to spot.
  6. There's a differentiation now. In the past we had computers made up of a CPU, RAM, Storage, Etc...... In recent years there's been pushes to use separate chips dedicated to certain functions. AI chips can be leveraged so impact on other "regular" usage is not impacted.
  7. Dude stumbled on the wrong spot at the wrong time.
  8. Be careful where you leave duct tape. I had a small piece holding together some scrap aluminum. This guy was stuck to it. I put dish soap on it and slowly pulled him off. I hope he survives because these guys are good to have around the garden.
  9. There's a lot of different ways to think of what AI is. It's not just dumb video's. The one way I think about it is with network security. For example, how does a company normally react to a hacker? AI can be leveraged to blacklist a hacker and alert the triage so they can determine if it's a real threat or an anomaly. There are a lot of things we do daily that can be made easier.
  10. Ita a good thing I forgot my snag hooks.
  11. I think the coffin has been nailed shut. Onto the next.
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