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  1. All the big bass were on the beaches up north today. The batman belt crew were posing with them.
  2. You wouldn't have liked it.
  3. Coukdnt have had a better meal.
  4. The jews dont even need to hold a bill up to the light to check its authenticity.
  5. I thought your people were more into the black market organ business.
  6. Seal is the stupidest mother focker on the planet. I wish he would pull that **** in real life.
  7. I'm working right now. Did I tell you work sucks? And it looks like some storms are coming. The power company already called me. So..... maybe I'll go fishing.
  8. He says **** you.
  9. We all know its because he supports Trump.
  10. I'm with seal. This is not getting better. It's time for the cops to start mowing these protesters down.
  11. You mcspelled that.
  12. Why you even put up with it is beyond my comprehension. Its clearly disruptive behavior and the only way to put a stop to it is to start dropping the ban hammer.
  13. It's tough for me to make sense of this crazy market at the moment, that's the scary part. My 10% ytd gain could vanish in an instant when everyone wakes up.
  14. Next thing you know, jase will be complimenting reds raw pork chop.
  15. They'll never notice with all those freckles.