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    I'm just trying to live my life.
  1. Take the maga hat, put it on beat his ass.
  2. You should take a couple weeks off and hang out at home. Take care of things around the house. Make her breakfast.
  3. We definitely need a good cleaning but it shouldn't be indiscriminate.
  4. Your home is your biggest investment. You can pay it off and rent it out.
  5. Double the size of most jersey 30's so close to 60 is my guess.
  6. That's asking a lot.
  7. Are you going through manopause? It seems like it.
  8. Eggs would take care of it no matter what.
  9. Does your smart brain allow you to calculate the amount of payment put towards equity vs the amount that get thrown away into the equation? If more than half your payment is going towards interest you're throwing that money away anyway. There is no return at all on that part of your investment. Steve, I'm starting to question your intellect.
  10. Throw eggs
  11. 7x is in your brain.
  12. I'm sure its mutual
  13. If you dont want to share the local bank one, then maybe the other plenty of 5% or greater investment vehicles? I'm only getting 2.5% on my treasuries and I'm trying to get some gains for my kids college fund.
  14. Aren't there pictures of hot women somehwere that you need to be removing?