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    I'm just trying to live my life.
  1. The slicer I got from sb59 is bad ass. I slightly defrost the meats, its still pretty frozen when I chip it. What slicer did you buy?
  2. You know I get the sickness really bad. My upbringing was terrible. Water? I woke up once with green crabs crawling all over me.
  3. Yes!!! Add that to the menu. You got any recipe for the breading? Gust salt pepper and flour? Add anything else?
  4. Are you asking about the deli slicer for slicing sammich meat? I've never heard of serrated blades for a slicer.
  5. We had brown rice. I wish it was white rice.
  6. All of thT sounds good. That's why I like posting here. Good ideas all around. My grandmother used to do the pepper steak like this, it always comes out good. We're gonna be eating a lot of deer meat this week. Chili tomorrow, steak sammiches and stew later this week.
  7. I like that idea too
  8. Vwaalah
  9. I thought I told you the story about when he gave out free patches to everyone on a party boat, that he made out of band aids.
  10. Well. Yeah. And???? I'll start giving you more attention, big boy.
  11. Fajitas would be a good idea. Gonna store that idea in the idea tank.
  12. A wok is involved.
  13. Negative. Cheese steak meat is sliced paper thin on a slicer.
  14. Sliced up some bambi steak. What would you do?
  15. Just dont get them from my dad if you ever meet him.