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  1. I bring a steamer trunk, and then end up throwing no more than 6 plugs and jigs total.
  2. Bwahahaha! Facts^. I’ll get a Hullavator soon enough. Trailer is prolly the best way to go, but current driveway config won’t support it. And no, I’m not moving to find a better driveway!
  3. Hyundai Santa Fe Ltd. I guess that 2x10 block distributes the weight as you mention. Might give it a shot.
  4. Thanks for posting this! I love it but not sure my rear hatch window can take that weight of the Big Water 132. Maybe it would but not sure I’m willing to find out.
  5. Still interested! I have the same cart. I’ll search around on YT. Thanks
  6. Glad you found your boat! Post up your DIY self loader. The boat is a beast to load, but the real fun begins when I’m unloading at 5AM from an 11pm launch. good thing no one saw me!
  7. What kind of water will you be fishing? I went with the BW 132 PDL since I’ll fish in rivers, the bay and the ocean. Old Town states that boat is made for that use, and I wasn’t going to argue.
  8. Yeah, happy to do it.
  9. That would have been nuts! I’ve been looking since Feb with no luck so pretty stoked to upgrade from paddle to peddle. Tight lines
  10. After reading this thread on Sunday, I sent the Goose Hummock an email and they had the Big Water 132 PDL in stock, and I’m supposed to receive it tomorrow. Shoot Dave an email. He’s very quick to reply. Good luck and thanks!
  11. I'm currently shopping for an epirb, which will have the strobe and all the other tech to get a SAR response to my location.
  12. I just got a 7' Mojo Inshore Heavy/Fast and a Daiwa BG 3000 from The Reel Seat in Brielle. Great feel, very light, very happy.
  13. Same huge breakers in Northern OC, middle o the incoming this evening. Water wasn't clean, but brown with lots of foam.
  14. Fished the drop in OC. Wind was screaming SSW. No gusts, just constant hard wind with hard rain. Foamy rollers, some workable spots with bucktail and sinking needle. No love.
  15. CMC tonite mid-tide. Spent an hour walking trying to find a spot my SP wasnt dragging the bottom. Skunk and pissed about my choice. Thanks ACOE. Another dead zone.
  16. Out front North MoCo 3x this week, different tides/winds with no results. No visible bait, but water looked like it would hold fish. Yesterday I got the triple of a rainbow, dolphins passing in front of it, and the skunk. Water was flat and green.
  17. I think I just tore some stitches.
  18. Missed all the action by the time I got down to the OC spot. Stayed thru last light and caught 2 shorts, 1 on bucktail and 1 on an SP bone color. Wind went east and couldn't keep contact with my lure, so gave up.
  19. Last Friday, OC had 2, Sunday dusk, OC, was the dead sea=zilch Skunk on Tuesday pm, MC Hit MC this afternoon for last half of incoming. I swear this is the weather/water I have dreams about. rain in my face for 2 straight hours and...Skunk. Worked it real hard too, entire water column with varied sizes, speeds, got nada. Maybe someone will hit 'em on the drop.
  20. OC Friday afternoon, 2 FAT shorts at the top of outgoing on shads, not a bump for the next 3 hours.Water looked great.
  21. Finally broke the skunk late Friday night in OC. Got 4 on black bombers, dropped at least as many. Saturday at dusk got 3 more, dropped more than that. Back out this afternoon, and while the water looked great with big waves and lots of white water behind the waves, didn't get a bump or see anyone else hooking up.
  22. Fished Northern OC late yesterday for the top of incoming with swimmers, tins and shads, and moved south for the outgoing. Changed things up and fished heads without any results. On the advice of a good soul, changed my rig back to plug the bars, and someone "found" my chrome sandspike I had left at the high tide mark. They were good enough to also take the bag from my bunker which the spike was holding in place. If anyone found it please pm. Thanks. 0-10 since October 28th.
  23. Fished out front, 3 different spots in OC top half of incoming and 2 hours of outgoing. Not a bump. Water was very flat, very brown, little current. I suck, but the water did too. 0-7 so far.