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  1. Here is a picture someone on here posted a long time ago showing many style plugs he made. I have a Florida spinner but sorry not for sale. He also did great fish plaques
  2. I think your metal predates Ultimus. Here is a sampling of what they offered.
  3. You have it on eBay with a buy it now of $1500 plus $35 shipping. I am not sure why you are here asking questions Simple searches would have given you all the answers you needed
  4. Looking for Dan Pichney needlefish all sizes all colors but must be new not looking for anything used and abused thanks for you consideration
  5. Mussso’s mackerel pattern not Pichney’s
  6. These are great baits and a great bit of plug history. What intrigues me is that he made them out of oak. I don’t know of another maker in the past and I mean going all the way back to the 1940s who used oak. now about 20 years ago I bought 8 or so Pichney Conrad’s from a guy who picked them up on Martha’s Vineyard. My picker friend bought them at a garage sale from a woman who’s husband special ordered them from Dan Pichney. They were all special colors. Over the years I sold traded and gave away 7 of them. Here are pictures of the one I kept. It is black with a white splattered belly. What makes this bait unique is that it is made of oak. It is the only oak Pichney I have ever seen and I would have to guess it may be one of Dan’s very early Conrad’s copying what Malicoat made.
  7. Norman Oldfield
  8. Here are my 7 inch redfins. Including a rough sided one which seems to be a bit more difficult to come by
  9. Here it is and above is an early special order large Conrad in black with white splatter in Oak that Pichney made for a guy on Martha’s Vineyard
  10. The top one is an early “Jumbo” atom 40. It is much larger than the standard Pichney Atom 40. When you Dad got it he got two. He told me they came out of Dan Pichneys basement. He gave me the other one. It is probably pictured somewhere in this thread
  11. Stans dealer price sheet from about 1970
  12. Gibbs pricing from the 1977 Surfcasters catalog
  13. Stan and John Gibbs started making plugs in 1946 and ended in 1989 over 40 years. in the early 70s their peak production was 35,000 plugs per year and sold all over the world. Nobody else even comes close
  14. Not sure about the date of this but it is early