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  1. Go to Garys website Big Water Pikes and get all the real info you need
  2. Very nice pick up here is a picture of the 1950 original. It is about the size of an Atom/Conrad jr
  3. This one may be really tough to find. I bought it from a guy who fished the canal and he special ordered it from John Gibbs. He called it seaworm and it has two belly weights. Stupid me only bought one of the two he had
  4. Sounds good. Thanks
  5. Toby I have a solid black that you don’t have. Plug is new but on left side has a mark I guess from the hook. It is not through the paint just the top coat. I would trade that for the Mackerel if it is new unfished. Let me know. Thanks. Roy
  6. A couple baits I picked up lately. The bottom plug is a great little peanut surface swimmer about 4.5 inches long. Thanks Ted. The top bait is very rare Pichney Pencil popper about 6 inches long. Only know of a few. Glad to get both
  7. Here is my collection as a reference. I am sure am still missing some but this might give you a good idea what there is. I have not added one in a long time. It is a fun collectible that is not expensive hard to believe eve I need a regular green Mackerel with sparkles and now I know there is a plain black white
  8. The Creek Chub is Perch
  9. See never give a plug maker/ carpenter/ craftsman a ruler
  10. Steve thanks so much for posting. Roy
  11. Yes Steve please that would be great. Thanks
  12. Generally made in the 1960s. Was packaged in Stan’s red box. Here is a cover page and the detail page from a Stan Gibbs catalog from the 1960s. Last entry on the bottom
  13. It’s a Gibbs looks like a little GTS 7/8ths
  14. Robert can you tell me the length and dia of the smallest conrad? It appears to be peanut size about 4.5 inches long. Other than a peanut size Eel Skin Plug I have not seen a Conrad that small. I have surface swimmers and Spin Atoms but not a Conrad. Thanks. Roy
  15. Robert wow I am speechless. Those are fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Now I need a Conrad Sr and a green one. Roy