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  1. So very very sorry to hear all of this. It must be so painful and exhausting for her, you, and the rest of your family. Prayers just don’t seem to be enough but hopefully all our thoughts and prayers will bring some comfort to you all.
  2. Does it have the emblem?
  3. The red bait is in the correct box. All your baits and boxes from same time frame. About 1948 Bob Pond was making wood and plastic at the same time the tan box you mentioned with label on top is probably 1947 or so a little earlier than these
  4. ID

  5. The wooden Atom belongs in the tan Striper Atom box and the plug color is Herring Blue
  6. That’s it. Mine had a prop on the back
  7. I will dig mine out and post in a bit it came in an oversized bag that was very long with a “ take a woody fishing “ sticker in it
  8. Do you have the package it came in? it is a novelty but not much as a collectable. I have seen them sell for $50 to $75 in the package and as low as $25.
  9. The bottom of the box correct as it is. Great box
  10. If you want to sell the lot go ahead I’m good with it. but $55 for the lot is more than fair
  11. Barracuda Florida Shiner
  12. Thanks appreciate that. No sorry just the Roberts.
  13. I will give you $27 for the 4 Roberts shipped PayPal f&f
  14. Yes Pichney made a 7.5 inch bootleg. White plug is 7.5 surface swimmer. Mullet plug is 7.5 inch bootleg
  15. Yes that lure was made back in the 60s or so but that bait in that package with that address is Post John Gibbs. John sold the business in 1989 hence it is from the 90s