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  1. Closed no interest
  2. Closing down no interest
  3. I am always open to offers
  4. All plugs are mint all are in correct boxes All are signed by Stan Gibbs All have been in my collection for 30+ years Rare 1oz GS bottles $125 each plus $10 ship 2oz pencil popper $110 plus $10 1.5oz popper $85 plus $10 prompt PayPal wanted Open to offers.
  5. All plugs are from the 1950s or 1960s All are mint in the correct box All are signed by Stan Gibbs All have been in my collection for the past 30+ years Darters $115 each plus $10 shipping GS3 bottle plugs are $120 each plus $10 ship GTS3 trollers are $125 each plus $10 ship prompt PayPal please a great collector plug in great condition for being 60+ years old
  6. NOW $125 each
  7. The two small Blue Streaks are sold still have the two large baits
  8. The bottom blue Victory Popper is what is left
  9. The mini Popper and the bubbler are sold along with two Blue Streaks in my Blue Streak thread thanks.
  10. Great they are yours please PayPal $315 to thanks and I need your address Roy
  11. Hi Mike no sorry I can’t do that these are already cheap for what they are That’s $350 - I will let all 4 go for $315 you come up $30 I come down $35. That’s fair and I still have to ship
  12. Closed thanks so much
  13. Pm sent SOLD pending payment thanks