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  1. Let it all hang out...u will feel better.
  2. Simply put they were bigger and stronger. The better team won. You can't win with a top five!! Officiating needs to improve!! Tuuka gave them the chance to win?
  3. They crippled the sharks...they do dirty hockey the right way. They have a good teacher behind the bench.Sit heinen and skate Backes, at least he plays the body!!
  4. Been bitchin about officiating for years..getting worse not better. Blues got away with headhunting all series..... Acciarri was inexcusable and the league looks the other way? Bettman should be replaced.
  5. Why hasn't anybody responded to Rask being run? Capt needs to lay down the law...no pain in the crease. If the top line doesn't get going they will staple Krug and Chuckie to the glass...
  6. Second goal was proof Chara is on fumes..puck should have been on it's way North after second save!! Peachfuzz needs to ride them wingers into net corner ..not Rask!
  7. Tuuka has been "lights out"..once again proving he's worth every dime! He was nothing less than spectacular vs Leafs and Hawks in playoffs a few years back.. Numerous ten bells.... He's a big money player... No preference on opponent.
  8. They obviously missed the hook to Williams neck lol. Perfectly executed by the birthday boy! Reminded me of Linsman....." What" ???
  9. Gryz had a career game. Tuuka remains solid with all lines contributing..what's not to like? Canes came out banging till the GA started piling up. Marshman behaving himself for the most part..lol.
  10. Another shorthanded gift for opponent? ...
  11. He has become a puck watcher...think foligno walking down the slot into rasks grill..he's on fumes.
  12. SAME!...I would have called imbellishment.!!
  13. How does a player return to play third period after LEGIT hit to the head? Chuckie caught him on the chin. Had johanson been required to undergo protocol... suspension would have been justified . IMO: officiating has deteriorated over the years...
  14. CBJ dominated all three zones. They smothered us (space/time). Hot goalie.. three posts. Seemed like they had six skaters all night...incredible coverage made them the better team. Carlo took a beating in the corner and pasta still banged up marshman was, well, .....marshman. Tewka kept them in it. Star of game clearly: Charlie Mac
  15. Rask will hold up since Halak reduced load for him during season. There needs to be pain in the corners and at the front door. Tell Carlo there's no Mr congeniality award in hockey!!