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  1. Soooo....crow has never tasted so good. Great efforts vs caps and strangers! Some of these pups have game and..... some dont. Schaller and Nash continue to disappoint....(you cant bring it if you dont have it) Seems the Backes boys are finding game. Last night was a full 60min all in game. OK.....I'm in. Could be some good hockey on the back nine?
  2. Riddle man, go online...got a tinted 18" for $90. Guy is in Fla ships next day!
  3. A one line team aint gonna cut it donny!. Krecji never came back from the hip and goes down early this year,wonder what to expect there?...not much.I recommended dishing him back in april. Mcquaid has always been injury prone and Backes has just not been a good fit.Theres some value? Maybe our new thirtysomething providence bruin is the answer? Gonna be another painful first half. Tewka still showing signs of rust. Carlo and mac will shape up. dont count on the rest of those pups.
  4. PLEASE CLOSE....going elsewhere.
  5. Powered by efficient 115 merc saltwater 4stroke EFI. No meter ,merc tech estimates under 300hrs due to 160 compression. Oil is still amber clear. You can eat off motor.Numerous recent upgrades 2015-17 includes *Complete Ignition: ECM, Stator, Coils and Plugs *Karavan galvi breakaway bunk trailer/spare *VHF/Antenna *Garmin plotter/ff *Twin batts w switch *Swim ladder *Bilge float switch Danforth anchor w/chain 100ft of 1/2 inch,four pfds,two vests,Bimini,kicker bracket twin cooler seats.washdown/livewell pump.fender.and full bow cushion (for trophy wife). . several high res pics wont dissappoint this boat is clean! Yard storage in Dennis paid till nov. Will Demo $12,500 call john 774 208 6805 ATT ADMIN: This ad is now an SOL exclusive forgot that rule..my bad!!
  6. I predicted this would occur right here ten years ago...It doesn.t take a rocket scientist to know that if you overload an area with PRIME forage the predators will come! Its the seals that need to go! Unfortunately, Its gonna take a fatal attack or public health emergency (virus) before something happens. While fishing herring cove several years ago during comm season my buddy and I wondered if all those bobbing heads on the beach who spent thousands of vacation dollars knew they were shark bait,while sixteen footers cruised under our boat!!
  7. when did u get out?
  8. Thanx Zeke.... we need to get the indians out of the casinos and hunting seals!
  9. Fishing out of sesuit first time... the chart has not sent a tickle up my leg. Prefer not to hit billingsgate on a sat. Have caught them in Ptown..... hoping for something closer!
  10. Fishing out of sesuit first time... the chart has not sent a tickle up my leg. Prefer not to hit billingsgate on a sat. Have caught them in Ptown..... hoping for something closer!
  11. Correction: The boat is ALBATROSS. No galley to speak of but great crew! Good chatting w/ you @ town ramp mon. The flatties are still cooperating!! .
  12. I have flyfished all over the cape for ten years.My PB was only 27# on my own fly. What I suggest firstly is whether you want QUALITY or QUANTITY. A buddy of mine and I caught 86 fish on one tide flyfishing with ONE keeper.(monomoy) Flyfishing and LARGE fish dont go together as a rule. QUALITY: The majority of large fish right now are under the mackeral schools well out of reach of surfcasters. As someone suggested get out on a boat. If you have the right tackle you might try the canal for a keeper. The local shops have fresh intel. You can learn a great deal there just by watching! Hope this helps
  13. Thanx Bob.... I did know that, and in no way hold them responsible. I did get a letter, however,priorities at the time took precedence. Hoped it might have been you, the legend or one of the buzzards bay buzzards.
  14. Back in 2011 the annual unclaimed repair auction featured a penn 9 levelwind red sideplate torpedo handle. I had lost track of it while caring for wife with stage 4 breast cancer. The reel was a gift from my dad who has since passed and is of great sentimental value. If you are a collector contact me.I will give you asking price! cell 774 208 6805 Thnx!