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  1. No fishing report here, but had no trouble loading up on blueclaws on Saturday morning. Keepers outnumbered throwbacks. Mostly males.
  2. Or require the pitcher to hit the batter.
  3. Not directly for me, but I do have trouble reading illuminated signs at night now. It also takes a few seconds for me to change my focus from close up to, say, across the room. But I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
  4. It's a pain, but I can manage it so most any idiot probably can too. The constant FTEs are another matter.
  5. All the big blueclaws you wanted yesterday in northern OC. Lots of small snappers around too ... thought about sending some down for fluke, but went home and ate the crabs instead.
  6. Deep fried with a little remoulade.
  7. Some third-rate IPA Saving the better stuff for tomorrow so I'll have an easier time tolerating my offspring
  8. Saw plenty of crabs come up again yesterday (I was fishing). With the exception of one shoreline spot toward the north end of Barnegat Bay that only produces at high tide, this is all by boat along marshes and such. Nothing really off the beaten path though.
  9. Quick shot out back in OC on the boat today. Daughter hooked into a nice fluke, but I didn't believe her and was later with the net. Nothing but winds and weeds beside that.
  10. Highlander - I'm in the same area as you and have had the opposite experience. Plenty of crabs, and bigger than they have been in the past few years
  11. In n Out's fries suck though And we can't forget the System ... okay, maybe not paradise. Not even close.
  12. Kangaroo Boxing Club in DC Costanza Burger 12 Ground angus chuck mixed with pastrami. Big Bad Wolf 15 Costanza burger topped with peppered ham, pulled pork and bacon. Chicken Little 15.5 Slam a fried egg on top of the Big Bad Wolf. BA-GOCK!
  13. Same as my USP. I prefer it, but some people don't ... different strokes and all. I've never hit it my accident. I'm not sure why I'd buy this over a Glock.
  14. Thanks for all the info ... very helpful and a lot to think about. I'll look into some of this stuff when I get home tonight. Unfortunately, my office firewall blocks out a lot of these sites. Alarm goes in tomorrow morning
  15. Was there too Not bad, but the stupid tree was blocking my view during the second half of the show