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  1. Thank u DaveC and MorningWood for the help thread closed
  2. Thank you Morning Wood I will take 2 whites, 2 green backs and 2 Smokey Joes. PM me your PP and I’ll get money right too you.
  3. Payment sent. Thank you Dave.
  4. I will take these Dave. Thank you send me your PayPal address and I will send money
  5. Wow !!!! How much for these 6
  6. 7” any color. Looking for a couple too fish.
  7. Money sent thank you
  8. I will take these for asking price pm your pp address
  9. They have shut down everything in harbor. They are allowed to fish the west side Madaket. There has been over a million gal of sewerage dumped in harbor. Are whole downtown area was underwater about 4 to 5 ft 2nd worst flooding. No name still the worst in my time
  10. I’m in
  11. Now thats some boxes off white gold!!
  12. Nantucket Bays I push rake for them every weekend. This yr has been the best ever avg 8 pnds a trip. Going tommorow morning for another 8 ( got me a nice hot spot)
  13. This what your looking for 5 3/4" long and weighs 2 7/8 oz
  15. Nantucket was shut down yesterday.