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  1. Appreciate any help never seen one of these??
  2. Thank you
  3. Looks like a Boone but never seen them thru wired ?
  4. Yes they do
  5. Thanks Roy
  6. Another one found in a box that was given to me
  7. Think the guys wife did. Ha ha After looking around the site here I think I might have a older bm needle also Gonna post more pics tommorow. You guys were great thanks for the help
  8. Thank you guys appreciate the help.
  9. Thank you It’s pretty cool
  10. Any idea on these 2
  11. Here is all 3
  12. Also a sm one of these
  13. I have 2 others same as bottom also will post pics of those.
  14. Not too often I run across a lot of these plugs on island. Mainly find Gibbs
  15. Yes red tape