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  1. I guess there isn't much of a following for the Northcoast/Lema 18 skiff, surprised.
  2. Did u manually prime/fill new racors or rely on fuel pumps? If so may have damaged fuel pump on motor. Also double check primer bulbs
  3. Yes same as Lema 18
  4. Or know of one I may look at and perhaps take a test ride? None of The local Northcoast dealers have an 18 in stock, plenty of 19's but I wanto see the 18 skiff. Thanks for any help
  5. I love that workskiff, wish there was a dealer on the northeast coast
  6. Oh this brings me back, the fishing was so much better back in those days
  7. Any greenheads yet?
  8. I hope the early reports haven't petered out, I was just starting to get a boner
  9. Lucky guy, didn't think there were any lobs south. Let's see if he can manage his stern men
  10. This sucks, I really don't want to take up golf again
  11. Yes and they usually change diameter as they get closer to carb, pita to to get out
  12. Does the ink wash off cushions and plastic with soap or does it stain
  13. Was replacing fuel fitting on my 10 year old Merc with original oem fuel line. Pumped fuel from the line into an empty jar and this is what came out
  14. How long can you keep those alive?
  15. So northbeach how is it done?