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  1. Surface Water temps 50 degrees in woods hole today, when are squid gonna show?
  2. I’d say diluted vinegar in hot water but that may kill them too. Seems all cleaners are are killing the environment, stay dirty?
  3. Yeah plastic is the culprit on chemical cleaners. Absorbs, warms up and releases. Can you you imagine what we ingest on a daily basis with plastic. ... another topic all together.
  4. i have cardinal flowers near one of my feeders and they go to the flower over the feeder consistently while the plant is up
  5. Gotta be careful cleaning feeders, no harsh chemicals like bleach if using a plastic feeder. hot, hot water a drop or two of dawn, soak and scrub with an old toothbrush (I tape on an extension), hot rinse, rinse, rinse, try not to leave any residue. Gotta change out the sugar water more than you think, they can get sick if it sits too long in the heat, as the summer sets in. ,
  6. Love how they dogfight each other around the feeder. That sugar water must be like crack to them. Had a little piggy male last year who spent all his energy chasing the others away, I nick named him, Tyrone Biggums...Such little characters, love em
  7. The mouth can be deadly especially with wind against tide, always watch conditions and heed alerts. Also currents can be fierce at cashmans, watchout launching and retrieving.
  8. Saw a few sporadic pop ups in VS today but pretty disappointing not much bait showing where I was either. Hoping things improve next week
  9. Depending on where you live, buzzard bay anglers club, Plum island surfcasters, MSBA, cape cod salties, to name a few good ones
  10. I use a J knot or 5 turn surgeon, not the smoothest but easiest to tie in a hurry and never had one part
  11. Is an albright too weak?
  12. Capt Dave Peros is well regarded
  13. Bulge
  14. That airport just ain’t gonna fly
  15. Florida is one crazy state, looney toons