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  1. Yes and they usually change diameter as they get closer to carb, pita to to get out
  2. Does the ink wash off cushions and plastic with soap or does it stain
  3. Was replacing fuel fitting on my 10 year old Merc with original oem fuel line. Pumped fuel from the line into an empty jar and this is what came out
  4. How long can you keep those alive?
  5. So northbeach how is it done?
  6. I'm in the Acton, Westford, Bolton, concord areas if anyone knows appropriate meetings for a newbie, thank you pm's are welcome
  7. Can I just go to any meeting, a lot in my area have letter designations like c , I assume means closed and other letters that don't seem to include first timers, is it ok to just show up?.?
  8. Krafty needs to be better friends with rosy palm
  9. I'm really not doing too well on this on my own, keep finding a reason to hit the packy everyday, not sure what to do next
  10. Probably makes sense because it's not likely an Asian that can't speak English and is not entrenched in the American mainstream has any idea who he is. On the other hand if he contacts a high priced escort service there's a very good chance they would know who he is and probably have it on the books somewhere, I think he had the right idea just bad timing. Just legalize it and regulate it is there really a stigma about this in this day and age, the church has no credibility anymore so what's the next hurdle?
  11. Yes saw sign at Berlin store
  12. Why don't we legalize prostitution, what's the big deal, the girls that want to do the work get tested regularly, guys get what they need and the gov gets another tit to suck on
  13. Jim Carrey
  14. Sachs Baron Cohen
  15. Spray suspect areas with iso alcohol leaking areas will show dark when dry, then rub again with alcohol to remove oils and sweat, then apply aqua seal or shoo goo in thin layers allowing each layer to fully cure