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  1. What’s your review of the suffix 832 ghost? How long have you been using? How do you connect to leader? Thanks
  2. Where did you get this news?
  3. ”Last week, fishery managers approved new regulations for the 2020 recreational bluefish fishery. These measures, which include a 3-fish bag limit for private anglers and a 5-fish bag limit for for-hire fishermen, represent a substantial reduction compared to the federal 15-fish bag limit that has been in place since 2000.”
  4. Jets suck ace
  5. Is the Palomar knot breaking or slipping? If slipping pinch line with finger nails and gently scrape the wax coating off line before tying knot, also I’ve read to double the palomar overhand when tying braids, just a thought
  6. Looks like the ultimate setup, how far is the nearest airport from you
  7. Terry you’re losin it man, how long do you have that rental, how long a boat ride to the Albie waters? Are you pre booked for your entire stay, I hope it’s great for you and your guys, I want in next year if possible
  8. I won an iPhone 11!!!!! im really getting sick of this, is this a problem with my iPad or sol site??
  9. Wood ticks still thick in central ma but definitely fewer deer ticks
  10. That’s awesome, congrats
  11. Any word?
  12. God I hope this turns out well, these small craft advisories can be deceiving, same advisories Friday and parts of vineyard sound we’re like a pond while buzzards were serious chop, winds can still take a disabled lite boat a great distance even in fails calm water
  13. Someone’s smilin’ down on you
  14. Cooling off a little Thursday thru the weekend with some rain maybe that will turn them on, at least that’s what I’m hoping, what do y’all think