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  1. Thanks for the feedback, had it checked out again, all good. Thanks for the advice on 115’s
  2. I was told the motor in the first video was toast, numerous so called experts on another site said it had bad lower unit, valve knock, jumped timing belt to name just a few comments.
  3. I think they both sound like **** regardless mercury and Suzuki much quieter
  4. Now that sounds the same to me. What do you think?
  5. No I didn’t hear it above idle and at speed but then again I don’t have the sharpest hearing
  6. If you don’t swivels, Alberto is stronger than uni to uni and fg is better than both but takes time to master. I’d stick with the Alberto if you tie it well
  7. If seatow with trailer assist is $230, BoatUS equivalent is cheaper
  8. Same guy that jumped on Dave Peros
  9. That new monument beach ramp is awesome
  10. Cant talk you out of the duroboat, very well made boat
  11. Where is parking allowed near cotuit ramp? Is it marked
  12. Where are you launching tins with non res parking?
  13. What launches with non-resident parking are you tin boat guys using for buzzards bay and Nantucket sound?
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