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  1. too funny "for any reason" fraud and child pornography for two
  2. Fox choosing Donna Brazile is brilliant. Whatever she ostensibly brings in terms of "balance", she is so obviously a corrupt cheater, putting her before the public is a reminder of all the reasons Shillary lost to Pres Trump and all the ways the corrupt Clinton machine has poisoned the Democratic party. She is definitely smart enough to know she is being used this way, and, apparently venal enough to take the bucks anyway
  3. Yes is the answer to your first question, and many would see that as valid. Your conclusion though, does not follow, in my view. There is a pretty sharp set of distinctions between a militia as understood in 1791 and a standing army/national guard, especially in that the standing army/national guard does not require people to bring their own weapons from home, and despite the fact that The Guard is as close to a true militia as we have had for 100+ years. In theory and in practice the 2A debate is about what if any further restrictions are warranted. The constitutionality of restrictions on principle has long been settled. The argument is about degree.
  4. All the way up to a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Warren Berger, the Second Amendment has been interpreted by some to mean that the founders saw the right to bear arms as conditioned by the necessity of a well-regulated militia. You can agree or disagree with that interpretation; my point is that legal scholars to the highest level have not been able to agree on the the limits to gun rights. PS Try to buy a bazooka or a machine gun. Unlimited 2A rights are long gone. PPS Joe Biden announced Beto will be his gun control expert. Another step towards reelection for Pres Trump.
  5. check out Fareed Zakaria's reality check on Bernie's completely half-baked (mis)understanding of how taxes and social services work in Scandinavia - if you google Zakaria Sanders CNN you get a 4 min clip that is clear and devastating.
  6. Heartbreaker
  7. In any material and economic sense, it is not close. Today's middle class is way better off. Whether today's middle class is better off in other ways, it's hard to say. For me, nostalgia for my own pretty much carefree middle class childhood makes it tough to be objective as an adult with the usual adult responsibilities etc.
  8. This has been precisely my experience.
  9. Conspiracy with Kevin Branagh is excellent about the Wannsee Conference. Agree 100% about the Great Dictator. You could also go to source material - Triumph of the Will
  10. Wooly buggers and deceivers, which have the advantage of a longer shank to reduce cut offs. Pickerel are amazingly fun. I have caught them on just about everything, but I do less well on the surface than nearer the bottom. 6 or 8 lb floro leader seems to be a better choice for me than wire.
  11. spread stuff like this all over if you want to ensure a Trump victory :-)
  12. Ooops forgot to quote an earlier post - this is about whether anyone thinks Shillary is nice: I know people who made large $$ donations to HRC and/or the "foundation" and swear, positively swear, that she was as kind and charming as could be. Which I pointed out was exactly like a stripper pretending to be interested where they worked or how cute pics of their kids are.
  13. for the sake of accuracy ...
  14. I like to bring the successor dog on board while the primary dog is old but still healthy enough to help out by setting a good example. If you do it right and the primary dog is not a jerk, the primary dog will enjoy the newcomer so it should be win-win, and, when the primary dog does pass away, you will be all set with a new primary dog already up and running.
  15. Being able to meet your dog's needs and wants is critical. Giving it the exercise, training, discipline, and love that it needs are all essential. We admired our K9 officer neighbor's Malinois and after conversation with him about dogs, we chose a GSD bred to be a companion dog. We got him trained properly and couldn't be happier. From our point of view we dodged a bullet based on our needs and wants from the new family member.