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  1. 4th - if it is some gang-banger shooting a "civilian," GUILTY because no DA brings street crime to trial without an ironclad case so let's GET THIS OVERWITH
  2. if so, the thread is counter-productive :-) the more consideration of long-term pros and cons, the more dangerous the socialists' agenda is revealed to be
  3. Football was the sport I loved the most - I was not super happy when my boys, who are bigger and more athletic than I, chose not to play football. Now I think they potentially dodged a bullet. I used to coach HS football as part of my job. Not sure I would go back to that now. The demographics of pro football seem to be well on their way towards what boxing has become.
  4. often so, but a lot of the lyrics have a hard core political edge beneath the melodies, then musicianship, and his golden voice - also rastafarianism as a religion/world view has some uber hateful ideas -
  5. couldn't agree more
  6. Legend is a convenient collection of some of his most famous songs, but every single one of his albums is highly worthwhile.
  7. To add to this: They started out as a goof by some Columbia U undergrads, but it turned out they could really sing and they picked some great songs to cover. I really enjoyed a lot of their music, though found Bowser and his schtick disturbing.
  8. I agree generally with you, but I think picking between Fauxcohantos and Shillary is like picking between diarrhea and vomit.
  9. Well...maybe you have forgotten that neither Preston Brooks nor John Calhoun ever made it to the Oval Office
  10. Some annotations :-)
  11. Fair points to remember. I guess too much blow (or not enough?), bad mic-ing, standing onstage between her husband and the dude she was screwing behind his back, not really having a feel for the highly idiosyncratic songs, inability to ad-lib sympathetically, ....
  12. Ah ... I was a bit unclear. After the Goldrush is perhaps my least favorite song on that album of his. Though I love the album as a whole. Tonight's the Night is without a doubt my favorite of his albums. I was just chuckling about someone being under the knife while the surgeon was put into a mood to be thinking about serial killing. Then I just went off on a mini-paean to Neil's ouvre, not that song in particular.
  13. Well...I agree with you about that. I just wasn't clear in my post. What I meant by "affecting" is that when I listen to him singing his own songs, there is something I just can't exactly put my finger on that really resonates for me. Ditto Gregg. I think Keith, at least studio Keith, would be a similar but lesser example of that. And a counter-example would be Bob Weir. He wrote some songs I love, but I think his own vocals diminish the songs.