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  1. There is still a pretty wide gulf between any kind of wireless speakers and speakers wire lined out from the amp
  2. Correct - try pricing out an annuity to get you that guaranteed income - that's the "millionaire" status. Having left Wall Street for withering pay cut to become a teacher, 20+ years ago, I have some at least quasi-informed opinions on this topic. Fun, fulfilling work and summers off. Plus other long breaks over the course of the school year. Many - but certainly not all!! - of the teachers I work with could be making MUCH more money in some kind of business but they have chosen "the calling" plus summer vacation. Also the places where the salaries are so high are usually places where the cost of living is super high. No way I could have continued to live in Summit NJ on a teacher's salary. Regarding unions - First of all I agree 100% about the corrupt link between unions and politicians. And unions donate way more to influence elections than all the private people and corporations combined. Second, teachers' unions and their tone deaf, idiotic protection of incompetent (or worse) teachers have deservedly lost the trust of much of the tax paying public in a way that distracts from a fair assessment of compensation. Regarding whether teachers are underpaid or overpaid - If you think you are underpaid as a teacher, you are probably better off switching careers to a better paying job. If you are not a teacher and you think you are underpaid relative to being a teacher, ask yourself if your job is the kind of job a teacher could do and if you could be a teacher instead of whatever you are doing. Your answers will suggest a course of action!
  3. Professors at community colleges and adjunct professors at most colleges would make more $$ at most east coast and west coast suburban high schools. I have several friends with humanities PhDs who ended up at community colleges or as adjuncts and several at "good" high schools. The high school teachers are doing much better financially.
  4. Me, too. And on the chance that you are not trolling, William Golding and William Goldman are different guys.
  5. Also: I'd LIKE to have God on our side, but right now we NEED Kentucky
  6. The catalyst for the war was the South's correct perception that the North's population growth and the unsuitability to slavery of most of what was left of the unorganized west was going to doom slavery to extinction. The tension between North and South over slavery had been brewing since the Constitutional Convention of 1787 which kicked the can down the road with a series of compromises about slavery, a word never used in the Constitution.The euphemisms about protecting slavery that had been couched as state's rights, including the rights of nullification and secession, had been around since at least the VA and KY Resolves of 1798. Lincoln was elected in 1860 on the Republican Party plank of not extending slavery, which was tantamount to putting slavery on an inevitable path to extinction. Lincoln's election prompted those rascals in SC, home of John Calhoun, Preston Brooks, et al., to seceed that December, starting the secession ball rolling. Lincoln took the nation into war to prevent secession first and foremost. Lincoln shifted from a policy of gradual extinction to emancipation (only of slaves in states fighting the North) - announced just after Antietam in 1862 - as a tactic to regain support in North and to ice out the South from positive diplomatic relations with England and France.
  7. I am on the other side - At least in some cases, I see each year of choosing not to work as a calculated business choice by the wife to maximize potential net worth by worming in year by year to a claim on the husband's assets and earning power -
  8. "The incentives for the monied spouse to be fair and generous...." Hahahaha More like "the ability of of the guy getting screwed to at least get screwed a little less"
  9. I prefer to self-insure for any potential losses that are affordable ( eg my POS car) or stuff I might not choose to replace (eg some jewelry, fishing stuff where I have surplus).
  10. Seascape Inn - Mangrove Cay ( the middle chunk of Andros Island) Very friendly and unpretentious. Great breakfast, okay dinner, lots of booze if you want it - we did not -Very little nightlife, very few restaurants - gorgeous water DIY-able and access to guides if you want them - my wife loved it but was a bit surprised at how ungroomed the basically deserted beaches were - gorgeous water.
  11. Strong black unsweetened cold brew every morning - grind good beans, use french press - looking forward to this makes the prospect of getting up early for work tolerable - also espresso if my wife feels like making some - I haven't figured out how to work the machine
  12. is your avitar supposed to be Shillary pre-electrolysis? :-)
  13. Prime Stones albums ... of course I am going to get carried away. And, I do think there is enough filler on It's Only Rock and Roll to warrant second tier status for that album. I'd add that the song Its Only Roll and Roll is mighty reminiscent of T Rex's Bang a Gong
  14. Nor to Exile on Main Street or Some Girls. And, I'd make a case for Get Your Ya Yas Out, Tattoo You, and Goat's Head Soup also being superior
  15. basically, you would be paying that kind of money to see a really old Rolling Stones tribute band - although Keith can still play...