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  1. Drifting Jigs near shore on the West tide after sunset is my favorite. Billl Hurleys sandeels in 1.75 oz are my faves for slower current areas. Savage Sandeels in 3 or 5 oz when its faster. Just make sure you are using the right amount of weight for your location and that you're "ticking" the bottom
  2. That...... took me a minute.
  3. A friend and co-worker of mine drove down from ~ Moncton NB yesterday for a conference here today. He was coming down 128 South last night at about 5:00pm. Today he said that he told his wife on the phone last night that he will never again complain about traffic anywhere back home.
  4. I commute about half of the distance you're talking about. The easy half. Between Berkley and Westwood up route 24. Commmute time ranges from 45 minutes (before 6:45am and after 7:00pm typically) to 90 minutes. You're tacking another 20 to 30+ minutes on either end on average. Not to mention that as my daughter personified the feeling of driving down route 24: "If route 24 had a smell, it would be dirty ashtray." Route 3 would be an option for you. but I wouldn't wish that on anyone. My boss commutes from BuzzBay to Westwood and he leaves around 5:45am
  5. I'm probably gonna try turning a couple just like it this weekend.
  6. Seriously. I took my daughter fishing last week (Froday 5/24 actually) at Murderers row. She was catching schoolies on a small herring pattern pencil I had made for her when she joined the "snapped off a nice custom wood plug when I forgot to open the bail" club. I had chalked it up to just another loss but the damn thing fished so nice it's been bugging me. It's probably just shy of 2 ounces and might resemble a left hook pilgrim but blind. Maybe with a rounder butt. (I'm so inconsistent) blue top, pink sides, pearl bottom. Probably have TA clip to 50lb mono leader with a little 30lb Fireline still attached to it If you find it, I'll trade you for your choice of any plug in my bucket (I keep most of my plugs in bins in my truck) Or I'll make you one just like it, or $25. Your choice
  7. There are wildlife protection groups already looking into the unintended consequences of noise polution from passive sources negatively affects wildlife. This is the sort of thing I would expect (and hope) they would weigh in on heavily. If for no other reason than it sounds like the sort of thing that every bad sci-fi movie starts out with.... queue the psychotic schools of maneating saltwater piranha!
  8. Pear is a shape, but maybe not a decent shape?
  9. I don't know if mackerel even habitually can be found there at any time of year?
  10. PM coming
  11. These have all been fished to one degree or another but all in fair shape. Some hooks have been replaced. A little hookrash on the 2 oz swimmer and the back hook was replaced with a tag. Blurple danny Bunker danny 1 oz nightfish 2 oz bunker $18 each or $50 for the lot shipped Pmt via Paypal
  12. I tied one of these to a 4/0 siwash in the event I ever came upon such a thing.
  13. I once found one stuck to a dam on the Anawan river that was probably 24" long and probably went 3 to 5 pounds.
  14. Um, Terry you might want to adjust the title a bit. It says you caught 519 keepers. :^D
  15. Clam burn! Seriously thanks for the heads up! I may swing through there.
  16. I may get out tomorrow AM. I thought Friday was going to be a clear morning at least, but I think the forecast has changed for the worse
  17. I missed it by a week or so.... First fish on one of my homemade plugs.
  18. over/under on used diapers left on that grass on Sunday morning of Labor Day weekend?
  19. I have a GW plate on my wife's car
  20. GoPro chest mount- check Youtube account - check I did make some sweet canal pencils this year. But I also am making some dannys and surface swimmers for the beach where I too will probably spend most of my time. reports that the squid are already petering out have me bummed. The last time we had a really good squid run that coincided with the arrival of the larger shoals of stripers, the canal was terrible at least until September and Chatham was "on fire". That was like 5 years ago or so. I was hoping a run like that would put things to rights by next year.
  21. Violators will be "pantsed" and pushed in the canal.
  22. So at 9am i told myself that i would give it till 10:00. I promptly fell asleep and awoke at 9:50 or so to see a nice tom standing next to my decoys. I took a shot, but in my groggy state i must not have anchored well because the shot felt good but all i got were feathers. With the action this slow, i think if i get out again ill bring the sgun instead of the bow
  23. This is exactly the sort of thing that anglers like us should be able to organize and get done. You could make two or three versions of the signs, Each one with three or four languages. Perhaps if we got acoe permission, maybe we could write a grant to defray the printing costs?
  24. W With the way ive been driving lately, thats just sound advice!