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  1. There was a huge regatta in Narragansett bay this weekend. I saw what looked to me like B17s between Prudence and the Newport bridge.
  2. If he was there first, it's your bad. Move or fish like the guy who was there before you is fishing. It's pretty simple. Back in the day, setting up 40 yards downcurrent from me while chunking would have gotten you an earful.
  3. I often wonder what the govt spends on say a 50 cal or 30mm round. I swear I remember hearing something like one "brrrt" from a warthog is like a 1000 bucks a second or something. I know it's retail but I know every time I shoot my .300 ultramag I say, "there goes 3 bucks downrange..." So when you see casings raining to the ground in movies all I see is brass colored dollar bills
  4. you said "blackfish" I would be more inclined to believe that someone caught 7 black sea bass in the West end of the canal. Weights, sizes and counts are always exaggerated.
  5. Is this some sort of App? OR is it a tweet or something?
  6. I can attest to the number of people suffering from mental illness on the edge is staggering. For anyone who might be wondering how they can help, I volunteer for the Samaritans answering the phone, including the National Suicide Prevention hotline. We talk to a lot of people who have no where else to turn every day. We are always looking for more volunteers. PM me if you have been looking for a way to help and can spare a few hours a week and want to know more.
  7. Nice! It's been a while since I've had a "great" party boat experience. Maybe I'll give em a try!
  8. I'll PM this... sunset spot burn
  9. No science involved in this decision other than they set dates based upon an expected amount of take for the segment. They took some dates away, so they're giving them some new dates. From what I have borne witness to, the BSB stocks are very good.
  10. FIFY
  11. If you're fishing *live* eels, you don't use a jighead. If you're using dead eels on a jig head, then... well.... there's a whole thread here in this forum about that conundrum. Essentially a jig is a lure and a lure doesn't need to have a circle hook.
  12. epoxy jigs were the top producer at a couple outflows on the outgoing in ccb for me and a couple friends. Followed by a joe bags SP Minnow darter type swimmer. It outfished the SP minnow it looks like 2 to 1. I think it dove a bit deeper.
  13. We've been LMB fishing mostly instead of stripers, mostly in the Plymouth area. Lots of small hungry bass. I wanted to get out in the yak on a couple ponds on the cape last week. Maybe this weekend.
  14. this looks bad for my plans to fish Monomoy on Wednesday.
  15. 42" 28lbs
  16. A couple weeks ago we hit an outlet on the bayside on Saturday night. Killed em! Mostly smaller fish but some near keeper sized fish in the mix as the sun went down and before the tide ran out. Fast forward the next night when we brought a buddy we wanted to get into SW fishing. Like someone turned a switch off. a few fish here and there, and we saw folks not too far away having more consistent action, but almost the same conditions and it was all dinks and not many of them. each tide is different.
  17. 17 lb trillene was my favorite, but I never caught any big fish. Except for one. and it released itself.
  18. Got a 12 foot kayak for my birthday. I've been out a few times fw fishing around home. Ill be working from the cottage in mashpee and might have some time Tuesday evening or wednesday weather permitting. Could anyone recomend a good protected bay with a spot to put in where i could put in for a little re-entry practice and maybe even catch a schoolie or two?
  19. I never really chummed much. Mostly just chunked certain spots i could get my bait to drift in a seam or eddy. Almost always caught something on the right tides in the right places
  20. Thats how i started, and what im probably going back to.
  21. Should I have had this thing on my hand?
  22. From what I could find on them, i wasnt in any danger :^)