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  1. I dunno... I found this rock... lots of fish around that rock.... founds some bombers stuck in the rocks there too...put em in my plug bag.. gonna keep em and catch fish from that rock. mmmmm
  2. This might be a fun reason to get out and learn some new spots!
  3. Almost everything they make is good, but nothing earth shattering. Whirlpool is my fave of theirs. The 87 is up there, but I'm starting to lean more towards Pales and regular IPAs over DIPAs which I used to prefer.
  4. The day that the coyote learned to speak "aw F*@&!"
  5. All my good chunking spots (which are often terrible plugging spots) were mugged by pluggers standing around with their thumbs up their butts last year each time I went to go chunkin. I thought about trying to explain this to them to talk them out of fishing there, but I don't think they'd know what I was saying anyhow.
  6. Or perhaps someone has hamstrung the whole process on purpose so as to be able to say it's a failure? A la Scooby Doo: "Old man Jenkins sabotaged the approval process to make sure the state will see legalization is a failure" Where are those meddling kids?
  7. The next "War of Northern Agression" will probably be started over this issue in the Carolinas lol
  8. IIRC you won't find it because it is a tale of failure. I'll see if I can find the report, posted here at one point (good luck searching on "plovers" though eh?) that listed the success rates. It's a political ploy over control over real estate, with fervent young motivated individuals strapped to the front of it like prisoners are in the Mad Max movies. That said, if it weren't for the plover people, there would probably be a lot of seaside "blight" due to the crappy nature of humans.
  9. I'm building my first two now. Made out of an old fir dowel that was a curtain rod. I drilled out the tail to insert a .2 oz tail weight Total weight is going to be about 1.5 ounces I think.
  10. Windy too. Not a good canoe dayi fear
  11. No, sorry.. .that's a picture of my wife at the clearance sale at Macys. Ospreys don't have talons like that or that crazy look in their eye.
  12. Me and a couple buddies are heading to Peters on Saturday am. I'm betting we will have company. Wonder if I can talk them into taking the canoe.
  13. One can fish either bait or lures in a brain dead fashion. It's just easier to fish bait brain-deadded as all you do is chuck the bait out and stop, whereas plugging brain-deadded means a lot more work The truth is, as A#1 points out, there is more to both of them. It's about figuring out where the fish are, and giving them something they'll want to eat in a way that makes it possible. Take some people's suggestions for fishing the south side early season. Well you can do this with soft plastics OR you can do it with strips of squid or seaworms. If I have all day, I'll usually give both a try. There are a couple spots I used to catch tog and schoolies in April on seaworms (before the choggies arive in force). Plugging in such a spot was useless and jigging was a guarantee to lose lots of gear, but fishing with seaworms I usually went home with a couple tog for the table at least. One bit of advice I'd leave you with is to not waste too much time in any one spot. Sure maybe a bite will turn on, but if you're fishing while the water is moving and nobody's biting and you've tried everything that you guess might work... move on. Even if it's 50 yards down the beach or to another spot.
  14. Heard quite a bit of pre dawn gobbling down the street from my house this am while waiting for my pooch to do his business.
  15. Remember that the commercial limit is 34, not 28. And yes, one would think that, but it is often not the case. Just like there are indeed very large numbers of recreational fishermen who do not care for the health of the fish or the fishery, or laws for that matter.