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  1. IE : They gotta go up your butt with a camera to take the adult worms out. Thank a seal!
  2. Whaaaa? Ill ask around, but nobody ever seems to have things in triple-extra-gravy size!
  3. I was just looking at them online. I have some basspro gift cards to spend and I've been wanting to try wetsuiting and free diving as well.
  4. Oh we pull the yaks ashore and walk the edges of the river with nets. Keep the crabs in a bucket. I guess at high tide some folks will do the chicken leg on a string trick and net them when close. They WILL grab anything they can to escape and it WILL hurt and draw blood. There was a softshell in the bucket with a big mean one I got and the big mean one ripped all of the claws and legs off the softshell and a claw off another one. So far anything that looks close goes back. I can't imagine trying to stick my hand in the bucket to grab one with my hand to measure it without some serious gloves on. Maybe some leather work gloves?
  5. Well since I've had practically zero luck in the few times I've been out for stripers I've decided to focus my leisure time in other areas. Last night a buddy and I filled up a bucket with blue crabs in about an hour and a half (including kayaking to the spot) up in a river in SEMASS. Tide was incoming and wind made the water murky quick. Luckily once the tide got up a bit they started hanging out up on the grass on the banks instead of skulking on the bottom. Otherwise in most spots it was too murky to see anything in the water. note: need to get some diving boots. Teva's are not the right equipment for muddy, pebble and stick filled waters.
  6. I do love a piece of tuna on the grill. I buy the little frozen chunks at SS. thaw it out. olive oil, salt pepper, three minutes a side.
  7. Eastbound Route 25 is already three lanes right up to the Bourne and then gets squeezed down to 2 ON the bridge along with the traffic coming from route 6A. Route 3 is two lanes but gets squeezed down to 1 to allow the traffic coming from 6A to merge on as part of the flyover project. Westbound it is sort of the same thing. You would have two lanes flying over unhindered while traffic trying to merge on would be able to do so without taking their life into their hands on a blind merge like going over the Sag. but all those approaches would obviously be completely redone most likely.
  8. Osprey were hauling some good sized ones out too.
  9. Saw these four birds flying low in formation along South Cape yesterday afternoon. Looked like something other-worldly The interwebs say thay aren't uncommon around here, but I don't recall ever seeing (or noticing) them...
  10. Fished south cape beach last night. Mung made fishing difficult but not impossible. Further north there is very little of it, but not many more fish. managed just a couple small blue fish. The only thing they would hit that I had were hurleys, one of which got shortened on the first cast. I think they're on the tiny bait you can see skipping along the surface.
  11. If you understand the whole point of the regulation, it should be academic: Reduce gut / gill hooked fish. Fishing a rigged eel, on a jighead or otherwise is not a bait'n wait activity. It's cast' and retrieve like a lure: ergo it should not require a circle hook. Whereas someone drifting a live or dead eel, mack, pogie, worm is going to likely let that fish swallow the bait before setting the hook. (on purpose or not) Hence the circle hook. Apart from new legislation, you aren't going to get any more clarification on the rule itself. And knowing the level of knowlege many EPOs have regarding fishing techniques, they may simply see it as live or dead bait and have issue with the lack of a circle hook.
  12. Just forward of dorsal for macks. A bridle rig will give you about a 100% hook up ratio. But you'll probably gut hook a lot of them. Use a 9/0 circle.
  13. I have fished 10, 10.5 and an 11' rod at the canal. For whatever reason, the 11' feels like it's twice as long where I don't feel a diff between the 10 and 10.5. It's like they made the canal for 10.5 foot rods.
  14. You're being faccetious here right? Don't tell me you haven't heard!!??
  15. You are qll full of baloney according to OTW: Regarding striped bass in much of Massbay, it’s about as good as it gets right now! To put it in perspective, many who are reveling in 30, 40 and even 50-pound stripers are whispering among themselves, “How big do you think the biggest bass down there is right now?”. It’s hard to get any better than that!