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  1. This is the time of year the brown shark fishermen are out on the south side at night. If you were fishing eels, could have been a brown or a torpedo.
  2. Funny ,my buddy and I fished the wee hours of Saturday morning (should have slept instead) and there was a group upstream from me that were fishing in a tightly bunched group despite there being ZERO bite going on and (mind you I'm no prude) they struck me as a rather rough scraggly bunch that were out of place in this West/Mid canal cape side spot. It seemed to me like they had been chased out of another spot and set up here all disgruntled and stuff.
  3. A couple people got bit last year at Ryders cove where people had been feeding leftover macks to a few seals that hang around the marina. The seals would take them right from peoples hands... and the
  4. We trolled for salmon in Alaska on a cruise excursion. If it wasn't for the scenery and the smoked salmon dip the captain made...
  5. How about 1@46" , or even 1@50"? It would be practically C&R fishing most places. Harder to hide a 46" fish. Folks who catch a fish of a lifetime can keep it. Lots of good breeding years between 28 and 46. Funny now that I think of it. I've caught lots of 42"/ 43" fish. A Few 50" fish, but never a 46" fish. Just dumb luck I guess.
  6. What would an M-80 stuffed mackerel do in this situation? I mean it's still July right? One could say some good-for-nothin-washashore-teenagers ran by!
  7. Oh! FishRatz comment just reminded me.... GLOVES! I used to scoff at guys wearing gloves to work in. Blisters were a symbol of pride for me. (they are no longer, I've grown... older, heck even my dad wore gloves to cut wood in towards the end) If they aren't one for you... get yo'self some gloves.
  8. A bluefish bit off my last pink savage sandeel tail in the rips off monomoy yesterday. Eff bluefish. Though I still love catching them off the jetty on the southside. Nothing better than seeing your ranger blasted 5' into the air
  9. I'll take this for $100 shipped. Thank You.
  10. You do lose some of that fresh, salty , bright flavor the longer a lobby is in the tank. Also, the lobbys you get at the store may have also been in pounds for quite some time before being brought to market. I have also always found that I prefer the taste and texture of a soft shelled lobby over a hard shell lobby. I have guessed this is probably due to the amount of water filling the space in the newly molted lobster shell and perhaps the soaking in sea water the lobster gets during the molting process. Like a spa treatment or marinating of sorts
  11. Two weeks ago a buddy of mine caught a mess of them when he was supposed to be fishing with me. SEMASS waaay up river.
  12. BSB on the West end. Skates on the East end
  13. From that article... for your amusement: No further attacks were reported along the Jersey Shore in the summer of 1916 after the capture of Schleisser's shark. Murphy and Lucas declared the great white to be the "Jersey man-eater".[38] Skeptical individuals, however, offered alternative hypotheses. In a letter to The New York Times, Barrett P. Smith of Sound Beach, New York wrote: Having read with much interest the account of the fatality off Spring Lake, N.J., I should like to offer a suggestion somewhat at variance with the shark theory. In my opinion it is most unlikely that a shark was responsible, and I believe it much more likely that the attack was made by a sea turtle. I have spent much time at sea and along shore, and have several times seen turtles large enough to inflict just such wounds. These creatures are of a vicious disposition, and when annoyed are extremely dangerous to approach, and it is my idea that Bruder may have disturbed one while it was asleep on or close to the surface.[39]
  14. I was just going to bring that up. Just googled up the Wikipedia page: Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916 Five people attacked, four killed. They also know that Bull sharks can swim way up rivers into fresh water.
  15. This thread had Tavern written all over for a little while. It lamed out pretty quick tho.