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  1. Nice pics! What did you use for a camera? I've tried a few inexpensive options like waterproof cases and the results were not nearly so good.
  2. I've had to "fix" a couple. In one instance the thing would sometimes freeze the little fingers that eject the ice. a hairdryer blown on the mechanism I think was that solution.... I think eventually I might have replaced the ice maker unit. Some of them are separate modules.
  3. Owls. You can't go outside at night without hearing them everywhere. They say their population exploded a couple dozen years ago or so too. I've been told owls put a hurt on any ground nexting birds, including turkey poults.
  4. I was on Leadmine Mountain on Saturday! We were hiking (the as fast as you can, not the "hey let's check this thing out" kind) We did see an old sawmill, but no mines.
  5. I was granted PITA's "hunter of the year award"
  6. It's very impressive, but I couldn't help but think that the line to get draughts at the main bar was waaay too long, and though they were probably near "parking" capacity (peeps were parking on the grass instead of the lower lot) Having only been there physically three times now, it's never been less busy. A better system is needed there. it wasn't like the line moved very well, so maybe it's just the personel on staff at the time. The grounds are beautiful. very dog and family friendly atmosphere with plenty of space to roam or spread out. We could ave chosen a spot inside, under the pergola or out on the lawn. (we went with the lawn)
  7. I finally made it to Charlton for a beer and cans on Saturday. Third try. First one was a bunch of years ago and the line was down the road. Second try I almost made it inside and then they ran out of cans. This time, we made it. though I skipped the "Main bar" line and Betsy and I enjoyed a Lights On and a Fresh Air and watched the setting sun. (it was cloudy, but I refuse to be daunted) Took home some Green, verry Green and some Daze (single Haze).
  8. I caught a tiny one off monomoy once trolling an SP minnow basically on the surface in a rip. That was one hungry little fella.
  9. Funny.... There's practically no acorns in any of my hunting spots :/ I'd like to know where all this "Masting" is occuring!
  10. I was once told that fungal infections are hard to cure simply because we are eveolutionarily still close enough to fungus such that medecine which would kill fungi quickly would be too harmful to us.
  11. Congrats! I did a cow moose hunt in 2000. My first time entering I got drawn! For years after I said "I wouldn't do it again" but the great time I had really, I'd love to do it again and I'd bring more friends and make a vacation out of it. And yes, the meat is about the best I've had out of the woods (second maybe to the caribou). I'm hoping to get drawn again, and if it is for a cow, I'm bringing friends both for the camraderie and the help getting it out of the woods (though last time, $50 to a skidder driver got it on my truck pretty easily!)
  12. I used to listen to bob-whites through my open bedroom window growing up around the same time in Rehoboth. The abandoned golf course nearby must have been a haven for them.... pheasants too. Bob-whites in the morning and whipporwills in the evening.
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