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  1. I second/third the idea of going to a good archery shop. You'll pay a smidge more (they have to keep their doors open ay?) but the assistance and information you can get is more than worth it, especially for a beginner. Many shops also offer free range time ( a couple hours or so) when you buy a new bow from them. If you're coming from the cape, either Reedy's in Middleboro or Trader Jan's in Fall River can take good care of you. Cost can vary greatly depending upon what you are looking to do and what your budget is. A more than adequate recurve and set of arrows can be had for just a couple hundred. A beginner level compound setup with arrows and accessories for a few hundred more. Know this though, the "entry level" bows these days are technologically far advanced over even the top level bows of a couple decades ago when I got started. If you've got the $$$ anyhow, being a fan of both Matthews and longer bows, I would look at the Halon X or Traverse. I think learning on a longer Axle to Axle (length) with a larger brace height (distance between handle and the string) makes for a more enjoyable experience and shorter learning curve to get in the X ring. I think that my biggest three suggestions for a beginner would be that... 1. Go to a good pro shop that is local to you that you can visit repeatedly when getting started. 2. Choose a bow with a longer Axle to Axle length - the longer the ATA, the more stable the bow is. 3. choose a bow with a longer brace height, the longer the BH, the more forgiving it is to shoot
  2. Quality time with the kids on the way to the beach house?
  3. That is an awesome story!!! While im at it... thank you for your service to our country.
  4. A few years ago a friend of mine introduced me to fishing Monomoy and its become my favorite place to fish. We go out there in small crews on his 19' center console. My eldest daughter was leaving for college last August. When my kids were little we used to go freshwater fishing quite a bit but as they grew older and our lives filled up, fishing with dad took a back seat. My daughter was home from camp for just a couple days, so I called my friend Jerry and we made arrangements to take her out with us. It was a beautiful day, with barely a cloud in the sky and just enough of a breeze, and we hit the tide just right. I hooked up on a savage sandeel while showing my daughter how to jig in the rip, and shortly after she hooked into her second striper ever since she was 9 years old . This one was much bigger though, and her giggles as she fought it to the boat were like a bell ringing 8n my heart. A short while later, Jerry hooks into one while driving the boat and says, "help! Help!" I turned to take wheel or the rod and he mutters.. "no..her!" So i take the wheel and he hands the rod to my daughter. Now jerry fishes "ultralight" style so there was no horsing in that fish for her... but the giggles and "whooops" were much bigger. We caught 8 or 10 fish altogether that day and had a nice cruise back to the harbor. The fish werent the biggest Ive ever caught or the most, but Ill remember that day forever.
  5. .308 at 1500 yards, they'll never hear the shots. Just whack! whack! whack!
  6. jeez! Look at this picture I just googled, snapped and effed up in 3 minutes. if the Airforce base would give up a smidge of woods at the corner of the property, you could solve the canal bridge and sandwich road traffic problems with two bridges and one cloverleaf. think of it,sandwich road could be converted into a 7 mile canal parking area (I fish mainland side anyhow)
  7. Maybe the time has come for the "Can-unnel?" What are the machines they used to build the tunnel under the English Channel doing these days? (The "Chunnel?") All those Cape Cod Canal Tunnel permits would finally be put to use? How hard would it be to tunnel through sand?
  8. like anything you gotta shop around. Tire Rack had the best price on the tires I needed for my car and found a great local installer that with 4 wheel alignment was cheaper than town faire. Same tires on my daughters car was within $20 total at town faire and they had them in stock so I had it done there. (plus we moved away from said awesome local installer) Shipping wasn't that expensive but I'm probably close enough to CT to make it cheap. Or maybe it was free shipping, don't remember.
  9. That's a bummer!
  10. You could combine it with a trip to Cabelas (pick up anything you wanted but didn't get for Christmas?) It's just up the highway a bit.
  11. I would do both... in the biblical sense.
  12. I'm thinking of saying EFF the rest of hunting season and just go trout fishing. Okay maybe trout fishing in the AM and deer hunting in the PM or vice versa. I kinda caught the bug last spring.
  13. The one I shot was practically tick-free compared to some of the poor bastards I've pulled out of Dighton. I threw a hide away one year because the whole thing was moving with all the ticks coming off once it cooled.
  14. Frankly I can't wait Frankly that's the one upside to legalization for me. Hopefully 1 of 2 things will happen: 1. They will discover that all of the health benefits of canabis are really true, ushering in a new age in health and wellness or 2. They will discover that like most things, there is some benefit but mostly people were just really friggin high. Either way, we can all get back to business humping the environment and flaming each other about it.
  15. Haven't been in a few years, but it would be a great place for such an occasion Happy Anniversary!