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  1. Last night should have been great from my favorite beach. The only fish caught were a few 20" or smaller schoolies my friend got on the fly. Nothing on plugs or rubbah. September was once THE month to fish there. Last couple years.. not so much.
  2. I'm gonna give it a go... my swimming pool looks like the water off monomoy... should be a great environment
  3. Congrats!!!
  4. Think Moon Tides at the canal. Shoulder to shoulder whiteys trying to get at the seals on the shore. That's what I predict. We don't need a "cull" what we need is effective management. Just open a gray seal season from November to December. Include tags, rules, regs and enforcement present. Rifles and shotguns only. Boats allowed only for use in recovery of game. You would have folks traveling from all over the country to take part = influx in $$ during the offseason on the cape.
  5. That legit has happened at Scusset. But it was an occasion that the local director had a hair across their arse and decided to flex their wiener.
  6. What he said... but sometimes a hopkins is all they'll take too... inwhich case... throw a hopkins. I also find blues on the southside always (used to) prefer faster moving plugs like rangers, pencils and spooks to the usual popper.
  7. Narragansett bay is so full of bait, the blues were almost as elusive as the bonita we were chasing. But theyre there!
  8. They've probably learned a new cooperative feeding technique ... one scares the seals out of the shallows, and the rest of them pounce like a bunch of hoodlums on an old ladys purse... I've seen it a thousand times!
  9. Not rogue sharks like in jaws, just roving bands of them... okay... everything is fine!
  10. Just outside Saquatucket is where we found a school of choppers last Thursday. They were on the move though coralling a big bait ball of peanuts it looked like.
  11. Being devils advocate... think of how many people COULD be employed to supply all that fish if everything was hook and line... You'd have every yahoo with a boat out trying to catch and sell fish! But think of how many people would be employed? It's a jobs bill!! Now you're just being a little facetious with the catching of clams hook and line Rob!? And you can catch lobsters in the canal on mack chunks you know!?
  12. Wife read that 8 sharks were sighted in one day at Nauset beach the other day.
  13. It won't. That's the thing. It's illegal to keep if you don't have a permit. If you're not fishing from a vessel with a permit, you can't target or keep them. Again, it's a reverse loophole. No law against fishing for them from shore, just a law against catching them without a permit.
  14. The permit is granted to your vessel, it can't travel with you. I believe it's like a reverse loophole (knot?) There's just no HMS permit for shore angling.
  15. All out West though right?