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  1. Weird, actually for the last couple years, I will catch 1 to 2 fish a night. But almost always 1 and almost always ~ 40 inches. IF I catch a fish on the first couple casts, and then none for up to an hour, I will leave. That's just the first cast curse. The thing to do is dissuade the great unwashed from fishing the blitzes and literally murdering all of the fish they catch either intentionally or unintentionally. Sharpies should be handed paintball guns to patrol the ditch with and bap googans in the back of the neck when they haul a fish up the rocks to take a picture and/or measure it. You got your fish, take it back to your motel and take your kids to the bouncy park. Leave the rest of them in peace.
  2. The sprayer helps because you can feel the clam in the hole with the nozzle of the sprayer to know that there is one there. Even still, we have seen some not come all the way out and then start to head back down before we got them. I imagine that salting the top, there are probably more that just don't come all the way out. But looking back and seeing them poop out of the ground always makes me chuckle.
  3. When those pair trawlers scoop up a school of herring, they could in theory wipe out an entire years worth of returns for a smaller run. Since the life cycle is 3 to 5 years, it would make sense that the run in 4 years will probably be another down year.
  4. You really do have to read the parameters that the studies lay out and see what they are trying to determine in order to get the right take away. If you google around, you'll find various studies that focus on slightly different aspects but each are titled something along the lines of "catch and release mortality for striped bass" The science isn't bad, but in most cases you can't just take their figures and walk away with a number you can go around touting. One I found had a lot of information regarding temperature differences between water and air, but stopped short of stating anything quantitative, which is what we all really want. THe science isn't crap, it's science, which if it is good, tells you very specific things but not everything you want to know. What I found interesting about the DIodoti data was also what I keep telling people. You may think that fish swam away and lived, but it might not have. Diodoti notes that mortality occured often 6 to 24 hours later, and not by seals or other predators. Another thing I found interesting is that none of these studies were done at the canal, where conditions like water temperature, current, structure, etc. were likely very diffferent than the controlled areas or river conditions in which these studies were done. And that's kinda the point of this post I think.
  5. it is. people thinking that because a fish swam away that it will live for certain are fooling themselves, especially a large fish fought to exhaustion. Some will, many will not, and what we are being told now is that it is fewer than what we thought.
  6. With the committee finally declaring the overfished status, I think it would be the most opportune time to make a drastic change and then dial back next year. If you set a limit of 1 fish @ say 40" it would give thousands of fish a second and third chance at spawning and make it easier to spot poachers with undersized fish. a keeper fish also woulnd't fit nicely into the little barrels that certain groups use to ferry bass away from the canal near the cribbin and such. We already have regs on the books specifying catch and release and different creel limits on different waters in the state. Who is to say we can't have different regs and creel limits for certain beaches or shorelines? If certain groups knew that they can't keep fish legally from a body of water, and being seen ferrying away ANY fish could mean losing their fishing gear, maybe it will disuade them from fishing there at all and will save even a couple hundred fish that get to spawn another day?
  7. I have a couple deep scratches in my camaro. Guy at my usual shop (it's sad that I have a usual body shop) said that if it's through the paint to the primer they can't buff it out and need to paint.
  8. That's what I thought! At the East end? Gawd that would have made a difference in my life!
  9. I may hit one of my old fave RI spots later this week.
  10. Being quite libertarian in a lot of my views, it's rare I think that banning anything is a good thing. based solely upon the amount of those f*&^i%@ nip bottles I find EVERYWHERE I strongly feel we should ban the sale of them. You can't walk a tenth of a mile anywhere without finding at least one, but usually you find a dozen.
  11. I have seen them during deer season in a Cedar Swamp in SEMASS. Only a couple times though, with many hours spent in that swamp. In low light that stripe on the head seems almost phosphorescent.
  12. Check the regs but im pretty sure that the ct and mac are the only rivers you can keep shad from. If you have a river with a Herring run, from what i understand youve got a chance at shad. Im told shad spawn in the rivers while herring spawn in the ponds
  13. There were a dozen or so or more at the Berkley bridge for a week or so. It's been high tides in the AM for the last week so I haven't seen them.
  14. That's a Savage Gear Mack Stick