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  1. Grilled yes, but not smoked yet.
  2. On my previous bike I did. It was a smaller frame women's schwinn mountain bike. I had to peddle with my heels. IIRC it has more to do with the design/angle of the upper rear fork and location of the brake mounting that affects this.
  3. Drove out to East beach yesterday evening. Lots of weed but a walk East found some more fishable water. Found some very picky smaller fish in the wash that were just slapping at whatever I threw. Took a skunk home.
  4. We will hopefully be looking to buy in a year or two. there's almost nothing on the market now but I'm now looking at Westport. not too far but not too close to the canal but still close to really good fishing in and around buzz bay. And it's pretty good farmland.
  5. And the sound it makes when you go under there will give you nightmares!
  6. I've not had a lot of great luck with them. Lots of guys liked em for the canal because I think of that light wavering motion is exagerated in current but doesn't cause a lot of drag. My favorite way to fish them is using an FSK and essentially jigging it in the canal. Hits usually came on the drop.
  7. Congratulations!!! That's so awesome! I have to admit I can't wait to be a grampa. I'm very jealous!
  8. One of the last straws was when I asked my (now ex-)wife if I could use the comfort bike I bought for her some 8 years earlier that she rode a total of 1 time and set it up with a basket and rod holders. She said "no." Those things are really "step thru", have super low low gears and super comfy seats. Not very manly, and you have to find a way to mount it on your bike rack, but other than an electric bike you probably couldn't find a better suited bike for the application.
  9. I'd drop those buts down a bit if I could. Mine sit just 3" from the ground and unless you do wheelies or run over something they won't get any closer.
  10. Some of those trees can sneak up on you when your chatting with your buddies or something catches your eye on the access road. If they hang less than 10 feet, there's not much you can do with a 10 foot pole.
  11. Thaaaat sucks!
  12. I have found a great diversity in quality. Some really good. Some really NOT!
  13. Usually when I can smell the fish I’m catching. damn moon burned my retinas. I’m sure the fish didn’t care for it one bit
  14. Fished sandbar in upper bay again last night. First two hours of the outgoing tide. No love. It smelled fishy though.