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  1. Sounds like a job for old Jerry Ellis!
  2. how long does weed keep? Assuming relatively ideal storage conditions.
  3. Think the weather will keep folks away tomorrow? I'd like to take a long lunch and take a ride out there. but it's 1 hour each way. I can't spend another hour in line
  4. Good. a couple of key points if you don't already know them: 1. Go slow and clear your chips often by backing out every 1/2 inch or so. This will limit "walking" of the bit within the wood 2. Drill from both ends if possible and plan to meet in the middle. 3. If you don't wind up meeting in the middle, do not despair. Chances are when you drill your hook holes, it'll make them meet up in the end. 4. When possible, I try to drill before turning (poppers, pencils, etc.. where the thru drill is on center.. For metal lips, etc. where the drill hole is off center. I often thru drill afterwards. The point being if you mess up drilling before turning, you haven't wasted all your time shaping the plug only to ruin it.
  5. 5/32" There used to be a number of threads on here regarding thru drilling. Do you plan to drill them on your lathe? by hand? On a press? Highly recomend getting a chuck for your lathe and doing it that way.
  6. My sister has had one roosting over her bird bath the last couple weeks in CT. She showed me some cell phone pics over the weekend.
  7. Okay then put me down for three, two tourists and a local. How about a boat multiplier?
  8. I found a headless seal on a beach in RI... nearly fell over it in the foggy darkness.... I'm probably lucky i didn't get bowled over by it in the surf as I was fishing that spot earlier in the evening ....same beach on which a dead GW washed up.
  9. You have a point! I'm not going out like that. And none of this hooked up to a hundred machines and IVs in the hospital. but I have some ideas.
  10. This mild winter has em hanging around. A flock of robins ate nearly all the red berries in my back yard in one sitting a week or so ago.
  11. Would have been a great addition to the stomach contents thread had you opened her up!
  12. There's a spot near me that I've been meaning to try for years but haven't. And is holdover fishing done at night mostly because people who see you would think you're crazy?
  13. Which as with many other things, a little policing and some fines (ie enforce rules and regulations) and the problem would be solved, but that's too hard.
  14. All I have to do is breathe apparently. Anything I say or do is irrelevant.
  15. So like most things, it's not the moorings themselves, it's the people and their poop effing things up for everyone.