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  1. I'm just getting back into building and lost the drum sander I used in the move. (getting divorced) I tried with a narrower drum and the radius is too narrow and I keep messing plugs up. This thread has calmed me a bit
  2. What I think a lot of people don't realize, especially if they're relatively new, is how phenomenal the fishing was outside of the blitzes for those years. Folks who knew where and when to fish would find them on the regular, not just when blitzes were happening. If one knew what they were doing, getting skunked was rare. Maybe we're just on a three to five year downturn where the fish went elsewhere, I dunno, but if there wasn't a blitz going on the last few years, there wasn't much to be had as far as I could tell.
  3. I went out last weekend to a pond on the cape. Mid day after shellfishing. Lots of people fishing but not much catching. We were throwing spinners without a hit.
  4. What I would like to see is a leg up from Amazon to the small local shops. Keep them in business and make a buck. Be their distributor. Have channels for small business to feed small businesses. If I decided to sell the plugs I made, I could go to amazon and they would take my inventory. Tackle shops could order them from amazon and have them in a day or two. I could catch a fish on Monday, post it to youtube and Canal Bait could order them from amazon that day. Bulk packaging, low costs, etc.. Something like that. No need to order stuff months in advance on the chance that the season sucks or that the next hot product fizzles.
  5. Yes they are, especially among young people, as are calls to suicide hotlines.
  6. This year seems exceptional with regards to size and condition. One can find the littler ones for slurping or the medium sized ones for rockefeller pretty easily. Larger ones for frying are plentiful too.
  7. They do that in Barnstable. Many come from Fall River / Mount Hope Bay.
  8. I've broken three airwaves. twice on the cast, one when my lure got hung up and I lightly yanked (the next fish would have broken it for sure.) not the trophy model. I have one left and I'm afraid to use it. You'll be happy with the Star Stellar.
  9. There was a huge regatta in Narragansett bay this weekend. I saw what looked to me like B17s between Prudence and the Newport bridge.
  10. If he was there first, it's your bad. Move or fish like the guy who was there before you is fishing. It's pretty simple. Back in the day, setting up 40 yards downcurrent from me while chunking would have gotten you an earful.
  11. I often wonder what the govt spends on say a 50 cal or 30mm round. I swear I remember hearing something like one "brrrt" from a warthog is like a 1000 bucks a second or something. I know it's retail but I know every time I shoot my .300 ultramag I say, "there goes 3 bucks downrange..." So when you see casings raining to the ground in movies all I see is brass colored dollar bills
  12. you said "blackfish" I would be more inclined to believe that someone caught 7 black sea bass in the West end of the canal. Weights, sizes and counts are always exaggerated.
  13. Is this some sort of App? OR is it a tweet or something?
  14. I can attest to the number of people suffering from mental illness on the edge is staggering. For anyone who might be wondering how they can help, I volunteer for the Samaritans answering the phone, including the National Suicide Prevention hotline. We talk to a lot of people who have no where else to turn every day. We are always looking for more volunteers. PM me if you have been looking for a way to help and can spare a few hours a week and want to know more.
  15. Nice! It's been a while since I've had a "great" party boat experience. Maybe I'll give em a try!