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  1. Sooo.. subtract all the miles on the south side as there are virtually no fish on most of them during the summer, Subtract 1/4 of the rest because of no public access, and subtract 90% of the outer beaches because of total orv closure and then Ill agree with your sentiment. Also remember, many of the folks complaining arent crossing the bridges.
  2. Folks just want their peace and quiet back. They just want to be able to fish without a hassle. The canal is the most heavily fished piece of water where people fish shoulder to shoulder precisely because of these reports, spot burns, whatever you want to call them. It wasn't like that before. I think that itself is worth bemoaning and the folks that call the place their home have a legit beef in my opinion. Frankly someone coming here into a thread to complain about those complaining is even more rich. You've come here to ruin them complaining about what they had being ruined, and you haven't lost anything!
  3. I wonder if other area beaches were poached as well.
  4. I saw a hummingbird in the "wild" last year for the first time during turkey season. It was pre-dawn and I heard something in the bush above me buzzing loudly. I looked up and saw it buzzing around what must have been honeysuckle.
  5. Something I had not considered before... The NMFS takes figures from each of the coastal states, but when anglers move en-masse from one state to another, wouldn't that really screw up their calculations? I'm asking because I don't know, and maybe it's insignificant, but maybe it's not. If a good % of the biomass was really in the CCC, and thousands of anglers are comfing from NJ,NY,CT, RI, etc.. to the CCC , then perhaps it is statistically significant from a management point of view? Like you can't say there are 10K anglers in MA if there are another 10K coming from other states, you know?
  6. I think this weekend I am going to prepare to smoke some blues and head out to try and target some. Are they still getting them on the outer cape beaches? I might have to employ a friend of mine if his boat is still in Chatham.
  7. I think that plug has a pretty specific purpose: fishing rips like Monomoy and the Vinyard. The video on their website showing how to use it pretty much demonstrates that. I imagine it could be used in any inlet, or even the canal in certain circumstances.
  8. The internet has now also ruined beach sex.
  9. Saw a couple kayak fishing a creekmouth last night. The lady was actually on the beach adjusting gear or something when I arrived. As I walked down towards the shore and was about to say "hey buddy" when she turned around and I realized it was a young woman.
  10. On a "bluefish" trip on a boat out of the north shore once, all we caught were spiny dogs. When one of the guides got the spine stuck in his forearm while unhooking one rather tangled doggie, it confirmed my dislike for those nasty bastids. the guy bled everywhere and his arm blew up like a baloon.
  11. And THAT ladies and gentlemen is really how the internet is ruining everything. Everyone wants to post pictures of their: * Fish * Cairn (piled stones on a beach, stream, etc.) * Drink * Food Things that used to be unique, private, intimate are suddenly overrun with an ever increasing population of ever increasingly bored people because the inspiration to do something and the information to do it in the easiest manner is in their hand and face 24/7 (their cell phone) And in their process to be "just like that guy" they are ruining everything "that guy" stood for. I stopped by "The Fisherman" statue last night on my way past the canal after fishing a beachfront for a few hours and asked him what he thought of the canal scene these days.
  12. Exactly, take your 14 fish a year and multiply it by what? How many rec striper fisher people are there out there who catch that many fish in a season?
  13. That's not the mortaility rate. That is the % of removals (dead fish) as a result of C&R. (discards)