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  1. How many people here have actually caught a verified 40 pound striper in the cape cod canal?
  2. Thinking about chunking some South Side spots tonight. I remember one night at Poppy with my newphew when he was about 9. I had two rods and some macks. I'd cast one out, hand him the rod, bait up the second just in time to help him land and dehook a blue. I'd hand him the next rod and bait up the first. Those were the days.
  3. I was at West Island a couple nights ago. Pogies right along the beach. I was all gigged up for a BluesBath knowing that Narragansett bay was full of blues and I heard that they had moved into BBay.too. No blues, other than MY blues that night. Pogies went on their way unmolested as did my plugs.
  4. Boat is still in drydock. He had a sticky cylinder in the starboard engine so that one is likely going to be a new powerhead anyhow. Still havent heard about the fuel. We got the port engine running by just opening the line and getting fuel to flow. We got back to the dock with the help of the marina tender.
  5. Friend of mine picked us up to go fishin after fueling up 100 gals at his marina. Boat ran fine all morning. Within a half mile the port engine was at zero psi and kept stalling. Just before throttle up time the starboard engine went "klunk" and never turned over again. We learned an epensive lesson in fuel fanatacism at his expense.
  6. Extra crispy please
  7. Last night we were apparently targeting zero pound fish at several spots. We limited out. Every cast, zero pounds.
  8. My biggest fish to date was 52" long but only weighted 43lbs. Caught in October.
  9. That's the size, it's like a perch! You can't even get your thumb in to lip them!
  10. Removing the back hook doesn't totally negate the benefit of the swivel (or two splt rings as I use) to the plug. (ie : fewer broken plugs) because the swivel can till rotate and take some strain off of the plastic. Removing the back hook has other benefits: 1. reduces the torque on YOU the fish applies when both hooks are stuck in the side of its face. This makes for an easier and shorter fight and ergo reduces mortality on the fish. 2. reduces the chance that YOU are hooked by a flopping fish with an extra treble swinging around. 3. reduces the chance that the fish is hooked deep. That said, a tag or flag or blade added to the tail of the SP minnow at least makes the action more "lifelike" in my opinion.
  11. No rear treble is the "preferred method" but I find the action is a little too wacky without it (on SPs anyhow). Most plugs I find do need something back there to have the correct action.
  12. That sounds about right. Tons of micros, all after grass shrimp. One of the best lures for that is a 1/8 oz jighead with a translucent green tail from a rubber worm. Just the tail. The canal is full of them too.
  13. And there are places that used to be full of fish where you just don't see them anymore, or only see them briefly / in very small numbers. It's funny. Even with Fisheries management finally admitting that the fishery is over fished, there are people who will still say "no, I saw fish, they're still there! Everything is OK!" When the only fish you can catch the end of may are dinks and schoolies, that's a big problem.