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  1. Because buying the boat is cheaper than filling a bunch of 80W with 100lb braid. Plus it gets dangerous when a big fish pulls an angler around the boat. I use 65lb stealth on just about every conventional I own, mostly abu's.
  2. I couldn't shoot one either.
  3. The main reason is conservation. In areas where elephant hunting is not allowed, the native people kill them off because they destroy their crops, resulting in starvation. They are also very aggressive and kill people every day in Africa. In areas where hunting is allowed, the sport hunter is paying anywhere between $10K for a tuskless cow, upwards of $200K for a 100lb(per tusk) bull. All of the sudden the villagers figure out its worth it to allow them to coexist, and can afford to not get themselves killed trying to run off a nasty bull elephant in the midle of the night who is eating their crop. In countries allowing hunting, they are flourishing, and numbers are increasing, In the countries where hunting for them is not allowed, their numbers and habitat are decreasing. Keep in mind hunting for an elephant is days and days of walking following tracks, and far from guaranteed. Success rate depends on the area, but you can spend a two week safari walking through a concession the size of New Jersey and never catch up to a good bull.
  4. They were down 10-0 at halftime, and the INT's Eli through on two of the first three posessions in the second half didn't matter? LOL.
  5. I remember Hillary rolling her eyes....
  6. "he seemed a little shaken" Charlie Weiss was steering that ship. It was a great run.
  7. Eli Manning = Ryan Leaf
  8. Carjacking in Miami, shot in the stomach
  9. Heavy jacket in July, running from police into a subway, it looks like Coolerpup was wrong and Darwin was right!
  10. I actually lowered the rod and grabbed the spool with a couple wraps left and it broke at the barrel. Reeling in 400 yards of slack braid did wonders for my next cast.
  11. I had something spool a 5500 emblem filled with over 400 yards of 30lb stealth, never slowed, never stopped, couldn't tighten the drag enough to even slow it, so there's something big out there.
  12. Bang! good kitty
  13. If Eli Manning can play a quarterback on TV, Tiki can be an anchorman...
  14. Yes, the point was made very clearly. Some feel that you can't possibly do something so rude, selfish and obnoxious to deserve 4 flats. I disagree. Both gentlemen belong to separate but distinct "groups" that are a headache to most other people fishing the area. I find it hailarious that they get so angry with each other. If you don't like that point of view, well
  15. I have to smile reading some of these posts, I saw a guy get all 4 tires slashed Sat morning. Apparently he was mugged after fishing there all night, and didn't take too kindly to it. He looked over at me in my car 15 feet away and obviously didn't care. I was tempted to wait until the guy came back and found his truck on rims, but was too tired.