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  1. Some are and some are not but strength relation to weight is not direct! I just think that if we buy poor gear they evolve slower! I've read stupid recommendations to go gym but there are also peaople who understand better! Esa
  2. I could not find the weights of new Orvis Clearwater series of rods but previous were great because they were very light weight and I hope they have not changed them too much. I have many TFO and Orvis rods and out of "brand rods" the Clearwater is best spent money by quite big margin. Most TFO rods I have bought heavily discounted and I think they are not worth their cost because they are heavy. Also Echo and Colton rods I have or have seen are heavy. Esa
  3. Slow beginning and fast finish is better and then rod does not begin to straighten too early. I have tried to fix it on my TH casting last two years but it is damn hard when it has "built to muscle memory" so try not let it happen to you. Esa
  4. There is some Creep and then you hit very hard and rod bends too much when blank is long and heavy. I can't see the line but I think there comes big tailing loop. Heavier line and smoother and bit longer casting stroke is better when TH casting. High stop on back cast and then Drift. Esa
  5. I have faith to Danish sea trout fly Pattegrisen. It has fooled striper, snook, bluefish, jack, snakehead, ladyfish and few other. It is very lively and when shank below is weighted it bounce like clouser when stripping. I have began doing craft fur spinning loop shrimp as well but I have not fished them yet. Esa
  6. I think that on delivery cast the thinner sinking line cause less rod bend because its wind resistance is lower. When lift out of water sinking line cause more rod bend because its water drag is higher although it is thinner but when it sinks its surface ”sees” more water molecyles. Esa
  7. I have three original UST and they have most rear biased weight distribution of any Scandi I have which count is approaching 100 Even UST Intermediate/S5 has 68% mass on rear half and Floating/S1 has 70%. Later SA began making Shorts and recently Sliding Density UST which I have not bought. Perhaps yours is those? If SA have change the UST worse they do not intrest me anymore. Esa
  9. I never cut lines from the tip because light tip calms down the line loop. Heavy level lines also cast bad without tapering tip. Spey lines can be cut from the rear for overhead casting but then they loose weight fast. Some heads have rear tapers which is lighter than thick belly so removing it takes out less weight. Rear taper can be use as tip on other lines. For Spey casting tuning the head lighter is best to remove sections from the middle. Esa
  10. Yes K, and when longer line head is cast which longer rod makes possible. Shorter rod alone does not do much but when also heavier line is cast then it does! Line head length has significant effect to cast length but there also come limit to fly size. I use very narrow hand spacing when I DH cast 10ft rod. Perhaps it is only 2/3 what I use with 15ft rod so the ratio is the same. I like how easy it is to cast narrow and fast line loop using short rod. I can cast narrow line loop using long rod too but I can not full power casting stroke but I am working on it. My principle has been many years that I cast heavy enough line for my biggest salt water flyes and use just long enough rod that I achieve easy 90...100 ft when it is calm. Now I have a 10ft DH rod and 750...800gr lines and it quarantees that when wing gets nasty the performance does not drop too much. Mike and Red will beat me when no wind with their 550gr lines and longer rods but when casting to strong head wind I will win! I also have a 15ft rod for Spey casting practise which I today used for small fly fishing as well when I had mangroves close behind and it was enjoyable to shoot line which did require up to 20 three feet long line strips Esa
  11. When DH casting using a short rod just narrower hand spacing is used to keep line speed up! There is only one feature where short rod with heavy line lacks performance against longer rod and lighter line is calm and tail wind casting because delivery trajectory can not be as high unless line head is too short which shortens the cast. But when winds usually are against us and fishing usually is line stripping where short line head is easier a short rod makes fishing easier. If easy calm wind 90ft range with 6 inch fly is enough a 10ft DH with 800gr line is fine. Then in practice there is no wind you can not continue fishing and performance difference to head wind casting against longer setups comes significant. Esa
  12. Game Changer is very time consuming to tie and materials cost quite a lot too. Wooly Worm / Magic Worm flyes are cheap and fast to tie and very lively as well. Out of one worm I have made two flyes. Esa
  13. Yes it is! I've had it at least five years and it was discounted when I found it. I always search rods which fit to suitcase and has potential as fly rod and I've found few but there are much more two or three piece rods which I would have accepted. I believe tackle shops should allow you to test them if you bring your own line. If lure rating 2oz is inside rods rating it has potential to be a TH fly rod for about 700gr line. Esa
  14. There should be good and cheap options? I finally began customimg my Fenwick Aetos 10ft 1-2oz 4pc spinning rod as DH fly rod because it is what I have used the most. With it a 700gr line is very light to cast and it delivers all my SW flyes to good fishing distance. Its short length limits fishing range so that handling shooting line is not limiting factor when fishing low wind but 700gr line pushes to strong wind very well and distance does not drop too much when line speed stay high and line loops narrow. Esa
  15. Airflo Compact Skagit is good material because they come heavy and are cheap. Other end has 8ft quite good taper where it thins to about 70% diameter. Other end has about 4ft taper which thins to about 75%. Vision Skagit has the same taper and it comes as full intermediate and sink3. Quite good floating belly is Rio Flight and it usually sell very cheap as used because longer Skagit bellys are not used much anymore. I have 750gr and with big fly it casts good with just a mono leader. I have TH cast it quite a lot for fish using Fenwick Aetos 10ft Spinning rod when wind is strong. Esa