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  1. You really need to cast heavier line!!! It performs better in wind and with big fly! Rod has very little effect unless it is way too soft. Too stiff rod is not easy to cast because casting stroke needs to be narrow not to increase line loop size and stiff rod usually is heavy as well. I have fished sea run trout in stronger winds here in Finland than I have seen during my five visits to Cape Cod. Best rod/blank I have used is Berkeley Chili 11ft spinning rod rated for 15/55g lures. It is IP472g AA70 and is very nice with 700...750gr lines which are heavy enough for smallish trout flyes. Before that I did use Sage TCR 12'9'' 9wt IP377g AA68 which I did cast 700gr line. Today I again did testing with my most powerful Carp rod Karpfenrute 13ft 3.5lbs, IP746g AA55 casting 950gr line and I was not able to bend it enough and line speed did suffer when I had to use narrow casting stroke to achieve narrow line loop. Then when I did increase line speed I had to use wider casting stroke and then line loop got wide. Previous test I did cast 1730gr line and then rod did bend enough but naturally that is way too heavy line for fishing although I was able to shoot more line I have ever shot with any other fly setup. Esa
  2. Very good story and camera work! The cast at 2:50 can be used as an example of Creep which lead to Tailing Loop but still catch fish Esa
  3. Mark, mounting the rod handle or blank in top of a door it should be easy to find enough free room to measure even a very long rod. Please use 18 inches (450mm) mounting length when measuring TH rods and TH rod blanks and you get comparable values to what I, Red and few others have measured. Just rod butt is tied so the handle bends up naturally like it does when we cast. For SH rods I have used 7 inches. Some rods which have big butt knobs need to have something under the front handle to get them horizontal and I have used just strips of cardboard. For mounting rope works but using two straps is easy but it needs to be tightened quite hard because it stretch. Esa
  4. I like to cast heavy lines which fly far and I make my casting easier using wide casting stroke and then rod needs to bend to achieve nartow line loop! Esa
  5. Rod bend (load) is mostly a conseguence of the casting distance! Fly line weight has more interesting function: Too heavy line increase rod bend because it needs more force to accelerate. But too light line increase rod bend as well because its energy related wind resistance is high so it needs more speed and then rod bend increase. Not because of line weight but because of rod swing weight and blank wind resistance where rod length has big effect. Spey casting increase rod bend because of water anchor and there typical Skagit line which tip is heavy and leader is short together with sustained anchor casting waste line energy more than touch&go casting where usual leader is long. When overhead casting it is the first back cast which can make rod bend more when it needs to lift from water and straighten to back but clever angler fish fly closer and does the first back cast using shorter length of line and then release line head out of rod tip. But casting same weight line same distance the OH cast bends rod the least. I really think it is silly to use long rod and cast light line where most energy goes to accelerating the rod which is not cast Esa
  6. There is Bigcarptackle in USA. They do not have Emcast rods but Sonik Dominator X Carp Rod 12ft 2.75lbs is what I would buy because its blank looks very thin around the reel seat. If the blank is made using wowing like it ways it is very advanced technology and should be light weight. It is not cheap but $129 is not expensive when compared to fly rods. Perhaps they weight it if you ask before buying? Also NGT 12ft 2.75 lbs Carbon rod for only $35 is very good buy. It is not light but should not be too heavy to cast and fish. Emcast 12ft 2.75lbs from UK or Germany should ship to USA. I have received fishing gear from USA using eBay Global Shipping Program and rod shipping was only five dollars but it was a travel rod. I think that GSP works both ways. You just need to ask those European sellers because obviously they are not used to ship thay way. Do not buy stiffer than max 2.75lbs because you will need to cast 900gr or heavier line. All 2.75lbs I have are nice with 800gr but I have cast 800gr using 2,25lbs rod as well.
  7. No need to reduce line weight for overhead casting when you strip line so short that it lifts to back cast easy. 650gr line delivers medium size fly to 100ft very easy in calm and small fly goes to 120 but it needs more effort. Esa
  8. I use two methods: Dipping to acethone softens the coating very fast and it comes away scraping. Using a thin mono loop and pull coating away 1/4'' or bit longer at a time. Trying stripping too long breaks the core. Esa
  9. You are the men!
  10. Use syringe thru a drilled hole but definitely use PUR (polyurethane resin). It expands when it dries so it fills holes better than epoxy. Tape the handle where PUR might ooze out so it expands better to where is should. Only problem with PUR is that opened bottle usually don't stay useable more than max one year but sometimes only 6 months so it gets bit expensive if you don't build rods but perhaps your shops have smaller bottle. Use disposable cloves too because PUR sticks very hard to everything especially to skin. Esa
  11. I have not used or even seen it but I have read that Monic is best coated floating shooting line for long range fishing because it has low stretch as it is built over 65lbs GSP core. Esa
  12. 1oz to 5oz is quite big range and 5oz might make it bit too stiff but either test casting few fly lines or measuring its stiffness and action I can't say more. Esa
  13. Red 13ft rod is not awful too long but generally long rod is never easy to cast and fish but when line head is heavy it is hard and in strong wind it is torture. In strong wind short rod and heavy line performs better and stay reasonably easy to cast. There are very rare individuals who use long rods when fishing SW but I have when I was young and healthy because I had lots of them and it took some time to understand it was not very clever. I still use 15ft rods when I fish Salmon but it but it is mostly Spey casting so line can not be heavy and meading and guiding line and occacional fish between rocks is sometimes important. Go and buy a clothes line and build few heavy heads and cast them and you understand where the performance comes. When it is calm it is not good to scare fish casting very heavy line but when it is windy the heavy line splashing water does not seem to be too bad. Esa
  14. Red, if you are still interested to get a long rod my CTS Affinity DH 18ft #13-14 has four sections which before building were: 155,4g+114,6g+60,5g+24,28g=354,8g. I have CCS measured it twice IPs 546g and 535g, AA60 and AA62 and second measures were after wrapping guides. I have not build handle yet because I am planning to change its action more full cutting the tip and lengthening the butt section. I have Spey cast about 75g (1150gr) heads. CTS have an offer to send blanks post free. Edit: Free shipping ends today and obviously very soon because NZ time zone. Esa
  15. Mike, I did some TH testing yestarday and now I think good Carp rod stiffness for fly line casting can be found among only 2.25lbs rated rods. Carp rod rating can not be trust much so some rated as 2.75 lbs like Daiwa Emcast is good but it is very soft as 2.75lbs. One test was funny but quite scary too Someone did ask my opinion of a very short and heavy head use for places like CC Canal so I made 20ft head which came 1730gr and I did cast it usIng Karpfenrute 13ft (3.96m) 3,5lbs IP746g AA55. I took videos but I have not watch if they are good enough to publish but using oval casting I did launch very long casts and shot lots of thick mono. This shooting head has no taper so the line loops came very erratic. Next I should go to water and test Spey casting. It surpriced me that only 30ft 920gr clothes line did cast good and I think it is because rods very slow action angle only 55 decrees which make long rod bend quite a lot despite the line weight. You can not see Sakari again took few medals but I know you knew it already Perhaps is time here for a distance casting practice thread where tackle and technicue is discussed although SL forum is excellent place? Esa