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  1. There are few 10ft Carp rods on Bigcarptackle but they are 3.00lbs rated and all seem to have thin heat shrink handles and big spinning guides but NGT Floatmaster 12' 3pc $24.95 seems to have small guides and normal diameter foam handles but it is longer you are looking I have one 12ft rod what belongs to Float/Match fishing group and I have cast 400...600gr fly lines and it is very nice. Long rod is easy to cut tip shorter and then cast heavier loads. Fox Warrior S are discounted and they have cork handles. 10' 3.00TC $79.95 and 12' 2.75TC $87.96. I have cast 700...900gr fly lines with 2.75lb Carp rods so 2oz lure should be fine? UK fishing forums have more info how lb-rating match to cast weight. One more very cheap is NGT Dynamic Travel 11' 2.75lb which is four piece for about $30 and I think in USA it is available thru Amazon. It is good with 700...900gr fly lines as well but I have cast 1200gr line to test that it does not break and when it didn't so I bought four more. Esa
  2. I live in Finland. I have done about 20 one to two week vacations to USA which most have consist some fly fishing. I am not an instructor but I have analyzed casting and thought its mechanisms. Sometimes it is frustrating that I can't fix my own casting because I can't see what happens there above and behing me but last two years I have took videos which is a great tool. When I ptactice overhead casting it is mostly lawn casting and then I usually cast cheap DT lines and many kind of shooting heads. One thrill with DT is I start only leader and rod length of line out of rod and then I begin trying to aerialize as much line as possible as fast as possible. On another I take line unspooling it from reel one metre each casting stroke. Aerial mending is what I have promised myself to practice next because that I can't do much but when trout fishing it could be good. Esa
  3. Stiffer leader makes it harder for line to turn it straight! When line is supple it waste less energy and perhaps line loop also morphs narrower. Leader can be considered as an extension of fly line. When I want to use very strong leader I use Nylon and boil it in water which has some vinegar and it turns soft and stretchy as well. When it is stored in zip-lock bag which has wet paper it stay soft quite long time. Esa
  4. I have not but I have cast Rio Skagit Flight 750gr which head is 27ft so only bit longer. I was able to shoot quite a lot of line when I did concentrate releasing line very early trying not to speed up actual line loop. Some initial eis needed but as little as possible. Switch Chucker seems to have a handling section so perhaps you can use two even three feet of overhang to lengthen casts? I think it is meant to be cast with a tip but its front end should be thin enough for average salt water flyes. Esa
  5. You should be able to cast fine only half head inside rod but only guite short length. Optimum is that hauls does not pull any head insIde guides but sometimes one or two feet overhang does not hurt and sometimes it improves cast. Your line seems to have a handling section which has two functions. It makes holding line easier and sometimes the rest of running line is thinner which decrease its weight and it increase cast length when less energy is needed to accererate shooted length of line. Handling section should also makes the line last longer when the section which wears the most is thicker. But possibly you can use even longer overhang when needed which lengthens the cast when cast line comes longer and bit heavier. Esa
  6. That taper looks bit prone to line tip overshoot when line straightens during false casting so you need to use just enough back cast power to make line straighten smoothly. High stop helps here making line loop narrow and when line head is 30ft you should not need to haul your back cast much or at all when there is head wind. Slow back cast also gives you more time to Drift which is essential to long cast and first method to prevent Tailing Loop when rod tip cannot dip much below line path when line acceleration is began using rod trevel moving rod butt towards the target. When rod hand has passed your head about one feet begin rod rotation and then haul. Late haul is essential to long cast and it also prevents another TL wave which might come if haul finishes too early causing rod tip rise above the line path. Esa
  7. I fully acree Mikes opinion! Approaching casting thinking rod "load" does not improve casting and usually it make Tailing Loops bigger. We accelerate line and make rod bend just enough that line path comes straight. When longer cast is needed we haul in the end of casting stroke while rod straightens which accelerates line more. When that is not enough we need to cast heavier line using stiffer rod. When fishing different lengths of line out of rod tip I use line which has about 10ft front taper, then some level and then very long rear taper. So the line loop behaves rationally, straightens smoothly and lands to water softly. Such head also "loads" short length out of rod and shoots decent even when not whole head is out of rod tip when line alteady tapers there. Long rear taper allows casting a very long length of line out of rod tip without overloading the rod when very long cast is needed. My favorite Taper is Scientigic Anglers Trout Taper which comes few different textures and prices. Its head is so long that it might be too long for overall use but SA has similar tapers which heads are shorte. I have not bought those but I would trust the data SA has in their web page. I have two old SA tropic (bonefish) lines which I have used during normal summer sunny weather which for example CC on May can have. When line needs stretching straight I don't pull it between my hands. I route it behind something solid and pull both ends. I think this method has less danger to break coating loose from the core. Airflo CAST has similar taper but they are very heavy. WF10F 50ft head is 450gr. I also like Barrio GT90 taper but they are lighter trout sizes and they are moderately priced because they are sold direct from UK. Esa
  8. If both rods have same stiffness and the same line is cast it does not because longer rod is heavier and you accelerate and decelerate weight which you don't cast in the first place but the effect of only half feet is small. What comes to gear the only quaranteed method to get more punch is to cast heavier line. Using longer rod it is possible to increase performance slightly casting longer line head but nowhere as much what you can achieve casting a heavier line. Esa
  9. Spey casting on running water is easier when there comes more time to free the line before back cast but practicing on still water is not much more difficult when floating and shortish line head is cast. Easiest to Spey cast is a Scandi taper using very long leader. When practicing use only fluff. But then you begin using a fly be careful with Snap-T so that you don't hit the fly with rod. Use Circle-C first which is basically the same as Snap-C but uses longer and higher rod travel to set the anchor and fly and rod pass farther. Then you can tighten the circle and cast approach Snap while monitoring that fly and rod do not come near to collicion. Snap-T is very good cast to learn when it sets the anchor very firmly so it works when airborne/touch&go casts are impossible because of wind. Snake Roll is a T&G cast which is doable longer as well when wind speeds up. Or Snake Poke where anchor is set using first part of SR and delivery is done using end of Perry Poke cast. Esa
  10. When thinner end is towards the fly the thicker end comes towards the reel. Spey cast efficiency increase when more line mass comes to the top of the D-loop when it is what cast accelerates directly and it then pulls line tip, leader and fly to line loop. When line head is short and heavy its behavior becomes irratic very easy. Oval casting is only method I am able to cast decent line loops. There are so many possibilities to make cast bad so it is impossible to say what causes yours. Two most common are tracking error and not smooth power input. If rod bends uneven it is not built good. It can be design but I think blank is sanded too much so its wall thickness has become too thin. It might break there eventually. Test it good before you walk long way carrying only it! Esa
  11. Joining Fluorocarbon mono to Nylon mono seems to become stronger using a Tippet Ring than tying them direct together. I did test only two Fluoro what I had then and both Fluoro were thinner than Nylon but I don't remember more details but I did use Uni knots. Esa
  12. HT, I did and it seemed to cause bit less problems than knotted side leaders but best of them was that leaders did last longer and when fluoro tippet was used its knot came stronger to tippet ring. Now I have use special beads which have two holes 90 decrees and knot on main leader to place the dropper leader. They can be found from conventional tackle shops. Esa
  13. Look which end of the 500gr head has longer and thinner taper and put it towards the fly. When overhead casting you need to release very early so that line loop run speed comes slow but there needs to come some to prevent line loop collapse. I recommend that you definitely use bottom hand to grimp the line. I can't say exactly where it comes but the release timing comes more consistent. Perhaps top hand timing gets worse when it pushes rod longer? Or perhaps it is because we release line using bottom hand when we use single hand rod? Also line does not slide too easy after you glue a piece of rubber to the bar below the reel. Third positive there comes is that line does not tangle to reel as much. I knew that bottom hand was better but I was stubborn and used top hand which I was used to but now looking back I delayed my development especially how easy it was to change. First I used middle finger but now I use index finger and I seem to release still earlier and release comes more consistent. Esa
  14. Welcome JettyLings! You have made very nice rod! Also great that you can get Carp rods shipped from Bigcarptackle shipped reasonable cost. Esa
  15. This new and IMO very good TH Spey video teach to start fishing fast: Casting Scandi head is easiest when a lot of its mass comes to the top of D-loop so efficiency comes good. Long mono leader also improves the fly anchoring the cast which increase efficiency. This is how you can see the mechanism which both are basically the same. Esa