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  1. HT you could experiment building longer TH rod. Take butt plug away from 8wt and try if butt section of a heavier rod fits? Then just remove unnecessary handle and install few guides using masking tape and test cast. If it is fine and worth work build longer handle and wrap guides. If new butt section is too soft you can make it stiffer and stronger gluing another thinner blank section inside it. Esa
  2. I have vacationed many Mediterranean places and done perhaps 20 to 30 hours of salt water fly fishing and have had only one fish on for few seconds which felt like a few pounder. Few occations I have fished mullets using white marabou "bread flyes" but have fooled only few which have also unhooked after one run but that has been very fun! Sometimes I have been able to cast various species of fish I have spotted but they have been smart and only have followed the fly. Esa
  3. No we haven't but we keep trying Esa
  4. I think the reason is glass fiber blank lower stiffness/weight ratio and then line weight role to rod bend is less critical. Esa
  5. Did it last one trip? If yes then it is cheap to replace when buying bulk only about 15 cents for single hand rod if my calculation went right. Of course it is against sustainable lifestyle Esa
  6. Quite many competition casters put tennis/squash racket tape to handle and some even vulcanising tape. Obviously it needs to be replaced after a while but I think actual handle under it could be glass or carbon fiber coated foam. I might try it on my next single hand rod build? Esa
  7. Tervetuloa Jacka! Mike population of Finland was 5 520 535 on sept 30 2018 so we basically know each other Esa
  8. Orvis Clearwater rods are very good because they are light and when compared to their cost and IMO no TFO rod is not as nice. I have BVK 9ft #10 and it is very stiff and heavy so I don't use it. #9 BVK is almost stiff and needs to be overlined. Esa
  9. Thank You HT for the research you've done! Also you have very nice machinery Esa
  10. Just casting very heavy line which bends the rod. I can’t cast narrow line loop using TH rod without loosing line speed significantly so I cast heavy line which does not slow down too fast although line loop is bit wide. Then when I need to fish delicately I use SH rod. Esa
  11. I have mostly cast "clothes line shooting heads" which have no taper and line loops straighten very fast and overshoot. Also Skagit bellys which have at least some taper but are too short. Last time I did test NGT 11ft 2.75lbs I cast a head which had Airflo Compact Skagit 810gr which has short tapers both end and it is 37.4ft 930gr. It was quite smooth to cast but I think it is too long for 11ft rod and I took few feet rear taper inside. Short and stiff rod does not bend much because of its own inertia so line head weight has bigger role. Only testing will tell what is best line. Problem with too light line is that casting stroke needs to be narrow. When casting stroke is comfortably long and line is too light it is difficult to accelerate long enough and rod begins to straighten too early and there comes a Tailing Loop. Esa
  12. I have also had more success using intermediate head with poppers. Popper floats most of the time but around half way popper can dive when line is stripped when inter head has sunk deeper and then during a pause fly pops up again and it is the phase I have had most hits! Esa
  13. I have watched that video too. Yes building TH rod handles that style should allow slightly more bend on butt section? I don't remember where I saw it first but its long time ago? Esa
  14. I take Titanium Hardy Zane 3 which is about $6000 Esa
  15. There are no rules just what you like! Most factory made TH rods have so short top handles that if we want to hold from cork and achieve balance when fishing we can not use most modern light weight reels. However handles always are long enough for casting. But custom building is great when handle can be made longer so we can use the same light weight reels which make single hand fishing lighter when fishing TH rods as well. This definitely save money in long run! Some TH anglers like to keep the top hand same place all the time when fishing and casting so they need to use heavier reel. When light reel is used I need to change my top hand down for every cast and then back up for fishing but it comes natural without thinking for me. Esa