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  2. From the album Forum Attachments

  3. From the album Forum Attachments

  4. I've seen the Boss over Twenty times. The last time my wife was pregnant with my son. He must have heard the concert as he's a fist pumpin Springsteen fan. My son turned 8 one day before Bruce's B-day. I Hope I get to take him to the show.
  5. I Think this bear got the right dose of Education. NJ needs to start educating them again like this.
  6. When I broke the neck and sunk that ugly fish back to the bottom I never thought I'd see it again What does it take to kill a Fluke ? Now Monica checks it in as a new World Record ?? Only kidding and jealous. Congratulations
  7. Live Snapper on a short leash
  8. From my favorite movie " Jeremiah Johnson " See Jeremiah below with Bear Claw Chris Lapp on the right
  9. I would like to share with you a memorable day of fishing with my family. Memorial day weekend My 4 year old son my wife and myself were fishing in the Atlantic Highlands on our boat. Light breeze out of the east beautiful day, and we are hammering the fluke on 1/4 oz bucktails squid & spearing. My 4 year old is having a blast. Then my pole gets hit with one thump and the tip is showing the weight of the fish at the other end. My son sees it and says "Daddy can I reel that one in" I say sure. As he pulls it out of the rod holder and sets the hook I can see it's something good. I watch the rod tip and see the tell tale sign of the head shakes. Oh boy take it easy son it's a good one. He pays me no mind and just keeps bearing down on the reel even reeling against the drag. Just a brief fight ( Even less than what it takes me to bring in a 5lbr) he has the fish to the surface. My mouth dropped and my eyes couldn't believe it. I slipped the net under and flipped it in the boat where it started to flop around to the point where I thought he was going to get out. I wrestled him down put him in the cooler sat on it and smiled. This was 3 years ago and my son still owns bragging rights. My son wasn't able to hold the fish up, so I tied him up on a rope (the fish that is) and took the picture. Just wanted to share a picture and a Proud Father moment.
  10. Nice Job Poppy
  11. The fish was just short of 30 inches
  12. Which animal species by total weight, is the most abundant on the Planet ?
  13. Your The man
  14. Not rats. roaches, pogies. bullfrogs... or even fluke
  15. That's Funny !
  16. It's not ants or... Striped Bass
  17. I mostly only eat fish I catch. Chilean Sea Bass is one exception that I enjoy when dining out.
  18. He has more than potential Time will tell... May just be the Greatest ever
  19. Mario Lemeiux Wayne Gretzky Sidney Crosby
  20. Add one more for the greatest team ever The Pittsburgh Steelers !!
  21. That's what it is. Ever heard of, or seen them in the East
  22. I had my wife try.
  23. Fish Id