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  1. That all looks very cool, cepting the room of course. I put long johns on this morning ....
  2. It's starting to come along... My $500 deerstand to save $75 on my meat bill next year... Second picture just because I wanted to, didn't cut down on my food bill by much..
  3. And, as we type, they're all making reservations for O.C. MD .........
  4. Fat has become acceptable.
  5. I'd do the same for a white man..
  6. Safe travels ..
  7. Redear ........ I could be wrong but I think that's what it is.
  8. It's good to rant. It's a shame that things can never be simple, even things that should be.
  9. The morning bartender, Andy, at one of my old haunts, used to drink it in his coffee every morning. His shift ended at noon, he was usually pretty chit faced by then..
  10. Bought something a while back, don't remember what, but it came with a thank you note offering a $10 amazon gift card if I left a positive review. As a way of showing their appreciation. Might have been solar lights...
  11. Yes, you should ask. That's one of the problems, is that most Trumpers don't understand how Trump did so good in 2016 and so poorly in 2020. Trump got an awful lot of votes in 2016 from voters who didn't like him, but were pissed off at the Democrats. Voters who liked what Trump said he was going to do. Voters who didn't know the first thing about him. In 2016 Trump got a very good percentage of the Bernie crowd after Bernie was screwed over in the primary. Trump also got a good percentage of Independent and Democrat voters who didn't care at all for Clinton. People like myself. By 2020, Trump had gone out of his way to make sure every voter heard exactly what he thought and how smart he was. Very few independents voted for him, almost no Democrats voted for him and a significant number of Republicans voted against him.
  12. Nice bird..
  13. Nope, at least not here.. It's only the libs who hate.. The love from the radical right here is strong.
  14. I figure most of you have seen this, but I hadn't ..
  15. That's all true. And it's also true, whether you think so or not, that the American people figured he was a better choice than the idiot that was in there.... And that about sums it all up.