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  1. What we call gnats around here are non biting? Little black things that fly in swarms of thousands, annoying as hell as they fly around your face, but never known them to bite/sting.. one more reason to avoid jersey.
  2. Been a while since you bought legos huh?
  3. Do tell? I've heard nothing yet, other than your op...
  4. Do you mean what she's getting on UC now, or her old job? I'm not poo pooing working under a 1099, but understand if she does that for a year and the job ends, she probably will not qualify for UC.. Lots of stuff to consider.. Companies save a bunch of money by paying under a 1099, so keep that in mind when negotiating...
  5. Here, they base your UC on your highest earning quarter during the previous 12 months prior to getting laid off. Wages made under 1099 contract do not count towards those earnings..
  6. Doing their job involves killing a subdued, handcuffed man????
  7. By now they've learned that there are no repercussions for looting their home turf.. They're smart enough to know that might not hold true outside their range..
  8. Generally, working on a 1099 means no benefits and no taxes, SS, UC, etc withheld.. Not sure about other States, but is PA you can not collect UC while working under a 1099 contract, or at all..
  9. first cop arrested..
  10. Thanks for the reports..
  11. And all pedophiles come from Republican run states and cities right? You're in the wrong place....idiot.
  12. Can't be providing birth control, big no no..
  13. Yes. Your car helped pay for that great radio commercial that drives idiots crazy....
  14. Looking forward to some fish pics..