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  1. I don't want to sound like the town idiot, but why are you mixing sand and salt?? And no, that thing will not work. Unless it's on a 40V drill...
  2. I didn't want to overdue it on news years resolutions, so I only made one, to start participating in this thread a bit more. Sadly, due to way too much stuff going on, it took me almost three weeks to catch my first fish of 2019. A little wild brownie caught Sunday morning before the storm. Only got out for a couple hours, but picked up four other browns and a holdover brookie..
  3. Make that six for me. Sorry, the girlfriend wants some of mine
  4. Sorry, not much help here. Sounds like one or both blades are not lined up properly. Might of got bent or whacked somewhere along the line, or maybe the blades were not installed correctly during assembly at the factory? Eskimo makes a decent power auger, but I think their hand augers leave a bit to be desired. If it's possible, I'd return it and get a nils or lazer..
  5. I see more management (aka regulations) on recs and less on coms. I see it as a win for coms and a loss for recs. But that could be my paranoia setting in.
  6. That's awesome ...
  7. Well, the good thing is that the slow time between first ice and last ice will be short......
  8. Congrats SIM on how you've hung in there. Even if the choice was made for you at the time, you followed through on it. Personally, I quit, again, about an hour ago. That was also two beers ago .......... BRB, stepping out for a bit.
  9. I bet this thread can go 200 pages? I know nothing about boat fishing. But an hour South of Lewes, DE, I've heard lots of great things about The Morning Star, out of OCMD.....
  10. Being kind to the ocean, I was ...
  11. This being my first SOL trip, I know nothing about the anals of SOL history. To be honest, I'm not sure I want to know about the anals of SOL history, at least based on the members I've met so far. Though I'm sure some would like to discus anals and such. But, I heard a story about a trip out of OCMD(?) where the crew couldn't find the bait in the morning and the captain was several hours late. The boat didn't leave port till like 9 in the morning, and then stayed out until dark to make up for it. On this trip, the only thing that went wrong was a bunch of guys couldn't handle being on a boat in some choppy water ..........
  12. Happy Holidays Billybob, have fun ....but not too much.
  13. On the way out I was sitting up in the front of the cabin. All I wanted to do was get outside, but I knew there was no way I could make that walk. I just kept thinking, please God don't let me throw up on a bunch of people I just met. Once we got to the first stop, I got out of that cabin and didn't go back in until we got back to dock at the end of the day.
  14. Normally, I take a bunch of pictures. However, I was busy concentrating on staying in an upright position. I did grab the camera towards the end of the day. Out of respect, being the new guy and all, I avoided the sick bay and action shots. And somehow, I missed this fish pics.