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  1. Good stuff, been so dof on busy I missed it earlier. I'm heading down Sunday for a week. Monday looks nice, then it's strong North winds and rain every day .......... we'll see.
  2. We catch 100lb bass from the surf here in PA on a fairly regular basis, at least one a year...
  3. Well, since the waiting list has dropped to two, put me on it if you don't mind.
  4. For me, today is the best TGIF of the year. My last day of work for the next five months. Off to OBX to chase Drum for a couple weeks, then deer season and the holidays, followed by some ice fishing and more OBX time ..... An hour forty five till miller time.
  5. Yea, what woo says, no biggie. If they had the ability to hijack you, they would of already done it. You wouldn't be posting here or anywhere else. All you'd see on your computer would be instructions on how to send the ransom.
  6. RFK just messaged me his address, which I presume he meant to send to you
  7. Nice one Forester, and you hang em however you want..
  8. Thanks guys. I'll switch out the thermostat because it's easy and cheap, then go from there...
  9. Mama always told me I was a winner, and now it's been proven. Thanks a whole bunch and I'll get my addy off to you...
  10. No, no other registers around, no place where it would obviously go..
  11. My furnace guy tested the blower control and felt it was operating as it should be. Not sure if he looked at the thermostat, but that's something I didn't think of and will check out, thanks.