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  1. On what?
  2. I got an acre and a half, have cut down twenty seven so far, six more to go, all large. I love where I live, but if I had any idea this was going to happen, I never would of bought the place. It seems all I've done for the past five years is cut down and clean up trees. Never ending. On a positive note, I spend much less time on leaf cleanup in the fall... And to the OP, clearly I don't have any answers.
  3. You'd think I would have had a shot at last nights final question But I'll give him full credit for his betting style, out to make money he is.
  4. When I actually hunted squirrels we ate them a good bit, tasty. I used to work with a guy who was a very avid squirrel hunter. I'm not sure exactly how he did them, but he'd fry up there legs so they looked and tasted just like hot wings. He'd bring a couple dozen into work a couple times a year, always a big hit.
  5. Honestly. I'd just go hang out in Yellowstone until I ran out of money. You could fish there every day for a year and still not cover it all. But I understand your quest for an adventure and wish you lots of fun..
  6. Of course, I had to google. And well, yes, yes she does.
  7. Best thing about this post is that I have no idea who charlie theron is. Which means I might have a life..
  8. I'm not sure I can do that. You see, I'm very laid back and timid and do not like to call people bad names. Especially people I don't know. Would it be OK if I just said that from all outward appearances, Wayne seems to be a d-bag?
  9. IN - Waiting for direction.
  10. Working today, working tomorrow. Going to my Aunt & Uncle's Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to it since I haven't seen most of the extended family since Christmas. Wanted to go fishing for a few hours Sunday morning, but the two inches of rain we're getting this afternoon will have everything blown out.
  11. The constitution will be gone by then so it'll be ok to just stomp em ...
  12. I didn't read your post, but I'm looking forward to your next one ..
  13. Freedom of expression falls under freedom of speech, though their car would probably look much better with a rainbow colored Bernie sticker on it.
  14. The Keys have on my dream list for a long time. This is an excellent post and I thank you very much for all the helpful information, and report.
  15. The least you could have done woulda been to assemble some of that damn furniture..