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  1. And a slow one at that. Explains a lot about my life..... Thanks
  2. @Tom T Thanks, I see I got the fine boxes of 46 and 95.... Am I missing #3?
  3. Been offline the past couple days, haven't read through all this. If Tom didn't say uncle yet, I'll take three boxes, pick them for me please, and let me know what I owe you.
  4. I'm so out of touch.
  5. It's not for real is it? I just presumed it was some stunt leading up to a Super Bowl commercial.......
  6. That's great, good news to hear. And best of luck with the radiation
  7. I really should have paid attention in geography class....
  8. I have not been in years and really have no intention of going this year. The older I get the less I like large crowds of people ..It's a good place to compare outfitters or book a trip, but not much there that I feel the need see. However, if any of you decide to go, I could easily be talked into it. Forget what happened last time some of you went that I couldn't make it..
  9. Thanks for the updates and the pictures. They are appreciated by the fan base
  10. Good luck to you guys today, looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. Post some updates for us.
  11. And a Merry Christmas to all....
  12. In my little fantasy world, I'd be in the Keys. But in reality, I'll be fishing for smallies on the Susquehanna and trout on the yellow breeches, both close to home. Though it doesn't feel like it now, I am holding out hope for a warm winter. I have the ice fishing stuff ready to go, but I think that will be a short season. Like next week short.
  13. I've been watching a steady line of Power Company trucks heading up the road. Those guys earn their money at times like this.
  14. Warmed up to 2°, it was one an hour ago. But on a positive note, I made it through the night without any Fallen trees or frozen pipes. And the wind has died down considerably from yesterday afternoon. The river iced over pretty good last night and is forecast to Crest at 10 ft tomorrow, a foot away from cautionary stage. Warming up to 60° with rain next Saturday.
  15. Hopefully it's a short-term situation.