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  1. It is true that Synit is out of business. However Graeme has negotiated with Kilwell (who has always rolled Synit's blanks) to continue supplying me (Garone Custom Rods) in the US and Mark Richards (Synit SG) in Singapore with Synit blanks. I do not currently plan to sell blanks but will be offering custom builds and at some point will have stock builds for sale. This will include the new line of Synista jigging rods and Pitchblack slow pitch rods.
  2. Thanks Don. Is it a fast action blank?
  3. Hey guys I haven't been on here is a long time. Hope everyone is doing well. Just wondering if any of you guys have experience with the Lamiglas GSB180-2MH. I am looking for something that has a relatively soft tip and has a fast action with a shut off high up the blank. Thanks
  4. Hey guys I haven't been on here is a long time. Hope everyone is doing well. Just wondering if any of you guys have experience with the Lamiglas GSB180-2MH. I am looking for something that has a relatively soft tip and has a fast action with a shut off high up the blank. Thanks
  5. It would have been smart for them to have been in contact with their vendors. I don't know what went on but it really pissed me off when I was told I would have blanks in a month and after two and a half I had not received a response to multiple inquiries and several of their distributors (Merrick and Acid rod) had not received a response either so I canceled the order. I understand that companies have growing pains, however when a production delay occurs you should notify at least your distributors so customers have realistic expectations and it doesn't screw up their business.
  6. Hey guys, I have the Voyager chartered for tilefish and other species encountered in the deep. We will be leaving 9pm June 16th returning June 19th in the morning. The trip is limited to 18 anglers and no elecric reels will be permitted. This trip will be a special one, we will be heading down south fishing for 2 full days (sun up to sun down) targeting large tilefish, and snowy grouper between the Poormans and Washington Canyons. I have talked to Captain Jeff at length about these areas and he feels they have great potential to hold lots of big tiles and also snowy grouper. I know he is right because last year I had 4 tiles over 40# and 2 snowy grouper over 50# in these areas, and my friend Angelo Ruvio landed the current World Record last year fishing the same grounds. We will also be able to to troll for tuna while we are moving from spot to spot and possibly chunk for swordfish, sharks or tuna at night, but this is secondary to bottom fishing (we will not be chumming at night). The fare is $620. Currently I have 10 anglers signed up and need 8 more. If you are interested please email or call me to reserve a spot or if you have any questions. garonerods@gmail.com or 973-945-1795
  7. I have seen pollock feeding on the surface. It was pretty insane. It looked like a bluefish blitz with bait being pushed out of the water and thousands of fish gorging themselves on sandeels. This was up on Stellwagen Bank in April.
  8. Tile trips will probably all be sold out on the Viking and Voyager a month ahead of time. I am pretty sure the Viking and positive the Voyager is not doing tile trips in November and December. However the Atlantic Star is running trips in the fall.
  9. I will try and snap a picture tomorrow. I talked to Ralph and he is going to try and have a few handle arms made up.
  10. Those makaira look good. 4.7 high looks like a good ratio. On my 7 day last week I used my JM PE7 and Baja Special with modified handle and both were a pleasure to use. I had a machinist friend build me a longer handle arm to mimic the length of the JM PE7 and matched it up to one of Alan Tani's delrin knobs and it drastically imporved the torque and made reeling up 4-5# sinkers doable, actually made the reel a pleasure to use when before it was marginal at best. I plan on picking up another Jigging Master this off season. Other than the Ocea Jigger which is no longer made the JM is the most comfortable reel I have ever used for deep dropping.
  11. Capt Dick what a fitting name.
  12. Omg all this spam is making me sick! I have some serious indigestion! Its crap like this that kills the forum and why I rarely go on anymore. I think I am going to start posting reviews for all the products I sell an make sure to praise my product and poo-poo the one I dont sell.
  13. How big are the fish you will be targeting? If you want a moderate blank that throws light stuff well and is still lite weight the Seeker Super Fluker Lite does it very well. Only issue is how much power will you need?
  14. Glad you had a good trip Ralph and Johnny! I like Billys report better though!
  15. I am posting this up for my friend Ryan who arranged the charter. I will be on this trip and it should be one for the record books! If you have any questions please email or give me a call. This trip is strictly hand crank only, no electric reels allowed absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS. This trip will focus on jigging for monster tiles and other beasts of the deep, but bait fishing is allowed and there will be a lot of trolling time on the ride up and down the line as well as between spots. There is also a chance for tuna and swords at night. There are currently 5 spots open, dont miss out this is the trip of a lifetime! After having a conversation with Capt Steven and Capt Carl I have decided to put together a special Jigging charter to the new tile grounds down south . The fishing down there is tremendous and the rock slabs have great potential for giant tile ,wreckfish and snowy's . The trip will be 7days on the 140 ft Starship and will be limited to 22 max . They will be adding showers to the forward bunk room ! The dates will be July 8th - 14th and the fair will be $1200 . A deposit of $600 must be sent to the Viking office and must be a check or money order ,the remaining balance will be payed at the dock the day of the trip . We will be leaving the dock @ 5pm on the 8th and will return @ 3 am on the 15th . All ice ,bait and fish cleaning is included and there will be a cook running the galley who will cook three meals a day for a reasonable price . If anyone has any questions feel free to ask with a post or pm . Day 1 we will steam to the grounds Day's 2,3,4,and 5 will be fishing sun up to sun down for bottom fish and we also plan on fishing a few nights for tuna and swords . Day 6 bottom fishing sun up till sun down and then start to steam home . Day 7 we will be steaming till we hit the dock .