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    26 years old live on Long Island my whole life. I fish both saltwater and freshwater
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    Fishing, yeah I think thats mainly it.
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  1. I used to go on the beach with my wranglers so I have experience driving on the beach. I have a 2012 Honda Ridgeline. It’s AWD with a locking function for the rear axle in 1st and 2nd gear. I have done some reading and some people will pull the VSA fuse to eliminate traction control when the tire pressure is low. Does anyone have any first hand experience driving a Ridgeline on the beach? How do they do?
  2. Parker has 1801s for 31,000. It is very tempting as I would probably own that boat for the rest of my life if I took care of it.
  3. How do you like that 1801 Parker in the Long Island Sound?
  4. So I have owned a DAM 550 for over ten years now. I don’t even remember how I acquired it. Anyway I was looking at it and besides a little rash on the bottom it’s in pretty good shape with a good cleaning and greasing. How many of you guys use these as a surf reel? I don’t need another surf reel but it might look good on a nice fiberglass chunking rod. What vintage are these reels from?
  5. Thanks.
  6. This boat will be used 99 % of the time for fishing. I will be using it in back bays and out in the sound on nice days.
  7. What shows are coming up on Long Island?
  8. I’m looking for something that is easily trailerable that I can go fishing around Long Island. I live on the north shore so I will be venturing out on the sound on nice days. I am leaning towards something used because money is tight. Suggestions????
  9. What benefits does the new Slammer have over the Spinfisher? I have a Spinfisher V and it’s been a great reel for me.
  10. Good to know, It definitely looks like a good Kayak for the money. I'm just trying to figure out what the best kayak is for my needs. I'm going to be fishing Bays and coastal long island
  11. These look like all short boats that are wide. I wonder how they track and how fast they are. I just don't have $2400 for a Hobie right now and I want something to get out on the water.
  12. Anyone have one of these? It looks interesting due to the price. I wonder how it paddles next to the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13? I'm a big guy, 6-2 260lbs, I can't afford the Hobie and I need something fast that handles well in hopes water.
  13. Nice pics. I was fishing Smithtown Bay with the 16' Steigercraft. I had to pick my days with that boat and got caught in some swells one day when the weather turned. I always felt it was just too small for what I was doing so when the engine went, I choose not to repower it. I got good money for the boat and trailer, almost what I paid for it. I guess the engine to get on the Parker is the Yamaha 115?
  14. What kind of conditions do you take your 1801 in? How would you compare it to a Scout 195 ?
  15. I test drove a whaler and it was night and day a better ride than my 16' Steigercraft. I only been on the Parker 21 and that rode nice. The 17' Key West looks interesting as well.