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    26 years old live on Long Island my whole life. I fish both saltwater and freshwater
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    Fishing, yeah I think thats mainly it.
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  1. I'm now considering a PWC. I might get out on it more by myself
  2. I thought I had some extras lol
  3. Where do you guys store your plugs when you aren't actively using them?
  4. No not yet, still confused
  5. Parker 1801 owners what were the roughest conditions that you experienced with your boat and how did it do? I worked off a 21' before and it's was very impressive in what it can handle.
  6. I think I pretty much narrowed it down to these two boats. Like in my previous post it will be used in the back bays, LI Sound on nice days and I will trailer it to the southshore to fish the Great South Bay. Which is the better boat out of the two? I like that they aren't covered in stupid upholstery and they look like they are very low maintenance.
  7. Which has a drier ride the Maritime 189 Defiant or the Parker 1801? I like the simplicity of their hulls. I don't want upholstery and things that break. Simple wiring and electronics.
  8. I'm not going to do any ocean fishing. I do like to go into back harbors and shoot out to the middle grounds on nice days. I don't have grady white money. In a perfect world I would find something nice with a four stroke for $15,000. I looked at a Parker 1801. It was really nice. Wondering how it compares to a Scout, Sea Hunt or Key West?
  9. Might go new depends on what I find.
  10. Here is the deal, I'm looking for a boat for the Northshore of Long Island. I will be primarily in the Smithtown Bay area. I'm looking to just get out there spend some time with my dad. I will have to launch the boat myself and want something I can easily handle. I may trailer it the southshore on occasion 18-21 feet seems to be where I'm at. Looking for a strong fishing boat with minimal frills. What would you guys recommend?
  11. I would only be kayaking in back water bays this time of year, maybe 100 yards from the shore. What time of year on long island do you all start wearing regular clothes?
  12. Well what would be the most versatile wetsuit, I'm not going to be kayaking in the dead of winter. Want something I can use in March until it gets warm. Im a bigger guy, 6-1 275 LBS. If I lose weight are these wet suits forgiving. Any brand that you would recommend? Im thinking a 3 mm wetsuit may work.
  13. I just bought a 2013 OK Trident 15' that looks like it was used twice, it's in great shape. That being said I want to get out on it. What would be the cheapest way for me to dress appropriately that way if I was to take a dunk that I don't die? Im also going to need a good all purpose rod for it, I'm not the type to bring a ton of stuff, any suggestions?
  14. Having a debate with a buddy as to which is a rougher body of water to boat in. Excluding the inlet which do you guys think gets rougher for boating?
  15. Yeah it’s so confusing. If I knew these boats paddled well I would get paddle version for half the price. The Pescador looks nice as well as the Ascend 128T.