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  1. Thank you for feedback. Your crease flys look superb. Can this glue be purchased locally or does it need to be ordered online? Thank you
  2. What kind of adhesive are you using to bond the craft foam together?
  3. Prayers for the nice fella.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. After i test out the 5wt CGR I'll decide what I wanna do. Good to know you can't get very tight loops with glass. Thought it was my error. I might end up just keeping 1 or 2 of the 3 rods then start shopping for a moderate action graphite. Iv heard great things about the Reddington trout classics.
  5. Thanks. I am going to explore medium power graphite rods as well. Hopefully I can find something that i like. I heard decent things about the Reddington classic trout series I'll look into.
  6. So I went ahead and purchased 3 diff wts of fiberglass rods: 4wt, 5wt and 5/6wt. These are all Cabelas CGR line. Of the 3 rods iv only fished the 4wt and 5/6wt (haven't gotten line or a reel for the 5wt). The 4wt feels good as I know the rod has limitations and can only do so much however, the 5/6 CGR im trying to push like my 6wt TFO and it's just not casting the "larger" flies effortlessly like my TFO. I'm getting loops in my cast and just not all that thrilled with the 5/6 CGR. Are there any other glass rod brands out there that are a little faster with a medium action?
  7. 2nd in line for the 5 if anything changes!
  8. So would you say a WF line is better for tight areas where I can shoot line to get more distance? Or is roll casting the preferred method? Not roll casting as often due to trees above.
  9. Lol a little. But from doing more research a WF vs DT will be very similar at the beginning of the line. The difference is more towards the end of the line. With a 4wt I will probably not be casting that far so it will not make a difference for me.
  10. I was able to chat with a representative and was told the following in case anyone else decides on this reel. Capacity- Line Weight/Backing: WF 3, 90 yds. with 20#; WF 4, 70 yds. with 20#; WF 5, 50 yds. with 20#. Thanks SOL
  11. I'm hearing mixed feelings regarding fly line type for glass rods. Some say WF is good while others say no good. What fly line do you recommend for a 4wt glass rod? My 4wt Cabelas CGR 6'6" was just delivered!
  12. Does anyone own the llbean pocket water fly reel? I am having a hard time figuring out specs as it is not listed on the website. How many yards and what lb test of backing for a 4wt setup? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I went ahead and ordered the Cabelas CGR 6'6" that is a 4wt. Hopefully it casts well and it doesn't feel funny casting such a short fly rod. Will be paired with an Llbean pocket water fly reel. Anyone know how many yards of backing it calls for? Also What is a good inexpensive line for the fiberglass 4wt rod?
  14. Thank you everyone for the feedback! I will most likely go with a Cabelas rod or maybe ARE as Jalthoff recommended. I like the idea of having a 3/4 wt rod opposed to just a single weight. Sounds like it would be more versatile? Thanks!
  15. Looking for my first Fiberglass rod for panfish and trout. Looking for a 4wt around 7'. Not trying to spend a lot. Would like to keep it around $100 to $150 is possible. Please list what you have available! Thanks