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  1. I heard that area was closed down for some time then recently re opened.
  2. Hi Cody, No worries bro. I appreciate you reaching out and trying to help! As of now, I will have to see exactly how many reels I am getting and then figure out how many portable rods I will have to buy. I am hoping to have at least 4 or 5 rod/reel combos to bring down and distribute. If I end up with more reels than rods I will just give them an extra reel to pair with the rods. Rods I have in mind are telescopic for portability. I have found telescopic Kalex 6'6" rods going for about $10 on Amazon. I am aware these rods are definitely not the best/elite but its something and all that I can really afford at the moment to make enough combos. If this whole project turns out great I will consider doing something on a larger scale the 2nd time around with better rods and etc. Not really sure at the moment how the locals will feel about rod/reels since the traditional bamboo stick and line have been engrained in them. If you have any other ideas or suggestions please let me know.
  3. Wow, that is wonderful and thank you very much! You can leave behind the Zebco, Mitchell 218, and Langey out of the reel selection. The Shimano Aero will be perfect as it will be easier to maintain and cast. Beads and the metal leaders you can also eliminate as well as I don't think they will serve much purpose (no toothy fish there to my knowledge)...everything else looks perfect! Sending you a pm now Thank you
  4. Thanks a lot!! Pm coming!
  5. I am actually still kind of new to Jersey. I don't think I venture out that way. I am closer to Somerset, Piscataway and SouthBound Brook area. If you are ever out this way let me know we can meet up! As long as the rods are portable and can fit checked luggage they would be good. If not I will have to pass as it will be difficult to bring with me. I will pm you with my number anyways. Thanks!
  6. What is the length of the rods? Do they break down to fit in checked baggage? This is one of the reasons why I'm looking to buy telescopic rods off Amazon. As of now I have a handful of guys willing to donate. Let me see what they send me and if it's enough. If I need more I'll reach out to you. Thank you
  7. Oops double post
  8. Thanks A lot! PM coming! If you're local and going to surf day I could try to meet you there.
  9. Thanks a lot! Looks like a handful of you guys are going to Surf Day. So I may just have to go down there and make it easy on all of us. I will pm you my info in case anything changes.
  10. Thank you so much! Pm coming!
  11. Thank you so much!! Just remember smaller items for carp, catfish, tilapia, etc... not even 100% sure of all the species they have there.
  12. This is a fantastic idea...not sure why I didn't think of this. Must be the cold weather LOL. Checking out local fishing flea markets will deff blow Wal....t out of the water when it comes to selection and gear! I am not sure yet whether I will be attending Surf Day. But if you can make a package that can fit into an envelope I do not mind paying for the shipping at all. Just please keep in mind the species I have listed and select items according to that. Nepal is a landlocked country between India and China and does not have any coasts. Just ponds/lakes scattered around throughout the different villages for the most part so no need for large hooks, heavy line, etc... Check out these pics of some of the stuff my cousin and I caught in front of his house. Check out that line we used...when I asked him how do you know when to set the hook? He said, "you don't you just randomly have to set it" . Meanwhile, we have mono and braid here that will feel the slightest bumps!
  13. As long as they work this would be perfect!!! Thank you so much! I really want to open their eyes and show them how far technology has come from the traditional stick and line method.
  14. I'm looking for items that are just sitting not being used. Something to help get them started. For instance like old hooks or small sinkers, used spools etc? Anything that can be picked up locally or shipped in a small envelop/box. Trying to keep this cheap as possible. If it turns out well and the locals are happy, next time around I'll look into better gear for them.
  15. Will pass. Looking for cheap reels to get them started. I'm talking cheap cheap like free to $10 or so. Do you have any assorted hooks or cheap lures you could package together? From what I have seen fish caught there consist of small catfish, varieties of carp, tilapia and even clown knife fish! Don't think they have any bass or anything sporty there. Thanks though