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  1. Africaster is correct. If you do this make sure you scrape/sand and remove all the other chemicals that you've used in the area. Chemical contaminants can mess up the weld. The plastic welding works really well, never used a mesh before. There are some really good how to videos about making these repairs. The drilled holes are key to keeping the crack from re-opening or spreading. Second option only for places that you can't weld: 3M scotch-weld DP 8010 ... I've repaired serious structural brakes in older hobie kayaks by making PVC parts /splints and clamping them with DP8010 to permanently join them. Lasted several years and still going. You can read about the adhesive properties on the manufacturers site. Hope you get a sturdy repair figured out.
  2. Hi, $120 shipped is reasonable. If it's still available I'll take it. Spending a few extra bucks for my birthday, seems like a decent low maintenance reel for sea bass and tog from the kayak. Thanks.
  3. Had some nice freshwater fishing, a few big smallmouth. Fished from the golf course down to the Rourke bridge... saw a group of antique outboard motor enthusiasts hosting a meet at one of the launches... some cool stuff from early 1900s up to 1960’s. I hope to be saltwater fishing one of the mornings this weekend. Meeting a friend to sell an older kayak and search for stripers. I’ll update plans here on Thursday based on weather and wave forecasts. -e
  4. Its getting a little too late to plan tomorrow morning. But Sunday looks decent. I am going tomorrow early morning, fishing Merrimack river. Launch in chelmsford/lowell area by the baseball field.
  5. Checking forecasts for the weekend. boston harbor... seems like a safe bet early morning, light wind minimal chop. Quincy has parking and easy launch for first time in salt. High tide 5am.... ramp is accessible through all tides. Tomorrow morning or Sunday... what day is best for you folks?
  6. Last weekend, I fished Boston Harbor we caught a few stripers in the 24” - 26” range. Following day fished the Merrimack river in lowell/chelmsford for smallmouth, trolling crank baits. throwing soft plastics and jigs with good results. Next weekend I will be away in NY for a wedding. Following weekend I will plan to go out on Sat morning, weather permitting. Albies are all over south side of the cape... so that is an option. If the albies dont show there’s always tog, blues and sea bass. Other good launch points i’m familiar with for striped bass : Newburyport, Kittery, Gloucester, Winthrop... Let me know where you are interested in going, we can plan for 9/21 or 9/22. looking forward to fishing!
  7. Looking for a few people to plan weekend kayak fishing trips around MA North Shore this fall. Who is interested? My preference is to have at least 2 people when fishing the ocean at night. Looking for saltwater trips mainly, some freshwater, and I fly fish quite a lot as well. I moved to Lowell last year, the people I usually fish with like to stick to their home waters; south of Boston, and western mass. My kayak setups: Hobie rev 11, Hobie sport, Garmin striker 4, marine radio, and navionics.
  8. Been thinking about saltwater fly-fishing from a yak. Who does it? Any tips or warnings... Do you use a stripping basket or some other line management system? I'm in the Boston area if anyone wants to meet up for a ff yak trip. Been wanting to try out Rumney Marsh area or Worlds End.
  9. Found a 13' revolution locally at a good price. Thanks for considering the WTB request... This thread can be closed. -eric
  10. Hello folks, I'm looking to buy a hobie kayak for my fiance to take with us on our honey-moon in August. I'd like to buy a smaller model hobie, the sport or revolution 11. My budget is about 900 - 1200 depends on condition and what comes with it. Thank you for your help! I am located in Boston -Eric
  11. 90% of the time i fish chartreuse clousers in estuaries. But when i focus on going for big fish i almost always fish a large snake fly and i focus on rocky water with good tidal flow. I think it really depends a little on luck, and a lot on time and exploration... some of the creeks and estuaries have given up surprisingly big fish, i like fishing on rainy overcast days or before first light. If you really want big fish, you might want to Hire a guide or charter... They will have a lot of information and tips about the local water and fish habits.
  12. Thanks for the info Patno! I'll look into the club.
  13. Hi, Who's interested in a weekly or bi-weekly group that meets up and fishes different places around MA? The idea is to meet at a place like the Herring Run parking lot at the Canal, Plum Island's jetty lot, or maybe even a freshwater location. Socialize, explore new water, learn/share fishing techniques, and catch fish. Would you be interested in having access to group like this? Participation would be come and go as you please, no commitments just for fun. Ideas or suggestions are welcome. If there is already an existing group please feel free to share the information here!
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