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  1. I get out there pretty nice these days. I'm looking for a reasonably priced reel that's going to have a fast line retrieve for surf.
  2. I'm shopping for a better rod. All I have is heavy action surf rods. I was thinking the multiier retrieves too slow for lures and figured I would use that as a boat combo and get a faster retrieving surf reel. I surf fish for Porgy blues and Stripes. I'm waiting on a kayak that I ordered to take my fishing to the next level.
  3. Yes I'm looking for a light surf rod for lures.
  4. Putting line on my multiplier to cast lures from the beach. I have 20 lb mono and 15 lb spider wire. Not sure what to go with. It will be on a 5ft one piece. What would you guys go with. A better rod recommendation is also welcomed. Trying to work with lures more. The retrieve is a little slow. Wondering if a faster retrieve like with kastking speed demon 6.2:1 might be better for lure and I'll just use the Akios on a boat poll.
  5. Would you recommend this setup for striped bass and porgy also? I have some metal that I could use for Bluefish. I understand that the gulf are primarily for fluke but at the beach the other day in Long Island my friend caught a really nice porgy with a swimming mullet. I'm really trying to get into artificial lures but I want good casting because I primarily fish from the beach. Ran into a couple of dollars so I think I'm going to put in the order I'm just trying to do some research before I spend my money.
  6. Really good stuff guys thanks for all the information I really appreciate it.
  7. I mainly surf fish from the beach with 11 and 12 foot rods. Rod's tend to be heavy. I could use a dedicated lure surf pole. What jig would you recommend in the two to 5 oz range?
  8. So you wouldn't use a bucktail with plastics only jig head?
  9. Ok. I think I'll try a 4 inch with a 2oz jig head and the drop loop with weight at the bottom. Thanks for all the input. Any jig head recommendations in 2-4 Oz range to use with a 4 inch swimming mullet?
  10. So do you use Grub swimming minnow with anything? I know there are many other artificial bait but the grub happens to be the first one I've ever caught a fish with.
  11. After years of surf fishing using worm and other cut bait I caught my first fish with a plastic lure. Berkley S minnow. It was on a high low rig with the weight on the end. I wanted to be able to cast out a little further and wanted to know which is best using a jig or a drop Loop rig with weight on the end. if I use a jig head how heavy can I go and which minnow would match up with it? Is a 2 or 3 oz jig head too heavy for this type of application? I'm mainly fish for blues, Striped Bass and Porgy from Rocky and sand beaches mostly on Long Island.
  12. That's something to keep in mind because my main focus is to be fishing anyway. I was thinking just a little spot to rest in between the fishing. if I could find parking and something that's convenient where I can walk to the beach from my car, that would be perfect.
  13. Exactly what I'm doing. Thank you!
  14. Any recommendations for a decent hotel along the Long Island shore that is convenient for Beach fishing. I was thinking about taking a couple of days to surf fish for Stripers and blues.
  15. I wanted to share this. Might be an interesting alternative with supposedly science backing. The GT knot. Let me know what yall think. Yes I see that slim Beauty looks very good and is very similar to the GT not that I posted. Good stuff guys thanks for the replies.