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  1. I thought it might have been on outside computer but that's a good idea. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I was thinking it might have been the fg but the Alberto looks good also. Thanks guys...
  2. I've been fishing for years with my goto Uni & double uni knots. I ran across a YouTube video of an older guy tying braid to mono with a knot that had a loop that goes through the eyes first with tags that pointed down causing minimum friction going through the eyes when casting. Anyone familiar? Can't find video and wanted to try it.
  3. Okay I finally went out this weekend after coming back off a cruise first thing I did was head to the water so I can use my new Akios 656. So far I love it and I see the potential for distance casting. I turned the mag all the way to the minimum and loosen the centrifugal just enough that the weight Plus Bait would slowly come down. It cast pretty nice for my first day out. The guy at my local tackling store has a used SquierSquall with a open face that he would sell me for little to nothing. For now I'm enjoying my new conventional and looking forward to catching something nice off of it but the next one will definitely be without the levelwind.
  4. Centrifugal brake I hope I have both of them
  5. This is a good video and I'm going to look into it later on but I can't see what he does with that little piece that I took a picture of. I'll work it out but I can tell the general area that he's putting it into at 37:14
  6. Out of curiosity anybody have a suggestion on a good surf fishing conventional reel that's good with sand? I tend to combine time at the beach with fishing.
  7. I am big on learning through YouTube videos I've been looking at this particular topic but I will look into it further tonight thank you
  8. I have the schematics maybe if someone has a part number it would help
  9. Okay I'm not exactly sure where it goes but I will look into it. Any clue as to where I should look or where exactly it goes?
  10. Should i put it back?
  11. There was too much line and too loose so the line got around the handle side. There was a piece left behind that I believe is the block. Sales said it would just improve distance but i kept it.
  12. Okay I took off the screws and removed the spool and cleared off some line that got stuck in the gears behind the spool and now all is Well!
  13. Ok thanks. I'll let you know how it works out. Most of my fishing is done on the beach. This will make become a good reel for the boat but I will look into another conventional that is better at handling sand. Maybe a largest size that will hold me down for bigger Predator fish. But I think this size would be good for most fishing that I do. Okay come to find out I took off the screws to go off the real and cleared off some line that got stuck in the gears and now all is Well!
  14. * .