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  1. Thanks a lot I will be lining my new Akios 561 with trilene XL. I will put it on a 12ft tundra Surf rod
  2. So so I'm thinking 20 lb test and a shock/wire leader
  3. I like 3pc rods for travel and Im use to 11-12' rods. I ordered 20 lb trilene xl but might need to go heavier. I was thinking 30 with a leader. I have a 12 tundra that mivht work with the Akios 651 for now. Thanks for any feedback or recommendations.
  4. I talked to Matt at ninja tackle and pulled the trigger on that 651 and will order twenty pound test to go with it.
  5. Thanks. Just spoke to Joe. Im good to go!
  6. I just looked at that tiger does it come longer than 8 feet or is that reel too small for a bigger pole because I'm looking for a distance rod capable of handling most.
  7. I was watching videos and doing research and this message closed the deal on this reel. I have decent surf rods but any recommendations on a rod for up to medium sharks fishing bait?
  8. Whats the model and is it in lefty?
  9. Is there a specific model for certain features because there's different prices on eBay. should I be looking for a certain model? Same with the abu garcia. Is there a specific model? Thanks
  10. Is this it?
  11. After careful consideration what I'm looking for is a nice casting conventional Reel with a good mag brake system and level wind for under or around $200 for a lefty. This would be my heavy surf setup able to handle up to small or medium sized sharks
  12. No worries. What do you think of the Tronix? or another with lefty option?
  13. I saw this on ebay and it's left handed. Would this be a good first conventional for surf fishing bunker for up to small sharks? I decided I want the mag breaks and levelwind option for now.
  14. It's in the price range for my first conventional but does not come lefthanded. Any other recommendations in that price range?
  15. I'm looking to enter the dark side and get a conventional setup for surf fishing from the beach. I read about magnetic brakes and windlevels being convenient but effects distance. Cabela mentioned Abu garcia c3 striper and Penn Rival I've been fishing for years but no nothing about a conventional reel. I'm looking first for maximum distance for casting 3-8 plus bait. I like the idea of the magnetic break and windlevel but dont know. I would like to keep it under 200 if possible. any advice is much appreciated.