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  1. Just looked at this Hydra sport. Wonder how it compares to the proline. They look good. Thanks for showing me this. Because of the talk about how cudies interferes with fishing space I was even thinking about getting a big bowed center console and just add some kind of bow enclosure situation to it later. Decisions decisions but I do know that it will primarily be a boat for me and my lady to fish . She's not looking to go offshore but I just want the ability to sneak out every now and then on a nice day.
  2. Good Stuff from this forum. That's solid info and suggestions. I really wouldn't want a bigger boat but if on same size was built better it's worth a look. Thanks
  3. As of right now the girlfriend and I are taking a closer look at a Pro-line 23 EXPRESS. It's a manageable size, good fishing boat(primary activity) and is within our budget of around 50k. We're in Long Island NY but plan to relocate further south. We have a starter boat 21 ft center console but want more comfort with cabin and something safe offshore. Any other comparable boats or feedback on the proline?
  4. I got some weighted hooks and jig heads. We'll see.
  5. Thanks for the good info. I'll probably go with 40lb. I guess 300-400 yards.
  6. I'm going to use a Okuma 303 cold water with 40 or 50lb braid. Probably jig heads with soft bait, diamonds and some hard plastics. Mixed bag. I also have a okois 656 I'm looking to get a rod for. Mainly fishing for strips, blues and porgies but whatever is biting. Also have a warfare on the way. Three conventional set ups. Ordered a tsunami Jigging rod. Need two more conventional rods. .
  7. Scope out? Would it be detrimental?
  8. I just received this reel. I was going to order some 40 lb braid but I just so happen to have a large spool of 80 lb braid what would be the disadvantages of using such a heavy braid on this reel? I would be using it primarily for trolling and bottom fishing in the South Bay long Island.
  9. I want to use lures from a small boat. Other than jig heads to add weight I was looking at Trolling sinkers and California rigs. Any recommendations or feed back including weight choice? Want to troll, jig and cast lures from boat primarily for blues and striped bass.
  10. I don't see a lot of examples of stabilizers and outriggers for Tandem Kayaks. I understand that fishing tandem kayaks are more stable and I will start with calm Lakes but I also know looking ahead I will eventually want to go out into the bays and saltwater. I care more about stability than I do speed. I will be adding an electric trolling motor,. Any links to website or suggestion for an economical way to take the stability of my BKC TK122 to the next level.
  11. I get out there pretty nice these days. I'm looking for a reasonably priced reel that's going to have a fast line retrieve for surf.
  12. I'm shopping for a better rod. All I have is heavy action surf rods. I was thinking the multiier retrieves too slow for lures and figured I would use that as a boat combo and get a faster retrieving surf reel. I surf fish for Porgy blues and Stripes. I'm waiting on a kayak that I ordered to take my fishing to the next level.
  13. Yes I'm looking for a light surf rod for lures.
  14. Putting line on my multiplier to cast lures from the beach. I have 20 lb mono and 15 lb spider wire. Not sure what to go with. It will be on a 5ft one piece. What would you guys go with. A better rod recommendation is also welcomed. Trying to work with lures more. The retrieve is a little slow. Wondering if a faster retrieve like with kastking speed demon 6.2:1 might be better for lure and I'll just use the Akios on a boat poll.
  15. Would you recommend this setup for striped bass and porgy also? I have some metal that I could use for Bluefish. I understand that the gulf are primarily for fluke but at the beach the other day in Long Island my friend caught a really nice porgy with a swimming mullet. I'm really trying to get into artificial lures but I want good casting because I primarily fish from the beach. Ran into a couple of dollars so I think I'm going to put in the order I'm just trying to do some research before I spend my money.