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  1. Pretty work man.
  2. They never leave. Never
  3. Don't you know peelers are like caviar to a skate.
  4. Don't know if she had any worms, went back to catch another day.
  5. Catch alot of everything. Pics later
  6. Only 20 this year. I'm not as young as I used be.
  7. Striper crack.
  8. I also have 5doz soft crabs that going to be on menu tonight for dinner.
  9. Easier than digging fleas.
  10. Its early yet.
  11. Picked up 400 peelers yesterday and caught 100 skates last night and one small blackie. But it was a good day on the beach and not at work.
  12. Time to get started I guess. 400 peelers ought to do it.
  13. Nice work Allen and Marcus pretty fish.
  14. I suppory C&R
  15. Any that deals with a stock car or dirt track car has scales to scale out a race car.