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  1. Redoing the accommodations in the back of my rig. New tackle storage/bunk, and lighting.
  2. Any 2xxl typhoon jackets left?
  3. If deals falls through and your willing to ship, I'm interested
  4. I heard em last night so it's that time.
  5. She's still swimming so I can catch her again soon.
  6. Today would have a day to be fishing for sure but I spent the whole day cleaning my truck out from last years fishing, to get ready for this years fishing. Uggg But I'm ready now for the spring run, and some of these.
  7. Century has a 3pc 9ft travel rod that's fits your bill, I have one and love it, it will work perfect for what you want to do. I used mine steelhead fishing last year, I've trout/flounder fished with it in the Carolinas, caught numerous big stripers on it.
  8. It's funny that numerous fish that are caught, tagged and released and re caught sometimes multiple times sometimes hundreds of miles from where they were first caught. But some Jackass is saying most released fish die. Bunch of bull****. And to top it all off they say it's the rec guys hurting the fishery and not the commercial guys. They are so damn dumb, I was a commercial fisherman at one time not on a net, boat but have many friends on net boats, if they only knew how much dead loss and illegal fishing there really is they would die.
  9. A four banger in a full size truck, cant get much worse than that I guess. Lol I believe there is a tsb on those for shift issues I'll check Monday when I get to work.
  10. Not sure about phone, I have mine on laptop. But I have been meaning to look into that.
  11. Just bought one to build this for the wife, worked like a charm.
  12. John skinner has a program I use, I like it .
  13. I'll be in there tomorrow and see what's left.