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  1. That's right!!
  2. As far as restaurants there are a bunch of GREAT food trucks to check out, I highly recommend all of them, AJs restaurant is good, and the Ropewalk is really good.
  3. We just sit and watch the waves.
  4. There's no fish on AI/VA in sept. Not worth the trip, just saying.
  5. No problem. There is foam cap tape under the angle so it dosen't damage the bed rail. And it is held on with regular cap clamps.
  6. Great catches! These forums are a great source of information, alot of people here are happy to answer questions (as long as your not asking for a hotspot) . But I always say the best way to figure it out is to put in your time, so keep at it those are respectable catches. Any questions I myself will be happy to answer them if I can. Congrats
  7. Nice catches guys and gals. Congrats
  8. I use 17lb sufix tritanium mainline, and 50lb big game shock leader. I have learned alot of stuff from great fisherman and friends I've had the pleasure of fishing with, Steve Z, Catskill, Critter, and more. I'm always learning something new.
  9. When we used to camp there we did real good fishing from the beach.
  10. Congrats nice catch. Some good eating there, I love walleye I haven't had any in a good while. Used to catch some real nice ones when I lived in Michigan.
  11. Thanks again. He swapped em today, no more airing the tires tires up everytime you hook the trailer up.
  12. I know someone who has and uses several of them on the beach in NC and they do great on the sand. They can be tagged and driven on the road in NC.
  13. I'll shoot a PM later
  14. I would key in more on light tackle, I have done a fair bit of flounder and trout fishing from the shore bayside, kiptopeake (sp) has a pier/seawall that I have done real well off of fishing at night. If you have a yak I would take it.