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  1. He's up there watching Eddy. He probably told the rest of the departed SOL gang " watch while I mess with Eddy".
  2. Yupper
  3. April 15. Also depends on the town ordinance. Only place open now is the backtrack in Charlestown. After memorial day they charge a day beach use fee to use the backtrack
  4. Have any friends that hunt? That is where I get all my tails from.
  5. Haven't seen any down here, However there are a butt ton of cormorants at the potter hill dam
  6. Use a regular propane torch with a MAP gas bottle. Good Luck
  7. Wish you were closer I'd show ya some stuff
  8. magdarter where ya located?
  9. If it's a big hole you just use a pie of aluminum as a backer and fill it. I did this on mu own tin boat did it to a piece about 2 ft by 6 inches long when the trailer skids wore thru one area. You don't need any welding experience to use alumiweld just watch the vids. You could do that with 5200 however that stuff will eventually leak. Remember there are a 100 different ways to fix a problem some better than others.
  10. If its aluminum use "alumiweld". Google it and You Tube vids. I am a trained, above water and below water, welder/ship-fitter and I swear by that stuff. Lot cheaper to make repairs with it than have to go out and by a TIG welder for home. Go get some sheet aluminum and braze it together. All that other stuff, other than the welding will eventually probably at the wrong time fail. Welding will cost you money, some times more than the boat is worth. Have to see the repair to really tell you how to fix it.
  11. Pull motor scrap boat! LOL Nope you can repair it. It's going to take some time and effort. You definitely have some galvanic corrosion going on. I would pull off the motor and pull all those bolts out. The rivets on the bottom are tinners rivets and need a special tool to peen them over. They need to be drilled out. When you put them back in you HAVE TO USE A GOOD MARINE SEALANT between them "Google". You can fill those holes with "Alumiweld" and a Map gas tourch. Propane isn't hot enough IMO. Be careful because you can warp the aluminum if your not careful. Practice with it and watch the videos. I have had over hundreds of hours braze welding experience and it flows almost the same. I've used it extensively on aluminum boat repairs. Just make sure that the aluminum is cleaned with a stainless brush. I use one on a drill motor. When you start cleaning that mess your going to see a lot of pitting under the paint , alone with a lot of salt build up. Get it all gone your going to find a lot more holes once you get it done. If you have any large holes your going to have to use sheet aluminum and seal around the patch with "alumiweld". If needed, once you have the aluminum holes and pitting repaired you can smooth out the "alumiweld" with a heavy grit sand paper etc. You can re-drill the "alumiweld" I have had no any issues with re-drilling it. Next I would loos that aluminum cap inside the boat. Get a pieces of 3/4" MARINE PLYWOOD laminate 2 pieces together and fiberglass on top. Re-drill and done . When installing the transom use a good marine sealant and make sure all those holes have enough to seal both inside and out side the hull. You could bring it to a welder but I wouldn't. The "alumiweld" is just fine. This is coming from someone that has a lot of experience with welding both at home and at work. Good Luck
  12. Yupper, Place hasn't been the same since ya left,,,,,,
  13. Hard to find on the East Coast Billy.
  14. Have a 2014 4 runner trail. Ordered it brand new from the dealer. Usually on the beach every night in the season. Two things I dislike 16.1 gpm. When it was new it got 18 going to Pulaski in the winter. Ever since 10,000 it went to 16.1. Talked to numerous people and they say their mileage varies. The only other issue is the head unit for the radio ABSOLUTLY terrible. Toyota needs to get rid of that awful software and update it. I think its' still the same on the newer ones. Heck I cant even use WAZE on the head unit I have to use my phone. All in all though no issues as far as the mechanics are concerned. I also have a 2018 outback that gets 27 mpg and can go just about anywhere our runner will go. I've even had it in upstate NY on most of the trails I take the runner with know issues. BTW the Tacoma and 4 runner are on the same frame. You get more bang for your buck with the Runner as far as size and storage etc. Good luck. BTF
  15. Yup I know where Scotland is,,, matter of fact I will be between the two dams this weekend with a rod in hand LOL