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  1. Yupper, Place hasn't been the same since ya left,,,,,,
  2. Hard to find on the East Coast Billy.
  3. Have a 2014 4 runner trail. Ordered it brand new from the dealer. Usually on the beach every night in the season. Two things I dislike 16.1 gpm. When it was new it got 18 going to Pulaski in the winter. Ever since 10,000 it went to 16.1. Talked to numerous people and they say their mileage varies. The only other issue is the head unit for the radio ABSOLUTLY terrible. Toyota needs to get rid of that awful software and update it. I think its' still the same on the newer ones. Heck I cant even use WAZE on the head unit I have to use my phone. All in all though no issues as far as the mechanics are concerned. I also have a 2018 outback that gets 27 mpg and can go just about anywhere our runner will go. I've even had it in upstate NY on most of the trails I take the runner with know issues. BTW the Tacoma and 4 runner are on the same frame. You get more bang for your buck with the Runner as far as size and storage etc. Good luck. BTF
  4. Yup I know where Scotland is,,, matter of fact I will be between the two dams this weekend with a rod in hand LOL
  5. Go with an "aqua pack". We use em' all the time at work with no issues other than guys not knowing how to close em.
  6. Here since a few days ago on the Pawcatuck I was up your way last week going to Cabelas. Saw one on the way up and one on the way back. I didn't think they moved from the coast to inland. Still have the same ones around the Thames we normally see year round
  7. I have no issue with my Outback carrying, a 13'hobie revo, 13' Old town loon or an Old town 14' Dirago. Only two at a time of course. I use factory bars with Yakima J racks. I only do this if fishing areas where I can't get my trailer into. The factory rails are only rated to around 170 lbs. The only issue I have with the j-raks is that I have to move em around to fit the difference curvature of the hull sides. If you go this route defiantly tie down fore and aft and the sides of the boats.
  8. Stop by the local tackle shops. They can tell you what the fish are currently hitting. The color patterns are usually addressed with the water color.
  9. Where else do ya think? Ill be there if I dont have to work.
  10. ^^^^^^ What he said , unless it becomes like RISSA Ill skip it. Went last year and went thru in a half hour.
  11. Happy New years guys! Hopfully I get to fish more than 2 times this year.
  12. or oyster cracker,,,
  13. Cuz its not next to a food source,,,AKA a breachway,,,
  14. lol try feb,,, then there is Steelheads