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    Retired US Navy DeepSea Diver/ Computer Geek
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    What else fishing, guitar playing, computer gaming Pissing off tourist
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    Diving Supervisor, General Dynamics

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  1. Musst have been scared of Ginas hide in place ,,,
  2. Only issue with the new ramp is it is harder to launch yaks only one area between the rocks to wheel a hobie if that ,,,,.
  3. Remember she is from BIG Buisssiness I will not be a sheep,,,,,,,
  4. Nope against our RIGHtS Yes it does I didnt spent 23 years supporting our Consitution for this **** !
  5. i Drove thru the 95 gounlett ,,statties didnt follow, gee wonder why Rights !!!!!
  6. bourbon
  7. F gina Sol Get together at the towers this weekend , Support our Constituitional rights ! Animal will be the sokesman!
  8. So I was active duty from Oct 76 until Oct 99 I have fished all over the world on almost every Naval facility in the world yeah got around as a Navy diver. Never have I heard about a PERMIT to fish on base ? !100 %?of the places I fished we had a base COs inst saying the policies and it changed per CO . Is this a base currenent COs inst ? Years ago Groton had the best Tog fishing on the east coast, by the power plant . I found out one day when we had to go clean out the trash screens in the building ,thousads of sand worms in the powerhouse basin getting kicked over the top of the trash screens . However they have closed that down with fences etc .
  9. I call security and tell them I will be fishing at night cuz 3 years ago they showed up like cowboys at 2am
  10. Bears Den ROCKs
  11. Eddie are you drinking again ?
  12. Overcome,adapt improvise scarecrow! You have 2 shoulders. Cast with the other one ! Lmao . If your down here give me a shout and ill meet ya on the beach and thrown it for ya woosee ! Sorry Stewie, ex Navy Chief Navy Diver just came out . Stay safe my bother. The Drama ! Go figure