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    Retired US Navy DeepSea Diver/ Computer Geek
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    What else fishing, guitar playing, computer gaming Pissing off tourist
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  1. or oyster cracker,,,
  2. Cuz its not next to a food source,,,AKA a breachway,,,
  3. lol try feb,,, then there is Steelheads
  4. yawn,,,, Whats an albie,? Something you catch in August whist fishing for bluefish? Common place,,, still is if you know where and when. No need to chase and waste gas,,,,,,,,,They are here,,,
  5. Hey Bob havent seen ya since that day in charlie town. The usual one I see ya at you could have drove over all the people on the beach and still had room
  7. Anything running subsurface at the bottom will catch,,,ditto on the BT,, and why?... Training younguns?
  8. Im stil fishing my "Silent Georges". Blast from the past for those that knew him.
  9. Mask fins snorkle,,,,, thats all you need.Wetsuit this time of year if your an old fart like me. Most of So co has beds on the beach front.Ya need to swim and find em. Look for the holes , some places have more than others. When I was a kid i used to sell em localay to bait shops .50 a quart sucked. My greatgrand mother always wanted em for chowda and fritters. Where ever they wash up take note and swimm the area. Usually 25 yards off the beach
  10. joe knows stuff
  11. Hey Stewie,,, when you clowns get together again txt me, not on here as much,since work has picked wayyy up.
  12. in just say when Eddie ,,,,
  13. So true,,,, the clown part that is.
  14. I am in total shock right now. Scotty was an awsome young guy. Always enjoyed chatting with him in various haunts in SoCo. We lost another great one . Rest in Peace Scotti.