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  1. And who is fish it all ?
  2. Thats cuz ya dont know how ta fish ,,, I aint grumpy f'er I showed ya how grass hopper, what else ? No dip **** after the last Rissa meet I was more worried about your ass than mine . I am fine guys thanks for asking Matt,.
  3. When was the last time you did one of those ? Getting off da can?
  4. Teach em ,,,, Just dont show em the way,,,,,Wind and rain below 50 is wayyyyy better
  5. Time to audit the audit at CRMC . Wife went there after a DR appoint in Wakefield. 3 people were waiting. She waited over 15 min along with others and decided to open the back door and ask if anyone could help them. Immediatly some one came out and said you cant be back here. Rude and totally uncalled for. They said everything is on the website. Wife asked how ncan I send a check via website and the employee said Figure it Out !, This has nothing to do with Covid , it has to do with RI politics and the beach home owners Next time video from Audit the Audit just informed them. this should be good
  6. Funny all RI busnisses are open Other than the state
  7. Started out as a venture to govern the access to the beach The actual policies were made up by a few guys drinking beers One being a retire Charlestown Police officer and a few others. Wife just went to CRMC a little bit ago She is pissed She said they are the biggest bunch 0F Aholes! rude as hell. Not like her to get upset Fortunately she knows alot of people in the state legislature. I'm gonna get my popcorn out and see where this goes. So much for guys coming from NJ Mass and NY and other places to fish the fall run . Nope they will just risk the ticket . RI will loose more money.
  8. The begining of the end for out of staters that can only show up on weekends. Inspection? Really ? If most on this site new where this process began,,,,,
  9. Thanks Dan I was looking for that today . I remember that day when I filmed it. Never saw that kid Chandler after Eddie got the best of him . Or was it bobbie feeding him all that booze How much sand was in the front floors RIP fish pimp ? I will miss you on the fall migration . Hope you One Dozen and Fish Doc are all together laughing at us mear mortals Love ya my friend
  10. Ya guys wanna do a lead fest let me know . I have the place and space for it .
  11. Mike, This year we had bunker in the river until late Jan.Yupper Late Jan . They were in front on the drydocks at work. I have never seen that in all off my years working in the aThames.
  12. Your welcome
  13. I moved to Ct about 4 years ago to save on taxes. Right over the boarder. Ct stocks year round. The trout season is open year round depending on where you fish Catch/relaese. Ct website also tells you where and how long ago they stocked . A far cry from RI. All the NE states should take an example from NY and change up there licensing to.If I buy it today it is good for one year tothe day. Makes sense especially in a tourist state .
  14. I have one with a bug embeded in it . Gotta dig it out One of the first Chucky ever did
  15. Yeah I'm the dive supervisor at EB never have seen that before Go ahead ask away