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  1. Ya guys wanna do a lead fest let me know . I have the place and space for it .
  2. Mike, This year we had bunker in the river until late Jan.Yupper Late Jan . They were in front on the drydocks at work. I have never seen that in all off my years working in the aThames.
  3. Your welcome
  4. I moved to Ct about 4 years ago to save on taxes. Right over the boarder. Ct stocks year round. The trout season is open year round depending on where you fish Catch/relaese. Ct website also tells you where and how long ago they stocked . A far cry from RI. All the NE states should take an example from NY and change up there licensing to.If I buy it today it is good for one year tothe day. Makes sense especially in a tourist state .
  5. I have one with a bug embeded in it . Gotta dig it out One of the first Chucky ever did
  6. Yeah I'm the dive supervisor at EB never have seen that before Go ahead ask away
  7. Paul did you notify ANIMAL ?
  8. We had Bunker in the river until a few weeks ago Had em pooled up in front or the drydocks at work. Strangest thing I have ever seen Gulls were having a field day as the fish were almost dead swimming still but barley because if the cold water
  9. Ok buttknuckel Navy term When are we going to fish ?
  10. Mike my office over looks the Thames Its loaded this year!
  11. Better to make it on a Friday Saturday.Not a lot of response from most
  12. yes kemosabi
  13. Its about time ,,,,,! Where is Whitey at ?
  14. yup they are feeding on rain bait
  15. If you have ever been in the military , Follow the last order given by a superior ,, ,,,