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  1. Would you accept $110 for it? if so i'll take it
  2. I'll offer $235.00 picked up tomorrow
  3. Still available? where abouts in central Jersey are you?
  4. There is a good video on YT that shows how easy a full breakdown of the VR is, maybe you should break the reel down and look for obvious reasons. I would like to know what you find, I am about to pull the trigger and get one, but hate to hear stories like this for the coin they cost. good luck
  5. Lures don't swim and neither do turds. It is a reaction to an action by design.
  6. He thinks he is going to launch strikes for a few days in to freakin Syria and then just walk away….yea right. He is going to start a massive, full on war that will involve every country in the middle east.
  7. This thread needs a cool surfing vid!
  8. Does anyone really think that the fed has any real skin in the game…. lmao
  9. Hahahahahahahaha……******baggusMaximus
  10. It is of no surprise that Liberal progressives will leave no stones unturned to find new tax revenues…
  11. Kim un is feeling the pressure, the world is changing and I believe the South, US and Japan are no longer willing to tolerate a N. Korea state lobbing rockets. I think ever since Kim Un took over the decision has been made to change the 50 year situation. Kim knows it and is not going down without a fight.