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  1. 12 hours have gone by and have not heard from this seller
  2. I'll take it for asking price
  3. Love this video, watched it numerous times over the years
  4. Yes he was, and could catch with just a block of wood and a hook. One night around 2007 me and him were fishing jetties from his 17' bass boat, ocean side and the swells were rockin pretty good. He was on the bow casting and working the trolling motor keeping position, so this little bass boat were in is getting knocked all over from the waves and he was glued to the boat, like his boots were glued there, lol. And I'm getting thrown all over the place in the back, thought I was gonna end up swimming. I'll never forget that. RIP. Pic is the DP3 in weakfish
  5. Caught some nice LMB on them too!
  6. Etch!, They look awesome brother! Still have these from 2007 I think, back in the day
  7. Looking for a 3 tube EbbPoint in good shape, or other quality 3 tubes considered, Thanks
  8. Anyone know who the builder on this 5" might be?
  9. West Systems has been making great epoxy for a long time and is used widely for wooden boats. But be warned as it will yellow rapidly when exposed to UV, especially the 205 hardener as it has zero UV protection, the 207 does have UV inhibiters but will also yellow over time as stated in the specs. Manufacturer recommends a top coat of paint so not really a good choice for clear coat.
  10. Would you accept $110 for it? if so i'll take it
  11. I'll offer $235.00 picked up tomorrow
  12. Still available? where abouts in central Jersey are you?