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  1. So sorry for your loss, condolences to you and yours
  2. Thoughts and prayers to you and yours.
  3. I do not see them, guess I'm paid up.
  4. Awesome, great contest for some great people
  5. That's fair, I'll take it at 160 shipped
  6. I can offer 150 shipped
  7. Pick up a 9' FishEagle on sale for short money and it works great.
  8. Yea I could drop Barry a line but figured he just builds as well.
  9. That would give me an excuse to stop at Corropolese for a tomato pie.
  10. Have a St Croix thats needs a guide replaced. Any suggestions on best options on where to take it for repair? I'm in the Chester/Lancaster County area. Thanks
  11. Good info, keeping my eyes on theses to replace a few older ss2600's
  12. Let's do it. I'll be at 51st and central starting tomorrow. Let me know your availability and we can meet up. If you want to meet tomorrow, any time after 10 would probably work. Might be there earlier depending on'd you my cell in case you dont have it anymore.
  13. I just took it out of the wrapper for the first time, lol...yes it has the weights.