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  1. Again, North America has enough fossil fuels for the next 500 years. And we haven't really started in the Rocky Mountains yet. Gas shouldn't even be $1 a gallon....along with the myth of 'peak oil'. But sure, I'd love to have a quiet electric center console. History shows that a pipeline is much more efficient at transporting oil, from the very first ones! Instead of trains or their predecessors, wagons.
  2. No one is "sacred" of new technology. It's about technology that isn't ready, being shoved down your throat by irresponsible people. There is no viable alternative to fossil fuels, now....or in the near future. But we do have things well-off people buy as a Tesla, if you want to go a short distance, one way. And then wait hours to recharge to get back....
  3. Not for me, I'm in my 70's now & get my licenses completely free of charge. But I can remember a few times right after being stocked the fish had complete lockjaw, wouldn't hit anything. Maybe even for a couple days!
  4. So true, oil floats, untreated raw sewage sinks to the bottom & settles. So you would have to think, did they take their samples by skimming the surface by shore....or out in a boat dropping down to the bottom? Or even if they took samples in an appropriate area where sewage would settle? I know 20 years after the oil spill there was still signs of it's pollution.
  5. My post you are referring to was in response to you saying "We’re not helping Russia". When the new administration stopped our pipeline, & reopened Russia's! (even a 3rd grader can understand that) And it's not how much 'we have''s goes to how efficiently we get it to market. "Then there is the increasingly unavoidable reality that the green energy sources some fantasize about are decades away from being technologically feasible to replace old-fashioned oil, gas and coal. Even the Energy Department predicts that even with the trend toward renewable energy, by 2035, we will still be heavily reliant on oil, gas and coal for electricity production, home heating and transportation fuels"
  6. So a few yancey fishermen are at one of the few spots still open to fishermen....and another fisherman blames them for being there when the stocking truck comes by? Or that it's more sporting the day after?
  7. Ironically this latest spill is in the exact same area of the oil spill from when I was young. It took forever for that spill to clear up! My very first job was at Doc Chauvin's marina. One of my tasks was to clean the boats waterline at the end of the season, w/ acetone & a pressure washer. They had a crust of deposits on them.
  8. I said more that ones in this thread the 'markets' take into consideration the worldly effects of future prices. In response to your 'alternate universe', where you were trying to convince people that shareholder 'dividends' were the driving force behind oil prices. The second excuse you came up with after saying Big Oil was conspiring to screw us....& not these insidious American oil HATING 'executive orders'.
  9. The (day 1 & shortly after) 'executive orders' put an end to our pipeline, & then, taking off the sanctions on Russia's pipeline. So the 'executive orders' were to FORCE countries onto Russian oil, while screwing American oil. (& remember, the exact same amount of oil was used, it was NOT to reduce consumption or was simply *transferring* American oil exports, to Russian oil) So yes, the 'executive orders' that started this whole mess HELPED Russia. It wasn't until a year later that the sanctions were put back on the Russian pipeline, to reverse the ignorant original 'executive order'.
  10. No, it's all a joke. Oil company 'investors' also have little control over prices (just as the companies themselves)....again, it's global markets that set prices. And it's efficient in respect of the hedge/commodities markets. Who most times also take into account the 'heard instinct'....along w/ their algorithms. It has next to nothing to do w/ dividends....that's another foolish excuse. So when the biggest economy in the world, takes a 180 deg. reversal, 'on day 1', through oil hating 'executive orders'....the markets respond accordingly. And THAT (& that only) is the overwhelmingly major factor in our oil prices today.
  11. Yes, Russia gets about 85% of their earnings from oil & gas....high oil prices = Making Russia Great Again As for the ChiCom virus, I remember gas prices going UP....sighting not enough healthy truck driver to deliver fuel. (food too)
  12. I can remember $1.83 gas pre-pandemic....if you knew where to go. The Ukraine isn't even in the top 50 oil producing countries, & imports oil. I was wondering when someone was going to mention "Big Oil" (as a culprit). For those that foolishly think oil companies, & not markets, set prices. But it would be entertaining to watch some make excuses & 'shift blame' from an untenable position, fueled by denial. If it wasn't for the devastating (even deadly) effects of these idiotic executive orders/campaign promises.... In the end, the EXACT same amount of oil will be used worldwide, as there is NO rational/viable alternative to fossil fuels....we'll just be SCREWED by irresponsible Gov. along the way.
  13. If you remember, Canada want's to ship their oil to China....for higher prices. Than keep it in America.... They want to, Make China Great Again.
  14. So "only those" that don't "embrace" these insidious gas prices are in "misery"? WOW....maybe there really is a tooth fairy! We were on track to having gas less that $1.50 gal....(while also exporting our oil). Remember that when you fill up your vehicle (or boat) when you try to go fishing this coming season. Just dream about the Green tooth fairy! Not to mention back to 'Freeze a Yankee' winter.
  15. Not true, we were oil exporters for 2 years & on our way to energy independence forever. BTW: North America has enough oil reserves for the next 500 years! More than the rest of the world put together. (& that drives Green crackpots krazy) We went from a country of peace, prosperity & complete misery, grief & less than a year! So now NBC is a "alternative facts" network? The same reporting was also on ABC & CBS (& everywhere else)! But now we have a bunch of people saying they can't remember, just a year ago, all the 'executive orders' that purposely decimated our oil production (our independence). And yes, North America includes our border neighbors Canada & Mexico.
  16. Yes the bucktail seems to work better for non trout species.
  17. I too got the 'talking points' from my Rep.'s desperate attempt at 'damage control'. If you read the CNBC report you would realize 'leases' were just 1 of several 'executive orders', all meant to disrupt & curtail US oil production. All part of some pie-in-the-sky (new) 'Green Deal'. And we all remember the last Green Economy that ended in billions wasted & the collapse of all these paper-tiger Green companies propped up by Gov. And now were all paying through-our-nose for this ridiculous 2nd attempt. Remember EVERYTHING you purchase is brought to you by oil....therefore the HORRENDOUS inflation!
  18. Well the 'Tooth Fairy' didn't change the United States from a net exporter of oil, to a net importer....all in less than 1 year! And we immediately became dependent on oil from Russia, Iran & (the Kennedy favorite) Venezuela. But yes, the 'markets' take into consideration future production in their pricing today.
  19. I'm sure CNBC was cheerful about it all, & as usual had no clue what the consequences we all knew would be. Does anyone in the North East believe they would heat their houses with a windmill after this? I just got an over $900 oil bill yesterday....& that was just for 3/4 of a tank full.
  20. Would CNBC news suffice?
  21. The United States was actually a net exporter of oil, until the last year or so. It was several 'executive orders' that curtailed our oil production (sighting 'climate change'). So many of you guys don't remember that? It was only a year ago! :0
  22. I made the rounds last Sunday after the Worcester St. Patty's day everyone was FURIOUS about the oil prices & inflation. I can't even tell you what they wanted to do to the gov. agencies responsible! This is quickly draining many peoples bank accounts....& they have no way out.
  23. My can is getting pretty low....but if you read the fine print, it only works for 6 weeks (or 6 washings), which ever comes first I guess. I sure don't wash my woods clothing that often, but only 6 weeks is kind of lame.
  24. This thread was about a 'locked' topic. Turned into all kinds of food foolishness. So why not have some sort of a food/cooking section....I wasn't entirely kidding. But I'm getting hungry, so I think I'll make some kind of Hoggy, Sub, Grinder to eat.
  25. I guess there isn't a food forum on SOL? You know, for those that like to discuss fishing.