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  1. 6 outings for me on all sides & not a single fish of any kind to show for it on spoons.
  2. It's probably the predicted beginning that for the next 20 years the North East is going to have very cold & windy weather....because of sun spot activity. As the sun has about 1000% more effect on climate, than anything here on earth.
  3. Here in Worc Peterson Oil is bragging they have set the price @ 3.99. But I here the DOI is making a 'course correction' on oil drilling along w/ a BLM 'reset' on the 'use of American resources'....instead of the insidious 'executive orders' of a year ago, as that goes through the Federal Courts. And the ignorance of using the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. In the end, the exact same amount of oil will be used (there's nothing to replace it)'s just going to cost TWICE as much, all because of those ignorant 'executive orders'.
  4. That place had the best Italian meatball sandwich around, by far. When Vincent first got it he would go around to the Worc bars & give out business cards to people he recognized (from Ralph's) to drum up business. Now Frank, the long time bartender there has bought Vincent's other place Nick's. I'm hoping Frank brings the meatball sandwiches to Millbury St.
  5. What do they do to broodstock so they no longer reproduce, chemicals? Is it because the state wants complete control over reproduction, in every water?
  6. I thought maybe Sat was too sunny, but Sun evening was just as bad in a different spot. Looks like the word is out, I had every spot between the SC & fire station to myself, saw 3 or 4 scattered fishermen while I was there. Not even a bump on spoons.
  7. Here are some cheap as dirt rip offs of another famous Sebile plug. You could get them as clear blanks, & they had a slightly tighter wiggle. I would buy 1/2 a dozen at a time, 4 oz.
  8. I hit a pond last week known for pickerel after it was stocked, but was skunked. Last year @ the same place (after stocking) all I caught there was pickerel & bass....
  9. I got to talk to a ranger who drove their white truck right down to the shoreline after sundown....they said the 110 side had the better fishing. Maybe because it has more sunlight warming it up?
  10. That's a beauty LL! The trick for opening day is to go late in the afternoon. I got there about 4:30 pm & had every area I wanted to fish open. Better than any year I can remember. And the water is at a very nice level.
  11. Only kidding, that was my favorite plug in the canal, 3oz. 155 FW sinking gen.1 silver. If you look closely you can see the SW hooks on it in the package. I got sick of casting my BIG 4 1/2oz. sinker pretty fast, & only used it when BIG bait was around. The 3oz. was a pleasure to cast. I also still have this one, 2 1/2 oz. 155 SU (suspending). Imagine a bass following it, then it just stops, in place.
  12. I got this one @ Red Top the year they came you think I should open it? I hear they stopped making this color after a while.
  13. Yesterday was pretty good, I hooked about 7 or 8, & landed 4 rainbows, all on a 3/8 gold CC spoon. This was 3 days after stocking, & they were very feisty....throwing the lure repeatedly, in the air & digging in. All in about an hour!
  14. Well you used it ("scared") 3 times....& twice in 1 short post. But now it's "pointless"? I wouldn't like getting to work wet, on 2 wheels. Only did it a few times.... My 2007 Nissan Altima hybrid ran great, & accelerated like a rocket. But I hated the CVT was hard to judge your speed w/ it.
  15. Sunny & windy (west) a heavier spoon may be in order, but maybe better for the bait brigade. But lets see who can afford the gas to get there?
  16. *500 year oil* It's mostly propitiatory information people in the derivatives markets use to make future investment decisions. As opposed to the garbage misinformation ('fake' news) you get from the mainstream media....that some gov officials use uphold/qualify their ignorant actions.
  17. Were you 'scared' to tell us what you drove in 2007?
  18. My 1949 1/2 bail 300.
  19. Went to one a couple days ago....skunked, only saw this-
  20. Fishing in the City, & actually eating the fish there are 2 different things. The state (& city) I guess are saying it's perfectly ok? The 'sky falling' is referring to the global warming of 40 years ago that never happened. So they changed it to climate change....then came the 18 year 'pause'. (but those are subjects for another thread)
  21. Black tape then squirt it w/ WD-40. Seems stocking around Worc is behind schedule? I usually get to take a few casts 2 weeks before Wachusett opens. This year its more like 2 days! And I see they continuously stock the Cape area.
  22. "scared" Just some demeaning lingo from radicals (like sissy college professors) I'm sure you didn't come up w/ that yourself. I just sold my 2007 hybrid vehicle last year....what were you driving in 2007?
  23. I'm waiting for Dr, Fauci to chime in on this, as he is infallible & unwavering on scientific & health matters. Plus we all know a Gov. employee would never just agree/concur with the Gov. they work for....& try to dupe the public. It's just unreasonable in America to dissent from anything Gov. tells us.... (& remember, -the sky is falling- too!)
  24. Yes there are several differences. But like in settling treatment tanks/basins, solids form on the bottom, where there is not much current or wind. But there are officials that take a big gulp of treated city water for a photo shoot (saying it's safe)....& then never touch it again. So do you think they'll let their kids swim there?
  25. Absolutely, the spinner usually out fish spoons by a wide margin for stocked trout. But it's wader fishing w/ the smallest spinners you can find. A good alternative is a small Roostertail from shore. I also wish I had a countdown Rapala for larger & more active feeders.