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  1. Now that's the kind of fish I fish And specifics....tide, time, lure/bait ? East, west, mid....cape, mainland?
  2. Anyone been down to the Bourndale run lately? I don't expect stripers....but maybe herring, even small schools?
  3. Hi Scott, I wonder where the stripers are then? Should I even mention the mf' It's great to hear the herring are doing better this year though.... Was the water all that warmer this time of year in the canal, years ago, w/ stripers all over the place? I never stoped to check, chucking live herring, and getting hit almost every cast.
  4. signature has started to work!
  5. There's PM here? How? I also do not revieve notifications of replies to threads I start, or reply to? (I did check that off) And my signature doesn't work either? And come to think of it, the spell checker isn't working for me (I have the same checker, and it works on other sites) But it's working better than RT! I didn't know there was allready a thread about the Bourndale run....(not in trolls)?
  6. There seems to be quite a few of those 40" right-on-the-button fish in the canal latety. Nice catch