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  1. Real fishermen use Nylon 66 22.'s....a left coast thing.
  2. Will there be any fish left in that pond?
  3. They have been gone for a few days now, but I haven't been looking that much either.
  4. Seen a few from morning to sundown....& swooping on each other tonight. Maybe I should have changed the's been a week!
  5. There not as aggressive the last week or so here....more playful in their antics. Looks like their choosing partners for the winter vacation down's a long drive!
  6. Last Friday, water is still exceptionally low, & warm.
  7. Same here, some perching & monitoring the feeder....then dive bombing others. Sometimes 3 or 4 or 5 racing around chasing each other (hard to count). And fluttering in-place more often....1 almost at arms length from my face!
  8. Nope, their smarter that the average Human.
  9. I hear Eskimos use them for chewing gum.
  10. Not really 'complaining''s all factual. The 'point' would be....if I named the President (by name), I would probably be accused of........being 'political'.
  11. Big corporations like new Gov. they can readily pass on the expenses to the consumer. Smaller companies can not as easily do that....which creates unemployment, & more people on Gov. welfare. Big Gov, gets more powerful....Big Corporations get more profits. (that's the full circle) While smart people make more $ investing, & buy Cape Cod real estate.
  12. Another great activity @ the resy this year is tackle hunting. The water is so low you can many times see lures & other tackle in the for the whole family, as you walk the shoreline. Bring a long rod & waterproof shoes. I found this huge 1 1/8oz. Johnson Silver Minnow last time I was there. Another week a 2oz. lead sinker on a 3-way rig.
  13. Isn't it completely legal to drink alcoholic beverages @ the Canal?
  14. The water is so low, the other day I easily walked completely around the SC....while trying out some light SW rods.
  15. Exactly, we had knowledge of those new small plastic Japan plugs when they first came out. Said it several times. Don't know what's confusing you?
  16. I know the 'message' all to well. It's the massage if intolerance. And I remember many years ago the administrator of the Massachusetts Forum posted that Nixon was to blame for the seal response to a posting I made on the same subject. (don't believe me, look it up)
  17. Most shark attacks on humans are in shallow, wading water.
  18. I said they were 'new fangled' when we started to use them. The Mepps 00 is a spinner, not a 'spoon'. If you want to catch all the 'finicky' fish you want, just put a mealworm on a small hook, maybe w/ the smallest split shot in a shallow river, & 4 or 2lb. line. (I even had rubber mealworms for when I ran out, but the live ones worked KILLER)
  19. Well Rapala even makes one smaller (1 1/2"), but I found the 2" was the best. You were originally trying to say I didn't understand UL fishing at all. And the Shad Raps were too big. What length are your lures? I have built many UL rods myself, & used to specialize in it. If you want real UL to extremely finicky fish, these are the lures to use. How many 00 size Mepps do you have? The olive woolly bugger was the best.
  20. The Sutton MA spoons- (the one on the bottom is a Thomas Speedy Shiner though) I didn't know why they called them Mooselook until Paul told me on Green St.
  21. Enough of you too bb1. You've been warned ad nauseam. You still persist. You never get the message. But then again, perhaps you don't want to get the message. I really enjoy your fishing posts, but right now they're becoming a liability.
  22. Yes twice a week is what I have heard. My neighbor said something about their beaks being damaged over time from bad nectar? I have 2 feeders now, but usually just have some nectar in the fridge & 1/2 refill after a quick rinsing. When my feeder runs out, the birds get angry....& peck at the clear part of the feeder, :0 The feeder I have out now is a little sticky as I spilt when some won't perch.
  23. WOW, so a 2" lure is now way to big for stocked trout on a lake? (yup' 'tells me all I need to know' My fishing buddy that tried the new fangled plastic Japan lures got to twitch his rod, but I usually out fished him w/ my rod in a holder, as I had to drive the boat.
  24. My feeder is in the sun & the birds are on it all day. I guess the homemade nectar doesn't last as long....or does it last longer when warm? I read hummingbirds feed every 15 min. So they go for the easy....
  25. It cracks me up when some people blame 'humans' for things, as if we aren't part of the animal world, of indigenous to the planet. lol And those same people say how much they 'care' about others. I haven't been much past the Canal in so many years I can't remember....& I have relatives there. Most of the new people on the Cape are -very well off-, & don't care about much of anything but walking to nowhere for no reason. Last I heard, the 'ocean side' lifeguards on Cape Cod don't let their kids enter the water!