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  1. I think it was a little deeper years ago....the east side & point were the most coveted. But look at 36, it's shallow there & they do ok.
  2. The sandy point used to be a hot spot 40yrs ago....people fighting over a place to fish there. I think storms shifted the sand there? Trout in spring & fall....bass in the summer.
  3. No hits, no runs....didn't see or hear of a fish caught last day. Even gate 36 was empty!
  4. The beach (not the sandy point) was completely underwater, right up to the banking & unpassable. I was actually near the (small) path in the cove area casting! I was at the powerlines/causeway area the 5 times before that....not much action there. It's obvious the people in charge have no idea (what their doing) or how to read a weather forecast. :0 Probably believe were all going to dehydrate from the global warming scam.
  5. Thought I'd try the 70 side for the first time in weeks. 8 beach is underwater....I found a small spot I could cast from, but you had to keep your 2 feet in the exact same spot, lol. There was a firetiger Kasmaster in a small tree about 15' out in the water....normally you would be walking 15' in front of that tree! The water is right up the the path there! On the walk down I saw 2 almost tame deer, I walked fairly close to them right on the road before the bolted....but the big one stayed about 20-25 ft away in the woods....I even aimed at it & it did not move. There are very few spots I can think of for today.
  6. Nothing for me again, but there were about 3 times as many fisherman than yesterday. Then snapped off my spoon on my last cast! Maybe try somewhere else the next 2 days....but where? Waters so high it's not easy.
  7. Nothing happening tonight, not even a bump. I'm sure you would have much better action, next month!
  8. I would be very careful driving around there next month, those deer will be scattering & crossing the roads next to the resy. A few years ago there were a few accidents & near misses because of deer in the road....especially before rush hour!
  9. Is it bow only?
  10. Trolling small Fin-S Fish used to be a thing at the Q. People fish rubba' worms at Wachusett for bass, but most any fish will pick them off the fact its a method to just cast them out & let them sit on the bottom, like a live bait.
  11. Do you need snow shoes today? Do they get stuck in the bushes & other vegetation? Maybe I'll just blow it off & wait for warm weather?
  12. I used to extensively fish the tribs in spring (& fall) when I was younger, then moving to the (boring) main resy when that died down. Never caught a sucker though....but I drifted meal worms usually.
  13. I forgot about worms, I thought they like regular carp bait mostly. I saw dozens (hundreds) of them trying to jump over the Quiny dam one year long ago.
  14. Where & how? Don't worry, sucker fishermen from around the country won't start a caravan to Wachusett. I don't think they readily take a shiner or spoon?
  15. Yet the Wachusett has been high the last 2 years. I thought I heard something about they were working on something at the Q that needed low water, & they sent it to Wachusett (may have been a rumor)? And Wachusett was low when they were working on the causeway project the year before? Anyway, water fluctuation is not good for shore fishing (catching) in my opinion. But it is cool when someone (a dumbbell, lol) sees me catch a fish in a odd spot, & says I was "lucky"....when I was being deliberate all along, & they haden't had any action all day!