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  1. In other words, by the time the smelt come in to shore to spawn, the rain flow will have most areas underwater. By then Gate 36, the beach @ Scar Hill, the Causeway & Stone Church riprap will be a few places you can even cast.
  2. Actually in the past 7 years or so I have seen plenty of smelt being balled up, spring & fall. In fact last week I saw one so big it left 3 separate oil slicks, as the fish balled them up 3 times as the wind was blowing them along....w/ maybe 15-20 seagulls diving on them too. I have known since opening week this was going on, & why metal was not working very well. (but now the cat-is-out-of-the-bag)
  3. The OTW report summed it up, the fish are keying on bait (smelt)....balling them up. What they didn't mention is that it's usually happening well offshore & out of casting range. Look for the birds working the bait too, & a oil slick afterwards. I also saw a Bald Eagle last week swoop down on a laker left dead by shore....pretty cool.
  4. Over in that by the time the fish really start biting, there will be no place to fish for them. I believe that most spots will be underwater in a week.
  5. Nothing at all for me after 4 tries (maybe 12 hrs) w/ metal. The water level is getting ridiculously high again, w/ rain mostly coming for the next 10 days. I was looking for a rock that was above water opening weekend....I could hardly see it in the murky depths yesterday. It's pretty much over for this year, as any spot to cast from also disappear.
  6. I have been to all 3 sides, not a single bite on metal. Must have walked a mile of shore today.
  7. Absolutely nothing! 2 days, 2 good spots, just a few hours a day....not a bump or a hit on spoons. It's like there are no fish in the pond. At least the water is not as high as last fall, & you can kind-of get around....but who cares. I basically had the whole area to myself both days.
  8. Because of the water level, the crowds will be insane, for the next couple months. As the water lever is only going to get worse the next 2 months, as it rains. Every day is going to be like opening weekend, with mid week the best bet. Luckily I have my secret plan that works most times....& I did re-Permethrin my pants yesterday.
  9. Anyone think it's worth going tomorrow? The water is VERY high. Most of the lakers aren't all that much bigger then the stocked rainbows. I did have a nice SMB jump & throw my hook yesterday. But I am getting a lot of short strikes on spoons.
  10. That was contradicting 'fake' news put out by the Fisheries & Wildlife years ago....probably some activist unilaterally trying to restrict for restrictions sake (usual here in MA 'public service').
  11. Lakers are what most will along w/ the huge amount of Landlocks they dumped in there, along w/ the usual Rainbow stocking. None of which I would really call 'poaching'.
  12. Many times some of the biggest fish of the year are caught the first day (morning) or two. There may be more numbers later on in a few weeks. I have not looked lately, but it is ridiculously high water, right? It's going to be miserable....w/ lots of rain coming.
  13. It may have been in the pamphlet you get w/ your licence at one time, I really don't remember? But it's not PC enough any more so we don't hear it much now. I believe it was also once in local fishing magazines & sporting sections in newspaper articles....& word of mouth by rangers there. And if anything, there are more lakers than ever now.
  14. It's hard to 'poach'....when they want you to throw lakers in the bushes (if your not keeping them).
  15. I have never seen a fisherman wading in the main resy waters, but waders could be a dead giveaway to rangers. lol But yes, some people fishing the rivers might keep their hip boots on & fish the resy later too. The only people I have ever seen blatantly in the water were local kids swimming....& that was maybe 20yrs ago. (& some of the girls had nice bikinis on)