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  1. Monday I saw a guy w/ a skinny long laker, nothing like the FAT bruisers the first couple weeks. Strange how fish were puking up smelt & shiners then, & now we have rats & scrawny lakers.
  2. I have had clams hit my spoon 2 or 3 times in the past there, they usually get the hook....& won't let go!
  3. & that would be above average most years!
  4. Completely skunked yesterday....& by that I mean everyone on my shoreline. And the water is getting high enough to make it difficult.
  5. Or just buy a few @ Cabala's down the street, their just $3....& are unique in that they are made on chrome blanks instead of the usual gold....that gives you a different flavor firetiger.
  6. Don't ever do this to your hooks....& don't ever use the glow ones.
  7. No one notices the hook is galvanized (lead)....while the other hook is thin nickle/chrome? I have seen some pretty crummy hardware on name brand lures. Not to mention Kastmasters sold w/ no split ring on the nose at all! If you tied light line to them, it won't last a few hours!
  8. The drastically rising water level has screwed up the fishing, as usual....on Mon. 8 of us w/ shiners & lures were skunked (again), in a very good area. Yesterday I got another rat laker way out at the end of my cast on a 3/4oz. firetiger blade bait. Looks like poor weather later today & a few days after.... I did get to try out my UL 6' 9" sailfish rod w/ a Daiwa Theory 4000H reel spooled w/ 20lb. florescent green braid (12lb. floro leader).
  9. They were setting off rockets & shooting shotguns last week off of Greenhagle Point to scare away the birds. Before that I saw loons close up while fishing. I also saw a strange thing @ my niece's house, 25 hawks hovering around in a group!
  10. The water was even higher today than yesterday....w/ the rain coming it will be difficult to get around some shore obstacles. Fishing/catching has slowed. And some smaller fish have moved in.
  11. The ranger I talked to last week also said the water will be rising from the sure was higher yesterday. If it keeps up there could be an access problem developing. I had the whole shoreline to myself yesterday though, there was just 1 other fisherman (in a poor spot).
  12. I broke my rat laker skunk today....then went on the get a nice SMB & a nice laker....the very next cast! Funny thing is, last Tues. I got 2 nice laker in a the very same spot! When there was great Brown fishing, there was a special stamp you needed to pay for to fish Wachusett. Today in the fall, try Horseshoe Cove area (25 side) for hook jawed browns.
  13. I have seen several smelt washed up on shore this year....almost wish I brought a bait rod with me. I first thought they were brought in by fishermen. The ranger I talked to said there were a lot of baitfish in the resy. I haven't seen or heard of a rat laker yet....they have all been bruits with full bellies. Must have been feeding all winter long!
  14. Do you remember the name of the warden? I saw 2 white trucks on the 110 side right before talking to the ranger on the 70 side thurs. But as always, it great at 36 by there.
  15. I don't remember exactly but the guy w/o the license in the NFZ was somehow cited. There have been white vehicles, cars & trucks, all over Wachusett last week....more than I have ever seen. I guess they are about the only state employees not afraid of the pandemic? :0