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  1. I used to extensively fish the tribs in spring (& fall) when I was younger, then moving to the (boring) main resy when that died down. Never caught a sucker though....but I drifted meal worms usually.
  2. I forgot about worms, I thought they like regular carp bait mostly. I saw dozens (hundreds) of them trying to jump over the Quiny dam one year long ago.
  3. Where & how? Don't worry, sucker fishermen from around the country won't start a caravan to Wachusett. I don't think they readily take a shiner or spoon?
  4. Yet the Wachusett has been high the last 2 years. I thought I heard something about they were working on something at the Q that needed low water, & they sent it to Wachusett (may have been a rumor)? And Wachusett was low when they were working on the causeway project the year before? Anyway, water fluctuation is not good for shore fishing (catching) in my opinion. But it is cool when someone (a dumbbell, lol) sees me catch a fish in a odd spot, & says I was "lucky"....when I was being deliberate all along, & they haden't had any action all day!
  5. That's honest stuff....but sun spots are much more important. Russian scientists predict much colder weather, especially right here in New England, because of the suns trending fluctuation cycles.
  6. There was continuous & worsening unemployment back then, must have been a scam to create a new NRA? Then a recession when the Vietnam War ended....
  7. Is the 'high water mark' whats considered full capacity? 2 years to make up that usual, no extreme or catastrophe, no worry here. If Wachusett is @ 92% whats full capacity....when the water is up to the road on the causeway? (maybe it's the power lines touching the surface, lol)
  8. Did he mention 'extreme weather'?
  9. That's a fact....I have found a couple spots no one fishes when forced to fish there because of high water. Many times they saves the day! And these spots a very close to 'known good spots'. Have done that @ the Canal too!
  10. Didn't someone here say climate change is very slow? Yet loopy 'officials' like to blame it for 'bizarre' weather whenever they can. :0 'I'm Dreaming of a White Thanksgiving' doesn't quite match with the global warming agenda. Or postponing opening day at the resy!
  11. I have been fishing Wachusett for over 40 straight yrs....what is going on now a days is not normal. We had high water before, but not even close to the huge & continuous fluctuations we have today. It's as if authorities are playing with it for the fun of it. It may be the only fun left as the Armada of boats they had are not there so much this year? Anyways the fishing is usually pretty poor when water is fluctuating. Although the river mouths could hold fish, I don't key on it in the fall any more & don't even do as well.
  12. At first it was global cooling, we were all going to freeze. That was quicklly changed to global warming, When those predictions didn't happen (over 25 yrs) it was changed to 'climate change'....that way they couldn't go wrong either way! MMGW (not WWGW) is an abbreviation of man made global warming....which blames people for what didn't happen. The sun has 1,000 times more influence on climate that anything on earth.
  13. For many years now I have had growth on my shingles because they can not dry-out properly! Can bacteria be a factor when the water is in the brush & trees? Isn't that how swamp water is made? I'm not "fixated" on climate change....I know it's fake news. Other than sun spots. So what is it mikez2, "climate change" or can't have it both ways?
  14. 100 years ago people were a lot more rational & logical.....they knew the sky wasn't falling. Then you know that the fishing is negatively effected by changing water & water height. It's more like practicing to fish if your near by....but you may hook something?
  15. For some reason I can not send pics from my phone? And they were of bad quality anyway. I just tried....not working.