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  1. Not "Wrong"....I was asking a question ("?"). The CCC is part of the ICW....maybe the new signs should say Federal Property, Massachusetts laws do not apply here? But we all know how MA hates freedom & liberty....unless your a -special group- .
  2. It's not really something we "accept" more like social engineering shoved-down-our-throats. So what's the Federal striper regs.? The canal (& it's waters?) are Federally owned, right? (where you can crack open a beer while fishing & be like a 'normal' person)
  3. Who in their right mind likes unions? Trade unions are 100% for their members, & nothing else. They make everything they touch more expensive for consumers/taxpayers! But where talking about 'public' unions, & yes your right, "Not all unions are the same". These unions give HUGE chunks of $ to our elected officials....they basically -own- them....the same officials they negotiate their compensation/contracts with! Public union employees have no incentive to serve the public....that's why the OP got the old heave-hoe when he called. Yes public union employees can technically be fired, but that almost never happens. Their only real fear are cutbacks....and seniority kicking in. So their always saying they don't have enough $ or prove it, they do as little as possible.
  4. Nope, I do not watch or listen to that. But it's the agency employees where talking about that are protected from the big bad world out there....& just about all reality.
  5. Just following up on the OP's & Joe G's posts/complaints. The nonchalant attitude by public (union) employees who know they can never be fired. And always complaining of not having enough, of EVERYTHING. Their biggest fear....actually being followed around by a news reporter, to show what they do all day!
  6. It's not a case of 'missing assets', it's more of creating an ineffective & costly method as possible, devised by & for employees....with little if any consideration for taxpayers. Another 'top heavy' bureaucracy where most everyone gets commendations & promotions for the silliest little thing (& the $ to go along w/ it). And we are talking of posting local laws on Federal property, right?
  7. None of those suggestions will work as long as all these public employees are in State run union that gives citizens the least for their money. Not to mention MAJOR laws not being enforced....canal recreation fishing is the least of our problems.
  8. Well that will never work in a State that lets all foreign speakers go scot-free, to make sure they never arrest or bring an illegal to court. Where crooked Judges make it known to police that foreigners will just be released, so don't bother arresting them in the first place. And that's MAJOR crimes....not petty recreational angling offences.
  9. Or maybe each angler should have their personal lawyer by their side each time they go fishing here in MA. Seeing the laws will change every year, but maybe (in a perfect world) several times a year! Never knowing where they stand, even if they wanted to be compliant. And then more & more public employees (@ taxpayer expense) looking to steal from average citizens who don't keep up....seeing they have nothing better to do, because life is so uncomplicated now-a-days.
  10. Anyone try casting one yet? Lighter & faster that the Daiwa Saltist I use in the canal now.
  11. The new basic fishing regs. could be posted on some new 55 gal drum trash cans (2 birds, 1 stone)....but that would be WAY too sensible for Massachusetts.
  12. Here's something missing so far. It's usual that the shore fishing isn't that good @ Wachusett when water levels fluctuate. The fish generally don't like it. It went from supper high closing day of fishing last year, to close to normal opening day this year, to getting flooded again now. I didn't expect much this spring because of that.
  13. I have been there a few times this year but this is the first time I have seen him/her. There used to be a den in the cove years ago, that I think was destroyed w/ a back hoe. I never catch when that beaver is swimming around.
  14. We always used to switch to shiners on a bobber @ Quinsig when browns were stocked, they never hit the spoons like the Rainbows do. Guys have shown me pics of hook jawed browns from the main resy on spoons for a few years now, but I have only hooked them by the rivers. Some of the good spots get my heart pounding from the walk, so I rarely do it.
  15. Nothing for me again tonight, I have to say I am not using a traditional spoon, but something I use to look for larger (lost) fish opening weeks. Switched to a Kastmaster for the first time the last hour w/ my light rod. The stick rod holders are now 6-8ft. in the water from days ago & the flow from the Causway bridge can be felt/seen 100 yards away. There was even a big beaver making a nest on the inside of brush in the water under the high tensions! :0