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  1. On a closing note, I had a couple close flyovers by a Bald Eagle on the 70 side in Dec.!
  2. I've been casting there for over 25-30 years & never hooked much of anything....but 50+yds to the right or left has been good to great. There were a group of young guys yesterday that cought 9 lakers early....when cleaning them they found some smelt & crawdads in them. Leaving soon for my last day this year!
  3. But I'm still looking forward to the unusual ending? I even brought my tape measure, LOL. The 'tungsten' is very interesting....casts like a bullet, sinks like a sieve....but you need to do a slightly faster retrieve. And it's about a 1/4 or 3/8oz. size!
  4. I was there (on a rare) Sat. & it was ok again....but I knew it would be a disaster yesterday, so I fished another shore. The water is SO high....all there making is 'swamp water'....up in the bush & way into pockets of usually dry areas. There is a guy I met there a few times lately named Bill....driving a real nice vintage Toyota PU.
  5. Yesterday I got the 2 biggest lakers of the fall/winter season. The first a very bright colored 17", & then a whopping (for this season) 21 1/2"....it hit right off the bottom in a deep hole on the first crank! They hit a special tungsten 1/2oz. gold Hopkins type spoon....these things sink so fast to the bottom it's astonishing! But keep this to yourselves,
  6. Things were picking up w/ the rat lakers Sat....all 3 of us got 1 around dusk, but the guy who fished all day w/ shiners & spoons got 2. Can't wait for the final weeks!
  7. I passed by Shrewsbury Center on my way to the resy a week ago....they have a giant candelabrum on the corner of their Common.
  8. 'The water was so high....how high was it'? In areas just a few days ago where you could walk around & cast easily, are now barely accessible, & some spots you can't even get by/too. Now, while casting ( a short 7 1/2' rod) you need to chose your spot carefully, or you'll be hitting the bushes behind you! And your hand will be freezing if you don't wear complete gloves....unless the sun is shining on you. But Friday & Saturday look good!
  9. All the trout used the ladders (at one time), including browns. We used to use them in the summer to cool off (like a whirl pool), the ladies especially!
  10. It was like surf fishing late afternoon (freezing fingers too)....& the water is WAY high! Zilch....& I lost a kastmaster (orange & silver).
  11. That would be interesting to know? I heard 2 slug shots yesterday around dusk, from the 110 side....but it sounded well on the other side of the road? NO fish by the way....it's a very slow fall/winter season.
  12. They can't hunt between the resy & the road....so there's no fear for fishermen.
  13. Had to christen the new resy fishing season....my biggest 'runt' laker this fall! Caught another smaller one Monday, 140 side. (still wondering what they took away....we never get anything from Gov. w/o consequences?)
  14. Never use this lure, anywhere near the resy- Or this Krock spoon-
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