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  1. 1 hour ago, K Foley said:

    Nice! is that white reel a Abu Garcia? I have on and have not seen another in years.

    It’s an old Mitchell Garcia 600A, rod is an old Shakespeare Wunderod.  I think I paid $50 for the combo from a guy on Craigslist who is a member of the Dorchester yacht club. Great for tube and worming, livelining pogies, or chunking from a boat. Great looking and functions even better! 

  2. Went yesterday for the first time, finally! So great! A great city close to Boston, I’m embarrassed that I’ve never been to Federal Hill!  I’ve been to the Civic Center for a lot of hockey. And one visit to a strip club that is infamous.

  3. 41 mins ago, PlumFishing said:

    Great picture.

    How’s retirement? And more importantly, how is the better half?

    My girlfriend took ownership of a couple shillelagh‘s last year. I’m thinking a shadow box or something. 



    Wife and retirement are both great, thank you for asking, spending lots of time with the little one! ❤️

    That’s a beauty of a Blackthorn on the left, they both are great!

  4. 2 hours ago, greenhornet73 said:

    For the boats fishing out in front of Whitehorse, I was fishing from the beach again this morning watching the fleet only 150 yards from me and wondering how you’re catching bass out there?  Are you using live pogys or surface casting?  Another good whale show today but not like yesterday. Awesome to watch.

    Snagging pogies on weighted trebles and then the 7 second rule. So much fun! I snagged one from shore but my kids wanted to see it, when I cast it back it either was taken by a striper or fell off the hook. 



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